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Course Selection 2010 - 2011 The EASY, RELAXINGVersion.

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1 Course Selection 2010 - 2011 The EASY, RELAXINGVersion

2 ADMINISTRATORS Principal Mr. Randy Clark Assistant Principals Mr. Jeff HopkinsGrades 10 & 12 Mr. Ken Sanner Grades 9 & 11 Academic Facilitator Mrs. Shannon Zepp School Counselors Ms. Dee Muskin Mrs. Leza Rae Owens

3 What Does A School Day Look Like? 4 mod day 80 minutes mods SET: (Student Enrichment Time) 45 minutes daily between mod 1 & mod 2 Year is divided into 2 semesters and/or 4 quarters 1 credit course = 18 weeks long 1/2 credit course = 9 weeks long

4 Q1Q2Q3Q4 Mod 1Freshman Seminar English I Student Enrichment Time (S.E.T.) Mod 2Algebra IU.S. History Mod 3 (lunch) Conceptual Physics Foundation of Technology Mod 4Phys. Ed I HealthSpanish I Sample Academic Schedule

5 Sample Schedule Honors Student Q1Q2Q3Q4 Mod 1Honors Freshman Seminar H. GP Lit & Comp. Student Enrichment Time (S.E.T.) Mod 2H. GeometryH. U.S. History Mod 3 (lunch) H. Conceptual Physics H Chemistry I Mod 4Phys. Ed I HealthSpanish II

6 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Credit Requirements: –25 credits Enrollment Requirement: –4 years beyond 8 th grade –4 credits after the completion of 11 th grade Student Service Requirement: –75 hours Exemplary Service Award – 300 hours Service Reflections Forms Required

7 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS H igh S chool A ssessments Requirements Students must pass all four HSAs : Algebra Government Global Perspective Biology

8 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS University of Maryland System Requirements  2 credits of World Language and Algebra II OR  2 credits of Advanced Technology and Algebra II AND/OR State-approved Completer Program

9 4Credits of English p. 36 Must include: English I Global Perspectives 3Credits of Social Studies p. 51 Must include: United States History Government World History 3Credits of Science p. 48 Include: Conceptual Physics Chemistry I Biology Required Classes

10 3-4 Credits of Math p. 45 Must include: Algebra I OR Algebra Part A & Algebra Part B Intermediate Algebra Geometry or Applied Geometry Algebra II 1Credit Fine Arts p. 39 1 Credit Physical Education p. 47 1 Credit Technology Education (FOT) p. 54 ½ Credit Health p. 44 ½ Credit Financial Literacy p.35 More Required Classes

11 Math Sequence AP Statistics Honors Geometry Honors Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus Honors Alg. II / DA (aka Adv Topics in Alg. / DA in 09-10) AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC Honors Algebra I / Data Analysis Honors Intermed. Alg. / DA Geometry Alg. II / DA (aka Adv. Topics in Alg. /DA in 09-10) Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus Honors Calculus Algebra I / DA Intermed. Alg. / DA Alg. I / DA- Parts A&B (2 cr.) Applied Geometry (1 cr.)

12 COMPLETER PROGRAMS All classes at Carroll County Career and Technology Center (A representative is here tonight to answer your questions) Programs @ Westminster High: Teaching Academy & Finance Academy Programs @ MVH: Horticulture, Landscaping, Food Service Professional, Early Childhood Education

13 FRESHMAN SEMINAR Why is it so important? Transition to high school; Career research and planning; Study, organizational, social and technology skills; Service learning opportunities; Linked to English with a literary focus; Acquire job readiness skills; Create a portfolio; Honor and academic classes available.

14 ADVISORY PROGRAM Each student is assigned to an academic advisor. Advisory lessons provided once each week for 45 minutes during SET. Program is based upon a county curriculum. Students will see advisor every day and should feel comfortable coming to them with concerns, needs, etc. Advisor will walk students through scheduling next year

15 Course Levels Level 6 – Academic Level 7 – Articulated Level 8 – Honors Level 9 – Advanced Placement and Transcripted

16 How do you know what level course your child should take? Things to consider Recommendation of 8 th grade teacher Student/Parent input Middle School Counselor Future plans Studies have shown a high correlation between the level of classes taken in high school and success in college.

17 What does a 9 th Grader sign up for? 8 total credits English, Math, Social Studies and Science Freshmen Seminar ELECTIVE CHOICES PE I and Health I Foundations of Technology Fine Arts World Language Business Agriculture Sciences

18 Manchester Valley High School PROGRAM OF STUDIES 2010 – 2011 Board of Education of Carroll County Westminster, Maryland Approved at the October 22, 2008 Board of Education Meeting

19 Using the Program of Studies Book  How to use it!  Table of contents- page 5  Graduation Requirements- page 6  Graduation related topics -page 14  Completer programs- page 15  Course Offerings and Descriptions- pages 16-57  Index- pages 56-60

20 Mav Maverick 9 th grade

21 How to fill out the Course Selection Sheet Keep the Program of Studies as a resource. Use PENCIL. Must total 8 credits. Use the level of classes suggested by your middle school teachers or counselor. Complete left side of page first. Must choose Alternatives: One full credit and one ½ credit class. Please choose these classes carefully! Return course selection sheet to the middle school on or before February 10 th

22 Things to consider or not to do… DON’T take a class because you “like who teaches it.” Remember that staffing changes from year to year. DON’T sign up for classes just because a friend is signing up for that course. Most courses have multiple sections and you cannot pick the section you are taking. DO remember this is high school and EVERY grade you earn can make an impact on your future plans.

23 Dates to Remember February 2 nd : Counselors went to North Carroll Middle February 10 th : Course Selection sheets due to middle school counselors August 14 th : Fall Sports tryouts (must have completed physicals) August 26 th : New Student Orientation August 31 st : First day of school


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