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Creating and Delivering Online Professional Development using Moodle.

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1 Creating and Delivering Online Professional Development using Moodle

2 Hello Barbara

3 Hello You 00 44 7537 402 400 epl + text

4 This session is about … Training teachers to use technologies Why we went online The tools we used to build our courses How we learned to build better courses What we learned about training online

5 Or … Once upon a time, there were lots of teachers who wanted to learn how to use interactive whiteboards and Moodle so this is the story of how we trained them ….

6 Background

7 IWBs Coaching training model Advanced Practitioners (APs) Supportive, organic Needed to fill gaps and acknowledge hard work

8 Background our teachers

9 Background Challenges 00 44 7537 402 400 epl + text

10 Challenges we identified Fear Jargon Different learning styles Remembering Understanding relevance IT skills in general Using tools for a reason, not a gimmick Time Budget

11 Choosing an online platform

12 What is and why Moodle? Website Lots of tools –Resources –Activities Able to Personalise Flexible

13 Moodle was originally developed by Martin Dougiamas [in Australia] to help educators create online courses with a focus on interaction and collaborative construction of content, and is in continual evolution.

14 Our first online course

15 Smart Notebook Interactive Whiteboard Software Build Pilot and time activities Feedback We almost completely rebuilt it!

16 Course Design Key Starter Module –Suitable for summer induction + digital coursebooks Level One – Text, Images, + one choice from Toolbar 1, Lesson Activity Toolkit Level Two –Choose 3 out of 4 modules: Toolbar 2, Video, Animation and Linking, Using Internet and Web 2.0, Using Notebook in other applications

17 Teachers Start when they choose Work at their own pace Group work, Sydney, London


19 Module Design


21 Tools we used

22 Tools Quizzes Orientation quizzes Revision quizzes Jargon busters!

23 Tools Printable Instructions Screen capture PDF creator

24 Tools How to videos Welcome message Background Staging Well done message at end

25 Tools Reflective Journal Opportunities for reflection, making judgements on your own experiences and realising your own shortcomings should be included. When learners use self-observation, self-judgement and self-checking they learn faster. EPIC white paper The Psychology of eLearning

26 Tools Reflective Journal

27 Tools Shared Task Building Call - Share your Screen

28 Tools Shared Task Building Shared folders on Dropbox for large files, e.g. videos

29 Tools Feedback Journals Survey Activity report

30 Tools Feedback Activity Report

31 Tools Feedback: Activity Report

32 Feedback

33 Favourites Example Lessons Portfolio Assignments and Quizzes Attention by trainer online F2F component

34 Our second online course

35 Learning from experience

36 Changes

37 Changes navigation, look and feel

38 Signposts

39 Changes instructions

40 Changes use of icons

41 Changes shared task building

42 Lets Hear From Some Teachers! Teachers in our two Boston Embassy schools

43 Where are you?

44 Whats next for us?

45 Moodle training Team building of course templates ePortfolio Other journal options Moodle 2.0

46 Links

47 Links

48 Good bye! Barbara Gardner barbarapg

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