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Jordan's currency jordan's traditional Food jordan's traditional clothes.

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3 Jordan's currency

4 jordan's traditional Food

5 jordan's traditional clothes

6 Tourist places

7 Petra the world wonder, is without doubt Jordan's most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction The site of Petra has been inhabited since very ancient times. Remains from the Paleolithic and the Neolithic periods have been discovered at Petra, and the biblical Edo mites (Genesis 14:6, 36:20-30; Deut. 2:12) occupied the area about 1200 BC. Petra may be the city of Sela (which, like Petra, means "Rock") mentioned in the Old Testament (Judges 1:36; Isaiah 16:1, 42:11; Obad. 3; 2 Kings 14:7; 2 Chr. 25:12), but this is not certain.

8 A close second to Petra on the list of favourite destinations in Jordan, the ancient city of Jerash Ancient Jerash was an open city of freestanding structures richly embellished with marble and granite. Its engineering was so advanced that large parts of the city still survive today. Much more has been painstakingly restored by archeological teams from around the world. The main attractions in Jerash are, not surprisingly, the ruins themselves. Guidebooks, maps and further information are readily available from the Visitors Centre near the South Gate

9 Hadrians Arch Built to commemorate the visit of the Emperor Hadrian to Jerash in 129AD, this splendid triumphal arch was intended to become the main Southern gate to the city; however the expansion plans were never completed. Hippodrome This massive arena was 245m long and 52m wide and could seat 15,000 spectators at a time for chariot races and other sports. The exact date of its construction is unclear but it is estimated between the mid-second to third century AD. It is now also possible to relive the days when gladiators and charioteers appeared before the crowds, with regular re-enactments by the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE).

10 is a fun place. It is a microcosm of all the good things Jordan has to offer, including a fascinating history with some outstanding sites It is the secrets these waters hold that makes Aqaba unique, for further down the coast are a dazzling undersea world of some of the most spectacular coral reefs to be found anywhere in the world. Often over many hundreds of meters wide, the reef is made up of many delicately hued corals among which live a myriad of brilliantly colored fish.

11 Other Tourist places


13 In general we talk about the Black Iris but we actually have more than one type of Black Iris in Jordan. We have about five types whose color shadings can be classified as black

14 The traditional music of Jordan can be distinguished from that of countries like Syria and Saudi Arabia by its strong Bedouin influence Rural zajal songs, with improvised poetry played with a rabab and reed pipe ensemble accompanying is popular. Recently Jordan has seen the rise of several prominent DJs and popstarsmusic Jordan SyriaSaudi ArabiaBedouinzajalrababreed pipeJordan XS0Lyg4&p=0A3A7C3443975B82&playnext=1&i ndex=48

15 There are many traditional shops in Amman and new modern shopping malls

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