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Benefits of being a DS Label holder European Diploma Supplement.

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1 Benefits of being a DS Label holder European Diploma Supplement

2 Diploma Supplement In 2005 Kent became the first British university to issue the Diploma Supplement to graduating students

3 Diploma Supplement Label In 2009 we became one of the first 3 universities in the UK to obtain a European Diploma Supplement Label from the European Commission EACEA Recognition that an institution has.. " committed itself to the rigorous application of the Diploma Supplement and has proven excellence in its implementation

4 The UKs European University Geographical position Gateway to Europe High numbers of European students (c.9%) High numbers of non-EU students (c.11%) Participation in Erasmus and other EU-funded programmes Campuses in Brussels and Paris European Schools and Centres Erasmus Mundus Double/Joint degrees with European partners

5 Diploma Supplement at Kent: Background 1987: Involvement in Erasmus Programme 4-year Erasmus degrees 1989: ECTS Pilot Programme (Chemistry) University-wide adoption of ECTS 2005: European Diploma Supplement Work commenced some years earlier

6 Pre-Requisite for DS Centralised bespoke Student Data System Student details Modules Code, title, credit value, level Breakdown of marks ECTS and local credits Historical perspective on marks for ECTS grade calculation

7 Secure Web-based Access 2005 and 2006 paper copies of DS issued In 2007 we moved to a secure web-based system, provided by Digitary Every graduate can access and print their own DS from home, or share electronically and completely securely with 3 rd party (such as prospective employer) Available free of charge and in perpetuity

8 Online entry point to DS

9 Some statistics Documents issued through the Digitary system 2007: 12140 (including all since 2005) 2008: 3377 2009: 5659 2010: 124* (special requests – overall job still in progress) Documents shared – i.e. picked up by the recipient and used with a 3rd party: 2007: 103 2008: 499 2009: 256 2010: 82* (special requests – overall job still in progress)

10 Benefits of DS and Label High profile on web Contributes to European identity Employability agenda Non-UK recruitment Perceived benefits on graduation with future employer/HEI outside UK Reflection of Kents international profile UK recruits awareness raised in relation to benefits for future career/study outside the UK Underlines our commitment to EHEA when bidding for funding under EU programmes – eg Erasmus Mundus Ready for HEAR?

11 Penny Pratt Head of European Office University of Kent

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