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We will show you some information about Coptic language and it's writing. Have a nice watching.

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3 We will show you some information about Coptic language and it's writing. Have a nice watching

4 Now we will show you some photos about the Coptic language

5 These are some photos about it


7 Now we will show you some photos about writing of the Coptic language

8 About their writing



11 And we will show you some information about the out of Coptic language

12 Out of the Coptic language Coptic language is the last stage of the evolution of the Egyptian language spoken by the ancient Egyptians by more than five thousand years. The prevailing view among scientists that it descended from the Egyptian language Late Egyptian directly, as they were spoken in the sixteenth century BC with the beginning of the modern state But the character Shane M. Chine registers new opinion in an article for the national language of the People of Ancient Egypt confirming that the Egyptian language and Coptic language were Mtasrtin together and existed since ancient times. It provides a thorough examination of the rules of languages Itschls them to the Egyptian language were not address the language and it is taken from the Coptic - Iaattabar that Coptic is the origin - have been drafted for use by priests and scribes only. And remained in the circle of knowledge Ketip only, without the general public The first attempts to write Coptic

13 The first phase The oldest document found so far recorded one of the first attempts to write the language of communication Egyptian Greek letters (Proto Coptic) is the Heidelberg Papyrus 414 which returns to the middle of the third century BC. And include a list of the items of Coptic Greek letters with their corresponding meaning in the Greek language. And are written by the Greek people. And may have preceded this document other attempts did not reach us. Phase II Began in the Roman era is known for writing the ancient Coptic Old Coptic and returns the documents to the Egyptians pagans who lived in the second and third centuries BC. It documents unrelated to the Christians as they relate to magic and astrology in addition to the mummies of the banners and the like. BY ME the church's role in mainstreaming the use of the Coptic language

14 Although the first attempts to write Coptic, as well as also documents known as "Coptic texts of old" had been by groups of idolatry in Egypt, but that credit for the installation of the alphabet Coptic in the situation that you know Ye now and normalization system of spelling words was by the Egyptian church in the reign of Pope Demetrius Patriarch XII 189-232 m and his successors. In the beginning, the Gospel was read in Greek and then translated verbally Baldimutiqip could not be written because they contain a lot of pagan symbols and derivatives. And the increased need to translate Egyptian writing of the Bible used the Greek alphabet for this purpose with the addition of seven characters are the demotic Ϣ Ϥ Ϧ Ϩ Ϫ Ϭ Ϯ and writing are known as Coptic. And with the spread of translating the Gospel spread among the people with the Coptic language and uncle used words of ancient Egyptian Coptic dialect deposited in our daily lives

15 Fava (Fava Beans) and Fava word here in the original is a Coptic word and not a fluent Arabic speaker. Ziti word: The characters speak like a Coptic means: the mud. Bogeyman = mean (IMP) in Arabic. Squirt: the sense of the devil. Hnthor = horse and cabriolet Arabic we say any vehicle carried by a horse Shum said Nissim = orchard crops... Shum = orchards, that the =, = Nissim Cereals [Change of Pope Cyril IV to the pronunciation of Coptic

16 Pope Cyril IV (1854 - 1856 AD) to change the pronunciation of Coptic Taatmashi even with the pronunciation of Greek letters. This has to change the pronunciation of most words and the emergence of Coptic letters were not present before, such as letter W. And the disappearance of characters had existed before, such as indicative of character (letter D in the Delta utter the names of the media and there are very few words spoken by the character Altav D, except that there were no D in the Coptic language) And called on the pronunciation of new and modern pronunciation old original, where he was teaching pronunciation in the modern seminary with the passage of time, disappeared almost word the original (old), and continues to the modern word is used in churches as a worship until now. There have been attempts (simple so far) to teach the original pronunciation of the language to be used in prayer instead of modern pronunciation. But there are hundreds of words that has moved from the original Coptic language to colloquial Egyptian language, which is still used so far in Egypt [citation needed].


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