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Done By: Farah Abdul Aziz Alamuezari Grade: 9 / 2.

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1 Done By: Farah Abdul Aziz Alamuezari Grade: 9 / 2

2 Some of the photos World Cup





7 2010 World Cup stadiums



10 the player Ronaldinho

11 Date of birth: 21 \ March \ 1980 Place of birth: Porto Alleger - Brazil Height: 180 cm Weight: 76 kg Location: Central Current club: FC Barcelona

12 Ronaldinho is the only one in his family who came to the world of fame and money unlike his older brother Roberto, his father, Joao, who was one of the leading players, but he had an accident prevented the completion of his career, also Roberto's brother was an accident in his right knee and was before the injury the most prominent player in the team Gremio Brazil. Ronaldinho has thus been born in a family of all its members playing football and also like other samba Stars Born Ronaldinho in a poor neighborhood in Porto Alegre which is known as "Alvavilla" one of the shantytowns that suffer Poverty, hunger, drugs and prostitution, and these neighborhoods are achieved by the school football came a number of The big stars, including Pele and Garenca bird, Romario, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho recently. Ronaldinho received the full encouragement of his family before they have paid since the age of a small school team Gremio Porto Alegre perfected his talent and there are better away from the streets. Although he had trained and graduated from the School Gremio However, the historic turning point in his career came from the During the world championship for boys which was hosted by Egypt in 1997 and the Brazilian team won the title and work in These particular tournament thanks to his physical strength, speed and ability to maneuver and also scoring ability is What made everyone call him by (Ronaldinho) any Ronaldo small, and also in this tournament won the title of best Player

13 Images of Ronaldinho



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