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Pyramid Schools partnership project.

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1 Pyramid Schools partnership project.
Corfe Hills School Pyramid Schools partnership project.

2 Purpose of visit China is a country of huge strategic importance to the United Kingdom. The UK and Chinese governments are committed to deepening this strategic relationship. The key area for collaboration is Education.

3 Partners in Education. Changing global economic situation makes cooperation between UK and China even more significant. DCSF and DIUS are totally committed to strengthening and deepening their education collaboration with China. Both countries believe that a profound understanding of each other’s country, its’ people, history, language and culture underpins any meaningful bilateral relationship.

4 Globally aware citizens.
Both the UK and China believe that they share a responsibility to instil a stronger global dimension into the learning experience of all our children and young people. An important element in this process is to encourage more young people to gain a first hand experience of living, studying and working in another country and to develop a better understanding of what globalisation means for both nations. Employers place a high premium on future employees who can demonstrate that they possess an international perspective.

5 Collaborative projects – UK and China.
Is already extensive and set to grow. Supported by British Council, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and HSBC. Includes “Study China” / “China Connect” / “Global Fellowships” and “Confucius Institutes” All backed by Hanban (Chinese language Council)

6 May 2009 – visit to China

7 Partner schools.








15 Partner school agreements.
All the Pyramid schools agreed to form partnerships. Corfe Hills has a partner school in Guiyang City. No 3 Experimental High School. Flagship school in Yun Yan province. 2000 students – boarding Monday to Friday.

16 No3 Experimental High School
The school was completed in August 2004 by Guiyang local authority and is a boarding school for high school students from the whole province of Yun Yan. The school has 1800 students and 137 teaching staff – 55 of which are senior teachers. Facilities at No.3 Middle school are superb - it has a total area of sq m of which are gardens and sports fields. All 54 classrooms are multi media – there is an additional auditorium for the whole school which is also multi media. There are 11 science labs and specialist rooms for Music, Art and dance. Sports facilities would compare favourably with a University campus in the UK.

17 Partner school details.
The whole school can be seated to watch sports events at the school sports field. The school ethos is based upon the scientific philosophy of “Jin Xi Hua” which means students understand that their education has as its main purpose the future of the nation as well themselves. Academic rigour is obvious in the school but a caring and calm atmosphere is all pervading. This school is a model school in China and the teachers and students are immensely proud of their achievements. The quality of education here is superb – the English language levels are very high indeed. Homework demands are huge – up to four hours per night. The willingness of students to volunteer to do things is very impressive too.

18 Partner school details
Between lessons – students quickly assemble outside for exercise sessions to make themselves ready for their next period of study. At lunchtime – every student has their own basket ball to work with or they can sit and read in the beautiful school gardens. The school has numerous quiet areas for students to sit in and read or work quietly. The school canteen can and does feed all 2000 students and staff with hot meals twice each day – the standard of food is truly excellent. Student dormitories are immaculate – 8 beds in each. The student union is responsible for checking and marking each dormitory each day. A scoreboard clearly shows the winners and losers each morning.

19 Partner school details.
Each class has to create their own “mantra” – called a class culture. The students describe the way that they wish to be treated by each other and the aspirations that they have for the future – it is a very impressive and mature idea and was beautifully articulated in English by the student who met with me to explain the winning entry for this year. Behaviour in class and around the school is immaculate – completely positive, very happy young people and extremely motivated students and teachers. This school is all about learning and achieving – but being happy too. It is a truly uplifting experience to spend time in this school.

20 Partner school . Students attitude – incredible.
Learning is so important. No time is wasted. Homework – 4 hours is normal per night. Respect and courtesy very significant. School really calm. Students and staff mutually friendly and respectful.

21 Students.

22 What next? Further discussions with British Council. 3 year plan.
Exchange staff if possible in 2010. Create portal for work to be exchanged. Exchange students in 2011. Immersion courses for Year 12 students in China – each July for 3 weeks.

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