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Wales & Indonesia Michaelston Community College & SMP 189 Jakarta.

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1 Wales & Indonesia Michaelston Community College & SMP 189 Jakarta

2 International Link Two Countries/Four Schools

3 If London stages the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games we will […] reach young people all around the world and connect them to the inspirational power of the Games so they are inspired to choose sport Lord Sebastian Coe

4 International Inspiration Vision To enrich the lives of millions of children in schools and communities across the world, particularly in developing countries, through the power of sport. To create strong, sustainable and supportive systems within which children of all abilities, some from the most disadvantaged communities in the world, can enrich their lives by playing and excelling in sport.

5 Areas in Indonesia Linked with Wales

6 Indonesia Population: 240 million 17,508 islands Worlds fourth most populous country Largest population of Muslims Official Language – Bahasa Indonesian

7 Jakarta & Ely

8 Assembly Time





13 Warm Welcome


15 PE Lessons

16 The area you can see is the only space they had for PE, yet every student brought kit and took part.






22 Recycling and Environment

23 Ready to Learn



26 Year 1 – 2010/11 Building the Link Reciprocal Links Understanding each other Developing Baselines Exchanging School information Keeping in-touch Culminates in a school partnership plan

27 Year 2 – 2011/12 Building the Policy Foundation Targeted Action in PE & School Sport (positioning/profile & training) Leadership training for young people Innovation in your case study area Culminating in drafted case studies

28 Year 3 – 2012/13 Embedding your Specialism Continued Action in PE & School Sport Continued training of Young Leaders Continued & Additional Innovation Broadening reach into other schools/community Culminating in publication of case studies leading to policy development

29 Instilling Olympic Values into the College Friendship Excellence Respect Inspiration Determination Equality

30 Bringing the Olympics into MCC ICT : Create own London 2012 Logo D&T: Make Own London 2012 Logo (link with ICT) Geography: Research on Olympic Host countries – Main imports/exports, key geographical features Business Studies: Marketing of Olympics, Financial strains and gains History/Politics: Propaganda in the Olympics English: Short stories based on Olympic Values/ Olympic themed Literature Maths: Areas of different sport stadiums/arenas, Scoring systems in differnet sports Science: Technological advances in sport, using physics to aid performance Languages: Interesting facts about the Olympics in French, Spanish, Welsh PSE: Race and Racism

31 Action Plan ActionDetailsLead TeacherFrequencyDeadline Healthy schools (Food and fitness, Environment, Social development and well being, Hygiene, Safety, Substance Misuse. Linked Sports Festivals Joint Website -Sharing of plans/policy - Olympic Values built in - Festivals including cross cultural themes -Use of same sports: Raquet Sports Athletics, traditional (Indo/Wales) sports. Dance -All schools able to access site -sharing of games/resources/pictures of events -exchange of teaching styles -guides on how to make equipment - Regular monthly updates - JC RJ PH – speak to RC JC RJ JC RJ Rowan/Amy to be included Annual Festival Monthly Update March 2011 June 2011 December 2010

32 Action Plan ActionDetailsLead TeacherFrequencyDeadline Sports Council/Crew/play leaders/Lead learners Play to Learn -Used to promote participation in PE and School Sport -develop leadership skills in students - Older leaders to pass on skills -Leaders meetings -sharing and development of resources/ideas -Development of short stories by KS3 students to include key words on Gross Motor Skills. Key words included in activity tasks to be led by sports crew. Based on Indo/Wales Cultural stories. RJ JC 5x60 - PH CFC JC PH to liaise with English Department Ongoing January 2011 Summer 2011

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