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3 BRITISH COUNCIL Worlds largest cultural relation organisation 110 countries 200+ towns and cities 5500 staff 1000 staff in 4 UK offices 2500+ work placements last year

4 BRITISH COUNCIL MISSION STATEMENT To build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and to increase appreciation of the UKs creative ideas and achievements


6 USA BEI TEAM Dr. Tony Novosel – University of Pittsburgh

7 US Church Executives Gary Luhr – APUC Dr. Wanda Bigham – GBHEM Dr. Michael Galligan-Stierle - ACCU

8 AIMS OF BEI To provide our students with an outward looking, international experience; To improve the core employability skills of participants. To raise the economic, cultural and political awareness of Northern Ireland in the US. To raise awareness of personal responsibility to develop community service within Northern Ireland. To develop future managers and leaders for the Northern Ireland economy;

9 PREPARING FOR YOUR YEAR AHEAD If left to luck, your chances of having a really satisfying experience living abroad would be about one in seven. Robert Kohls Survival Kit for Overseas Living 2001

10 OVERVIEW OF YOUR BEI YEAR FALL 2009 Arrival on campus Mid Term Exams Thanksgiving Break End of Term Exams Christmas Holidays Spring 2010 BEI Mid Year Review Mid Terms Spring Break Final Exams Internship / Home NI Project Final Year BEI Graduation


12 EXPECTATIONS - ARRIVING ON CAMPUS International Office – airport pick-up Housing Arrangements Meal Plan International Orientation

13 EXPECTATIONS – US CLASSES Choosing classes 4 business classes (12 credits) 1 elective class each semester (3 credits) 24 business credits, 6 elective credits Total of 30 hours credit to graduate

14 LEVELS OF CLASSES 100 – Freshman 200 - Sophomore 300 - Junior 400 – Senior

15 Business Class Selection Accounting 111 - Principles of Accounting I Accounting 112 - Principles of Accounting II Accounting 307 - Finance Business 101 - Introduction to Business Business 209 - Business Communication Business 210 - Quantitative Methods for Business Business 220 - Business Law I Business 230 - Information Software Processing I Business 339 - International Business Economics 105 - Introduction to Macroeconomics Economics 106 - Introduction to Microeconomics Economics 380 (or MATH 180) - Statistics for Business and Economics Management 201 - Principles of Management Management 395 (or BUSI 290) - Management Internship Management 397 - Senior Seminar Marketing 201 - Marketing Management 305 - Strategic Management Management 423 - Management Information Systems Management 393 - Entrepreneurship Management 320 - Retail Management Communications 313 - Intercultural Communication Economics 406 - International Economics

16 Elective Class Selection Art 104A - Computer Graphic Elements Art 107A - Collage Art 109 - Search for Enlightenment, Art in History Art 201 - Drawing Tactics Art 215 - Imagery and Illustration Art 301A - Senior Studio Art 302A - Printmaking Psychology 104 - Introduction to Human Services Psychology 217 - Adolescent Development Sociology 103 - Social Problems Sociology 223 - Race, Gender, and Social Inequality Sociology 226 - Deviance and Social Control Criminology 357 - Introduction to Forensic Science Criminology 360 - Ethics and Philosophy in Criminal Justice English 117- American Literature II English 118- World Literature Music 105 - Chanteur Chamber Choir Music 110 - Piano Concerto Class Music 312 - Conducting History 103 - United States History I History 104 - United States History II

17 EXPECTATIONS – ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE Accessing Course Materials US Classroom Culture - Differences Attendance Testing Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.0 Managing Poor Academic Performance

18 EXPECTATIONS – NI PROJECT Complete a business related project Liaise with your NI Tutor 3500 words Due June 2010

19 EXPECTATIONS – ACTING AS AN AMBASSADOR For your home institution For Northern Ireland Culture Perceptions of Northern Ireland Delivering 3 presentations on NI each semester

