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TNE in the UAE Research Findings UAE Country Partnership Meeting 5 June 2009 Alison Devine, Regional Manager Education UK, Middle East.

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1 TNE in the UAE Research Findings UAE Country Partnership Meeting 5 June 2009 Alison Devine, Regional Manager Education UK, Middle East

2 Research undertaken to determine i) The number of students studying at international (non-UAE) higher education institutions in the UAE in which the medium of instruction is English – and the number of students studying at UAE federal HEIs to draw a comparison between the two ii) Students countries of origin iii) The number/proportion of students who specifically entered the UAE to undertake international (non-UAE) higher education in which the medium of instruction is English iv) Type/level of qualification being taken

3 v) Subjects being taken vi) Tuition fees charged by international institutions and source of tuition fees vii) Why the students chose to study in the UAE rather than another country viii) Why the student chose that particular institution ix) What is THE factor that would influence students to study i) in the UK ii) at a UK institution in the UAE?

4 Secondary & primary research, using qualitative & quantitative research methodologies Stage 1 – Higher education institutions in the UAE Comprehensive analysis of the UAE higher education market, focus on international institutions Stage 2 – Customer research study 14 focus group discussions among UAE-based and external students studying at international universities in the UAE 8 in-depth interviews among working graduates & parents of students in international HEIs 450 interviews among UAE-based and external students studying in international HEIs in the UAE; 50 parent interviews Research methodology

5 Analysis of the UAE higher education market

6 32% of higher education institutions in the UAE are international (i.e. non Emirati) Only 13 are locally accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Higher education institutions in the UAE

7 The largest concentration is in Dubai, accounting for 79% of all international HEIs in the UAE Distribution of international HEIs by emirate

8 UK, USA and India are the top three source nations, accounting for 73% of all international HEIs in the UAE Country of origin of international HEIs

9 1Middlesex University Dubai (UK)13Szabist (Pakistan) 2Heriot-Watt University (UK)14Islamic Azad University (Iran) 3University of Bolton (UK)15Michigan State University (USA) 4American University in the Emirates (USA)16Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (France) 5Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (India)17American University of Sharjah (USA) 6Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi (India)18HULT International Business School (USA) 7University of Wollongong (Australia)19New York Institute of Technology (USA) 8School of Audio Engineering (Australia)20Preston University Ajman (USA) 9Murdoch University (Australia)21Cambridge College International (Australia) 10European University College, Brussels (Belgium)22JSS Academy, Dubai (India) 11Manipal Academy of Higher Education (India)23Mahatma Gandhi University (India) 12Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training (India)24Canadian University of Dubai (Canada) International HEIs in the UAE

10 25American University in Dubai (USA)37British University in Dubai (UK) 26Sharjah College - Troy University Campus (USA)38ICFAI, Dubai (India) 27St Petersburg State University (Russia)39Institute of Media and Communication (India) 28IITM - London School of Economics (UK)40Institute of Management and Technology (India) 29French Fashion ESMOD (France)41Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai (India) 30London Business School (UK)42Boston University Institute for Dental Research (USA) 31Manchester Business School Worldwide (UK)43SP Jain Center of Management, Dubai (India) 32University of Strathclyde Business School (UK)44PIM International Center, Dubai (Sri Lanka) 33CASS Business School (UK)45Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (USA) 34School of Oriental and African Studies (UK)46Harvard Medical School Dubai Centre (USA) 35University of Exeter (UK)47INSEAD (France) 36Royal College of Surgeons (UK)48Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (US) Most popular HEIs: American University of Sharjah, American University in Dubai, University of Wollongong, Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, together accounting for 48% of the total student population in international HEIs in the UAE

11 44% of the international HEIs in the UAE offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes 17% offer only undergraduate programmes 40% offer only postgraduate programmes of study Country of OriginUG & PGOnly UGOnly PGTotal UK314%113%842%1225% USA629%225%526%1327% India419%225%421%1021% Australia210%225% 48% France15%113%15%36% Canada15% 12% Other 1 420% 15%510% All2144%817%1940%48100% 1 Belgium, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Sri LankaUG: Undergraduate; PG: Postgraduate Country of origin and level of study offered

