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Mel MacCarthy BA MSc International Student Recruitment and Development

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1 Mel MacCarthy BA MSc International Student Recruitment and Development

2 UK Qualifications in Vietnam
Mel MacCarthy Manager International Recruitment and Development 2

3 Study Options While many Vietnamese students study in the UK, the option to study a UK qualification in Vietnam is becoming an increasingly popular. There a number of terms used to describe borderless education (UK qualifications taken overseas) – but the term most commonly used today is “Transnational Education”

4 Transnational Education (TNE)
Transnational Education means that UK qualifications are offered outside of the UK and across national borders – greater access to international qualifications overseas for the wider population Most UK institution offer a wide range of educational opportunities to suit various student profiles: UK campus based education; overseas campus based education – often partnered or shared delivery of a UK undergraduate or postgraduate leading to a UK degree award or dual award

5 TNE in Vietnam Benefits: Internationalisation
To have access to an overseas education and international subject expertise in Vietnam To enhance career prospects without leaving Vietnam Internationalisation internationalisation of the campus and curriculum in Vietnam Strengthening of relationships between Vietnam and the UK universities Affordability: • Not everyone can afford to study overseas especially for long period of times – TNE makes obtaining a international qualification possible Reduced Costs Flexibility: • Some may wish to study overseas but for a shorter period in order to reduce costs or facilitate other commitments, or study part-time in Vietnam

6 UK qualifications offered in Vietnam or partially in the UK
26* Undergraduate Courses 2 *International Foundation Courses 4 Postgraduate courses 1 Graduate Diploma Subjects include Business Administration, Business, Management, Banking and Finance, Textile Design MSc Media Management, MA Business and Management - Subject areas are expanding

7 UK Qualifications (examples)
Degree Title UK University Vietnamese University BA Business Administration University of Bolton Banking University (HCMC) BA Business Studies University of Bedfordshire Foreign Trade University BA International Business Communications University of Central Lancashire Hanoi University MSc Media Management University of Stirling Danang University of Economics BSc Banking and Finance London Metropolitan University BSc Electrical Engineering University of Nottingham Vietnam National University (HCMC)

8 Qualifications offered in Vietnam Definition of programme types
Distance Learning Programme: Offered using technology only, or mixed mode assessment supported by a local education provider Full Programme (Validated by UK Institution) An existing course offered by an overseas institution that is validated by a UK institution. These programmes are usually assessed by the overseas institution using the overseas institution existing curriculum Full Programme (Franchise) An existing UK qualification is offered locally (containing elements of UK curriculum only) Joint Programme: A new qualification that is jointly developed and assessed by an overseas institution and UK institution and leads to joint degree award (two awards) Twinning Programme (Articulation): - (2+2, 3+1): A programme in which 1, 2 or 3 years are studied locally and with 1 or 2 year are studied in the UK – leading to a single award and/or dual award Transfer Programmes: Can be similar to twinning/articulation programmes (terms: transfer, articulation and twinning are often used interchangeably), but “transfer programmes” are ‘usually’ at foundation level and up to diploma level (2 Years) allowing students to transfer to bachelors (or advanced bachelors) locally or overseas.

9 Quality/Difference Qualifications of all types are subject to the same quality assurance processes as UK campus based qualifications UK Qualifications are approved for study in Vietnam The UK curriculum enhances the Vietnamese programme of study – course will have a unique international and local dimension Assessment consists of projects, essays, and examinations All subject units/modules are delivered in English

10 FTU and LMU FTU students who have passed specified units in the FTU BSc Banking and Finance units and achieve an overall GPA of 6.5 may progress to the London Met degree award courses set out below – leading to a dual award degree at FTU and London Metropolitan University An IELTS score of 6.0 (5.5 in LRWS)

11 FTU/LMU Articulations
FTU Course LMET Course 2+2* BSc Banking and Finance (2 Years) Year 2 BA Banking and Finance 3+1 BSc Banking and Finance (3 Years) Year 3 BSc International Economics and Finance Year 3 BSc Finance 3+1** Year 3 BSc International Financial Services

12 Progression Scholarships and Discounts
FTU students entering the University on one of the 3+1 arrangements are entitled to £1,000 discounts from the London Metropolitan University tuition fee One outstanding of FTU 3+1 student will be considered for a full scholarship

13 FTU and LMU Developments
In 2011/12, London Metropolitan University will validate FTU’s four year BSc Finance. This programme will be offered at FTU In 2011/12 London Metropolitan University and Foreign Trade University are also working towards offering London Metropolitan University BSc Economics and Finance

14 London Metropolitan University
Thank you! London Metropolitan University

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