20 INTERNSHIPS On or off Campus Paid or unpaid Optional Practical Training Grab one if you can….

21 PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS Minimum 15 hours study per week 4 business modules plus one elective each semester Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above Business Related Project 3-5000 words Internship with US business (desirable) Complete voluntary / community work whilst in US Ambassadorial role – make 6 presentations on NI Room in a Double Dorm with a US student Develop Employability Skills such as Team working, Presentation & Communication Skills which they bring back to NI

22 MONITORING WHAT BEI WILL DO Email US Staff prior to your arrival Ask Advisor for mid term grades and feedback Request fall feedback report Request spring feedback Request Transcript & Statement of Account WHAT YOU NEED TO DO Submit US contact details Submit list of fall classes Email with updates on your progress Campus Feedback Presentation Record Sheet in Fall and Spring

23 AWARENESS OF YOUR HOST COUNTRY Country & State Climate Geography Social Aspects Language Food Customs

24 AMERICA 50 States Population of 306 million Ireland is the size of North Carolina in comparison Culture Shock will differ from region Multi-cultural and diverse Nation

25 CULTURE SHOCK Elle Woods had many tough times trying to fit in on campus – and she WAS American!

26 ELLES TIPS FOR SUCCESS Passion – key ingredient of life Courage of conviction & a strong sense of self First impressions are not always correct Always have faith in people Have faith in yourself

27 WHATS THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU? Homesickness Long Distance Relationships Frustrated with differences Missing favourite things Wont find like-minded friends Cant keep up with homework Feel down and depressed

28 COPING ON CAMPUS Recognise Culture Shock Dont panic– remember being a fresher Expect homesickness Keep active Accept all invitations – use support Take the initiative Remember your motives for going Its not forever!

29 AN ACTIVE SOCIAL LIFE Clubs & Societies Sports Teams Community / Voluntary Work Fraternity / Sorority Pledges Get off campus Travel Opportunities

30 SUPPORT – ITS GOOD TO TALK BEI Students International Advisor US Tutors Tony Novosel Campus Counsellor / Wellness Centre US Church Executives British Council BEI Team NI Tutors / University BEI Team

31 CODE OF CONDUCT Drunkenness Dishonesty Abusive or aggressive behaviour Gambling Excessive Absenteeism or Tardiness Inadequate standards of work Drug Taking Racial or Sexual Abuse Breach of safety or hygiene rules Breach of placement guidelines Breach of university/college rules Improper use of bebo, facebook or other social networking sites

32 GRADUATION GPA of 3.0 or above Complete Ambassadorial Presentations Pass NI Project No outstanding debt to BEI Have NOT been issued with a written warning

33 MONEY MATTERS US College Waivers British Council Funding Whats Yours and Ours Personal Funds Banking

34 US COLLEGE WAIVE TUITION FEES A scholarship Worth an average $25,000 Show your appreciation

35 WHAT BRITISH COUNCIL PAYS FOR Your flight to and from the US Term Time Room and Board Textbooks General Fees – Related to Business

36 WHATS YOURS AND WHATS OURS Year End – account balance Credit Balance Deficit Balance Misuse of funds

37 PERSONAL FUNDS How much money will you need? Weekly Expenditure Trip Money Save all that you can! Fundraising activities Part time job on campus – Ask Early

38 BANKING AND I.D. Access NI bank accounts in the US Wiring money from NI Opening a US bank account Closing a US bank account Credit Cards Social Security Numbers Cell Phones / Calling Cards State I.D. cards

39 FLIGHTS Flights will be booked in July E-Tickets will be available online You will arrange your airport pick up Luggage will be checked through unless stated otherwise You can change your flight date home while in the US

40 MEDICAL INFORMATION Medical History / Forms for College Possible Vaccinations – Hepatitis B, TB, MMR, Diphtheria Any costs for vaccinations are your responsibility Always carry your Insurance information / Insurance Card Medication

41 VISA INFORMATION I-20 / DS 2019 Document Call US Consulate to make appointment Pay visa fee $131 Online – pay SEVIS fee $200 Attend interview at US Consulate Belfast - Next date is Friday 10 th July 2009 Bring all necessary documents!


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