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Fadhel Sefi / Anis Chtiti

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1 Fadhel Sefi / Anis Chtiti
Tunisia: Harrow College, Dudley College, Centre de Formation et d’Apprentissage de Bizerte Afshan Baksh / Helena Mills Sanjeev Ohri Fadhel Sefi / Anis Chtiti The training center Bizerte since its foundation provides training in company by always applying good practices in the sector of vocational training in developing through partnerships and trade practices - in the early 70's partnership with Germany and other with AFPA-France since the 90s & and now with British Council (UK).

2 Overview June 2012 till June 2014 Textile industry
Apprenticeship / Employer Engagement / Career Orientation / Quality The aim of the project is to support our partners in developing robust processes for Career Orientation/Advice and Guidance, Employer Engagement and Quality Assurance, thus meeting the developmental needs of the partner, its community and local employers. In order to achieve this, the UK partners will share good practice in these fields, specifically based around the vocational area of Fashion and Textiles and bringing UK expertise to the Tunisian education sector. Since 1963 CFA Bizerte operates in the sector of vocational training in Tunisia in the region of Bizerte on a highly developed tissues and varied in the region of Bizerte and he was taken to develop its vocational training center by implementing the training alternation which is now developed through techniques Career Orientation , engagement employer and aims to diversify the skills to make staff able to multi task in a practical work organization more diverse, more motivating and more scalable.

3 Three achievements The project has just been launched and therefore these are very new: Support and commitment from an employer who has a global reach An approach used by overseas partner, outside of the project brief, which would benefit one of the UK partners who have been struggling with a similar issue An opportunity has arisen for all partners to benefit from the new state of the art marina which is being built in Bizerte -Van Laack (since 1881), was located in Bizerte in 1973 and specializes in high-end clothing industry, the company found from the start of exceptional working conditions in Tunisia Collaborating with CFA Bizerte , training is financially and technically assured by the training center of Bizerte under Tutorship of the ATFP and MFPE and it gives rise to the issue of a diploma recognized in Tunisia & the European Union. -Launch of Space springboard to entrepreneurship for graduates: New Approach to develop the initiative of young people by encouraging them to start their own project (by training, supervision and monitoring.) -MARINA project Bizerte "Cap 3000" Tunisian capital and 75% Belgian group 25% : The project takes shape; Opening in spring 2012, designed to provide a high level of comfort to its customers, Marina Bizerte combines luxury with leisure and variety, according to marketing manager. New marina of 900 rings, divided into two pools according to vessel size, a small cross with many shops, restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, night club and a swimming pool and a gym. Then the Residence "Nautilus" with modern apartments that meet the highest standards of comfort. Recruitment: over 800 highly skilled jobs (sector of business, catering, hospitality service ..)

4 One challenge There are still changes afoot in the new Tunisia. For example senior staff at a key organisation have been replaced. This means that we will need to start again with some of the relationship building and gaining the same support we had enlisted from their predecessors. Staff changes are to continue for a while yet and therefore it will be up to the project leads to ensure that the project remains focussed and progresses forwards. A new young team, vision based on Employability, which aims to reduce unemployment and develop the Tunisian economy Our aim is to consolidate our role in the economy.

5 Two benefits Encouraging professional dialogue by setting up mentoring/coaching links between staff in UK and overseas partner. Through point 1 – output of these dialogues can result in creating a new and innovative solution to issues Démarrage de projet pilote entre Harrow – Dudley- CFA Bizerte le 17 juin 2012. Etablissement des plans par priorité d’action, approche et technique.

6 Afshan Baksh – abaksh@harrow. ac. uk Sanjeev Ohri - sanjeev
Afshan Baksh – Sanjeev Ohri - Fadhel Sefi – Anis Chtiti

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