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Hugh Dellar The University of Westminster / National Geographic Learning Bridging the culture gap in the classroom.

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1 Hugh Dellar The University of Westminster / National Geographic Learning Bridging the culture gap in the classroom

2 Culture is everywhere Such communication helps avoid unnecessary inconveniences and protects the arts and culture sector Evolver is now firmly established as the region's most popular arts and culture guide The Department for Culture, Media & Sport has announced funding for free swims ends this summer We have always placed great emphasis on company culture and core values Our fixation on youth culture has left the elderly out in the cold The subculture is poised to move above ground, with its impact on films, music, comics and fashion A survey of 1600 Scots found that alcohol is still seen as a central part of Scottish culture Jewish people have been an integral part of Scottish culture for more than 300 years. Some low culture of the past, such as jazz, through time and social change becomes high culture Celebrity culture is fuelling sex and violence among children, it was claimed this week Schools have to tackle a culture of yobbishness if teachers are to be kept in the profession Spoilt footballers are breeding a culture of greed Its not that I dont enjoy wine when I drink it. Its just that its not part of my culture It is overstating the case to suggest that cultural values allow us to predict individuals' moral attitudes We are witnessing a profound cultural shift from mass communication to interactive digital media Atwood has often spoken out against the cultural dominance of the USA

3 Culture at conferences Language without culture is like a finger without a body. Culture and language are intimately related. They go hand in hand during the teaching-learning process. Language and culture are not separate, but are acquired together, with each providing support for the development of the other. The person who learns language without learning culture risks becoming a fluent fool.

4 Culture as product

5 Culture as process

6 Some key points 1Culture is NOT static. Its changing all the time. 2Culture is all-embracing. 3 Unified national cultures are a myth. 4 As English is a global language, this gets even more complicated.

7 Does English mean British culture? Work with a partner. Discuss to what degree each of these items is culturally rooted. By this, I mean the degree to which you would need to mention UK / US culture when explaining each. She wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. I can't stand being the centre of attention. I think I'm quite a level-headed sort of person. Compulsory military service should be abolished. I spent a lot of the holidays just roaming around the countryside, exploring. She has no qualms about giving her child a head start. That film has had a lot of hype. They fell on hard times. The kidnappers released him after his family agreed to pay a ransom of $100,000. He swore under oath that he'd spent the evening at home. Hold your breath and count to ten. I had an interview for the job, but I blew it.

8 Does English mean British culture? Shoom span a Balearic mix of Detroit techno, New York garage and Chicago house. Nationalist murals started springing up in areas like the Falls Road when IRA inmates of the Maze prison began a hunger strike. The NUT has long been run by hardcore members of the Loony Left. It was a pretty good talk, even if I say so myself!

9 Classroom implications 1 The days of facts and figures about the UK – the tourist board approach – are over. 2 Culture in the classroom has to be a two-way process. 3It has to be global in perspective. 4It has to be language focused. 5It has to allow space for the personal.













22 Just because... it doesnt mean... Just because Im English, it doesnt mean Im an alcoholic or a football hooligan. Just because Im a teacher, it doesnt mean Ive failed at everything else! Just because Im a man, it doesnt mean I cant cook or sew.


24 larandrewwalkley


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