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International School Award recognises, celebrates, develops and encourages successful practice in curriculum- based international work in schools congratulates.

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2 International School Award

3 recognises, celebrates, develops and encourages successful practice in curriculum- based international work in schools congratulates successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens and the international dimensions in teaching and learning all inclusive; covers 3 - 18 age range open to all schools in the UK (state and private) creates a real audience for exciting, stimulating, relevant collaboration International School Award

4 FULL ISA - THE AWARD Accreditation for three years Trophy, certificate and use of logo on school website, stationery and promotional material Acknowledgement from peer group of educators, British Council and DCSF of high standards of international work in your school National awards presentation; networking opportunities ISA accredited schools are champion ambassadors for the international dimension in education International School Award

5 BENEFITS Framework for developing international work, increased motivation, an enriched curriculum, a whole school ethos Portfolio of evidence of international work PR-local / national media coverage Sense of recognition and development of staff and pupils as global citizens ISA schools share a common vision in helping to better understand and protect the planet and our inter-dependencies Encourage cultural understanding, global citizenship and mutually empowering relationships Examine values and attitudes and develop skills to combat prejudice and promote self esteem Provide a focus for learning; there are no passengers on planet earth; we are all crew International School Award

6 SELECTION CRITERIA International policy and an international co-ordinator / committee Curriculum based activity – do all members of the school community know what they can do to make a difference? Range of year groups and subject areas involved in international activities year round activity Evaluation of impact (keep it light touch) Collaborative work with partners in other countries ( Use a range of international opportunities and programmes (eg TIPD, Comenius, World Links, IPH) International School Award

7 SOME STATISTICS… over 1200 schools accredited since 1999 585 schools accredited in 2008 over 5000 schools involved in the programme 50 schools across the UK accredited three times Target: all schools involved in international activity by 2012 International School Award

8 One cant truly educate young people in this country without the international dimension being a very significant and real part of their learning Charles Clarke The International School Award is a major prize for excellence in this field DfES International strategy Putting the World into World – Class Education International School Award

9 Diversity festivals / language awareness projects / foreign languages taught in the school / get a partner school in Europe or elsewhere / cultural heritage at your school / email work / study international meals / nutrition Compare and contrast your home town / schools infrastructure / set up an international business / international work experience / international newsletters Comenius projects / teacher exchanges / headteacher placements Research overseas tourism, architecture, trade and industry, communications, art Study international poetry / drama / music /a maths project / overseas holiday destinations / flora and fauna / animals around the world Design a cookbook, exchange recipes / what are international healthy foods / water / world issues / EU parliament UN Rights of the Child / international display boards / customs from around the world / 2008 Olympics in Beijing / 60 th anniversary of Indian independence in 2007 / 50th anniversary of Ghanaian independence / 2012 Sports in UK / international sports / folk stories and songs in assemblies / themed international day / geography field trips / battlefield sites / learn the language and get a link school for the ski trip / materials and clothes from around the world REMEMBER TO SHOW HOW THEY ARE LINKED TO THE CURRICULUM … inspiring young people to use their everyday actions to change the world International School Award

10 PUT THE WORLD IN YOUR CLASS Four interconnected factors of Travel (cheap flights, student and teacher exchanges) Technology (IT, email, internet, mobile phones, Facebook) Society and Politics (EU expansion, Every Child Matters, sustainable schools, community cohesion) Demographics (aging population, migrant workers, the world is getting smaller) These present challenges and opportunities to us all; the need to produce young people equipped for this world-internationally minded, skilled in other languages and comfortable with difference and working with people from different backgrounds The International School Award supports and develops these with raising awareness; collaboration skills and bringing other countries alive OFSTED- THE ISA IS A SIGNIFICANT FEATURE OF THE SCHOOL IN THE SEF International School Award

11 WHAT IS AVAILABLE? The International School Award is now available with three different categories, allowing schools to build towards the Award. The three categories are as follows: Foundation – for schools beginning international work. Intermediate – for schools that are beginning to work with an international partner school Full International School Award – for schools that have developed an integrated international ethos. International School Award

12 FOUNDATION: INTRODUCING INTERNATIONALISM What you should be doing: An international audit of your current international activities Writing a basic international policy Assigning an International Coordinator/Committee The evidence you have to provide us with: online submission of letter of intent to develop the international dimension across the school / school development plan Details of a few completed/started international activities (optional) You submit this evidence via our online form ( International School Award

13 INTERMEDIATE: DEVELOPING INTERNATIONALISM What you should be doing: Up-to-date international audit Finalising your International Policy – thinking about aligning it with your School Development Plan Finalising the International Coordinator/Committee job description The evidence you have to provide us with: Details of at least one international partner school you collaborate with Online details of three completed/started curricular activities involving approximately 50% of pupils from across the school You submit this evidence via our online form ( International School Award

14 FULL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD What you should have in place: A finalised international policy within the school development plan A finalised job description for your international coordinator/committee At least 7 curricular international activities spread over one academic year At least 75% of pupils across the school involved A partnership with one or more schools in another country involved in collaborative work International School Award

15 HOW TO APPLY Do an audit of international activities Choose which category you wish to apply for Download/complete the relevant guidance and application forms at Complete and send to the British Council No deadlines for Foundation/Intermediate stages Online applications for 2009 Full ISA now open Contact us for any help/advice/clarification International School Award

16 HOW TO DO AN AUDIT OF INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES This will help you to identify where your school is in terms of international work, and allows you to better choose which category to apply for. Use the guidance when completing the audit Try to involve the whole school in the process to get the most accurate picture of the range of activity You can now download guidance and application forms From International School Award

17 HOW TO CHOOSE AN INTERNATIONAL COORDINATOR/COMMITTEE The international co-ordinator can be the headteacher or a member of staff in your school. Some tasks might involve: To have overall responsibility for applying for the International School Award and act as a point of contact To facilitate good internal and external communication (parents, governors, local community) about international activities and share best practice To evaluate the impact of international activities To aim to maximise the schools involvement in international learning opportunities To help colleagues develop the use of international themes for cross- phase transition and cross-curricular projects. International School Award

18 WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE? Go to for all the information you need to do an audit and apply for the Award You can also find samples of the following: International coordinator/committee job descriptions Case studies/examples of activities/benefits/links to resources School international policies International School Award

19 OVERSEAS PILOTS… customised schemes with local assessors supports UK/overseas school linking work network of engaged schools around the globe 89 schools in India accredited by Summer 08 first five schools accredited with the Award in Sri Lanka in 2006 now operates in Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Pakistan and Jordan International School Award

20 embed the ethos of global activities into school life; develop links giving recognition to the importance of developing internationalism and impetus for future development to celebrate the different cultures and backgrounds of our school community to widen our pupils understanding of the world and the opportunities for them to contribute towards a better, safer planet-to respect themselves and others learning extended and greater awareness amongst governors and parents the staff work together and enjoy the inclusion and variety of this work it enables us to audit our existing activities and plan for development one of the best things Ive been involved in-inspiration from international colleagues motivation of pupils towards MFL learning commitment to develop international citizens; relationships with global neighbours all schools should be doing this – a brilliant idea International School Award

21 John Rolfe International School Award T020 7389 4419 E M 07817 365805

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