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Stop Early Marriage Catchment Area Of Mention School Presented by Group 6 PROJECT TITLE.

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1 Stop Early Marriage Catchment Area Of Mention School Presented by Group 6 PROJECT TITLE

2 Our project team information : RoleNameSchool Address Project managerAminul IslamHariswar Taluck High School, Kurigram. CoordinatorMosharrof HossianM.A Satter High School, Kurigram. Project designerRita Rani devKhalil Gonj School & College, Kurigram. Graphics designerJohura KhatunHolo Khana High School, Kurigram. Content writerMomtaz Rokshana AkterMadam Bibirhat Shahjanhan High School, Ctg.

3 The main idea of our topic : Marriage is a big episode in the life of an individual as well as for his or her close relatives. However, early marriage is quite the opposite and it brings despairs and often fatal consequences, especially for the bride, as it is a forcefully imposed upon her. Early marriage is interfere of a girls human rights. It brings an end to the beautiful childhood, education, health, security and other developments. In Bangladesh, early marriage is widespread due to poverty, lack of awareness, education, traditional beliefs and negative attitude towards girls children. So we think this is a big problem in our community. In this problem we try to understands our selected village area by taking some activities.

4 PBL Description for this project : Early marriage is a social disease. Its comes out social unrest to increase maternal mortality, child birth & child dead. It is very harm full to our society. For this project, we would like to investigate ways to highlight the negative impacts of early marriage and improve this problem & finally we make a idea. The idea is to create social awareness among the students in the schools by doing something. so we describe our students what is early marriage and its harmfulness. Then we make a work process. we select 15 students of our individual school having some selected criteria & make 3 groups. Each group have a leader. Group A conduct social awareness activities. Group B distributes leaflet & caring banner, Placard, festoon etc. Group C monitoring, script writing & play drama in the schools premises. All group leader responsible for budget & expenses. All the activities implemented smoothly by the help of our related teacher. Finally we & our students hope to stop early marriage within our catchment area. STOP EARLY MARRIAGE CATCHMENT AREA OF MENTION SCHOOL

5 After completing the PBL activities the students will be able to : Describe the adverse effect of early marriage. Produce a research report on the rate of maternal mortality in the five areas. Write a drama script showing the adverse effect of early marriage. Learning Objective:

6 PBL OUTPUT Research: A comprehensive report on the number of early marriages took place from 2011 till date. Advocacy: Advocacy materials (e.g. posters, leaflets, placards, banners, etc.) Yard meeting Drama script

7 Participating Students & schools: 3 from each of the following schools: School A: MA Satter Adarsha High School, Kurigram. School B: Hariswar Taluck High School, Kurigram. School C: Madam Bibirhat Shahjanhan High School, Ctg. School D: Holo Khana High School, Kurigram. School E: Khalil Gonj School & College, Kurigram.

8 Action Plan Of this project: Key Steps Students Activity and task, collaboration Teachers Role Resource/ Material OutputEvaluationTime fram Work distribution We make 3 groups according to selected criteria Teacher assist to the groups. Work sheetStudent groups 26 Jan 2012 Group AConduct Community survey, analyze the data, write the report Provide survey questionnaire to students. Survey questionnaire, Work sheet, Digital camera. Report- data and photos Evaluation sheet Feb 2012 Group BPlan and conduct Rally, prepare and distributes leaflet, caring banner, Placard & festoon etc. Guide the students, conduct workshops Art paper, Marker pen, Banner, bamboo. Rally, leaflet, banner, placard, festoon. On the basis of the evaluation sheet. 09 Feb 2012 Group CMonitoring, script writing & play drama in the schools premises. Guide the students, conduct workshops Paper, computer, stage, sound system, video camera, multimedia projector, Dress, Camera etc. Feed back: Drama script, Play drama, video record and photos. Rubric will be prepared later Feb 2012

9 Our previous social action document

10 Conclusion: Both students and teachers feel proud of being implemented in the project. Not only among the students but also people living around and adjacent to the school at least felt and realized the negative impact of early marriage in the society and majority to play role to stop early marriage.

11 Thanks to all Name: MD. Aminul Islam Hariswer Taluck High School, Kurigram

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