12 Of the estimated 91,154 students enrolled in 96 public and private colleges and universities in the UAE, 28,717 (32%) are enrolled in international institutions, of which 89% are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in HEIs where the medium of instruction is English Programme Students Number% Degree programme in international HEI – English 25,51789 Degree programme in international HEI – Arabic / Other 2001 Other programme in international HEI – Language, Foundation, Certificate 3,00010 All 28,717100 Students in international HEIs in the UAE

13 Asians (51%) constitute the largest student community in the UAE Emiratis (11%), other Arabs (28%) and other nationalities (10% - Europeans, Americans, nationals of CIS countries, Africans) account for the balance 49% of students enrolled in international universities in the UAE Among Asians, Indians are the single largest nationality group, followed by Pakistanis Nationalities of student population

14 Altogether, 6,125 students or 24% of the total student population in international institutions in the UAE are external students (on a student visa in the UAE) The largest proportion of international students are Asians (51%), followed by GCC/Middle East nationals External student population

15 Programme statusUG studentsPG studentsAll Students Full time14,78392%3,39936%18,18271% Part time1,2558%6,08064%7,33529% All16,03863%9,47937%25,517100% 63% of students in international universities are enrolled in undergraduate programmes 37% are enrolled in postgraduate programmes Students by level and mode of study

16 SubjectUG studentsPG studentsAll Students Medicine & dentistry170%150%320% Subjects allied to medicine1401%200%1601% Biological sciences790%390%1170% Physical sciences2361%390%2741% Mathematical sciences1571%771%2341% Computer science1,0226%5786%1,6006% Engineering & technology2,12313%6947%2,81611% Architecture, building & planning3932%1542%5472% Social studies3932%1542%5472% Law790%390%1170% Business & administrative studies9,43459%7,20976%16,64365% Mass communications & documentation1,1797%390%1,2185% Languages3142%1542%4692% Historical & philosophical studies790%390%1170% Creative arts & design3142%1161%4302% Education790%1161%1941% Total16,03863%9,47937%25,517100% Subjects studied

17 Undergraduate tuition fees vary from AED 12,000 to AED 73,220 per year Fee discounts ranging from 5% to 30% are offered to students based on merit Family discounts are also offered by some universities UniversityFee range (AED per year) [1] [1] Middlesex University (UK) 46,000-- Heriot-Watt University (UK) 39,50044,500 University of Bolton (UK) 23,00027,000 Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (India) 34,500-- Manipal Academy of Higher Education (India) 28,00035,000 University of Wollongong (Australia) 43, 350-- Michigan State University (USA) 57,80058,200 Preston University Ajman (USA) 31,30046,000 American University in Dubai (USA) 58,50062,400 American University of Sharjah (USA) 73,220-- Canadian University of Dubai (Canada) 45,000-- [1] [1] Currency conversion: AED 5.54 = £ 1, as on May 10, 2009 Tuition fees – undergraduate programmes

18 Postgraduate tuition fees vary from AED 16,000 to over AED 300,000 per year [1] [1] Currency conversion: AED 5.54 = £ 1, as on May 10, 2009 University Full Fee range (AED) [1] [1] Description MA / MScMBA/EMBA Middlesex University (UK)110,000132,000Part-time; 2 years London Business School (UK)--323,694Dubai-London EMBA; 17-20 months Manchester Business School (UK)--109,692Blended learning; 18 months SP Jain Centre of Management, Dubai (India)--49,200-119,400Dubai-Singapore, full time; 1-2 years Manipal Academy of Higher Education (India)42,000-70,00042,000Full-time; 2 years University of Wollongong (Australia)54,800-68,50082,200Full-time; 2 years American University in Dubai (USA)--90,000Evening programme; 2 years American University of Sharjah (USA)117,000117,000-190,000Full-time; 2 years Tuition fees – postgraduate programmes

19 Qualitative research – focus groups

20 Undergraduate students Higher education An important part of growing up Become knowledgeable Develop ones personality Pre-requirement for job; career aspirations Financial independence Enhance ones position in society Postgraduate students Masters degree Get better job; higher salary Gain more specialised qualifications Stay competitively ahead Change career track Improve business Get promoted Grow into general management roles Attitudes and aspirations of HEI students in the UAE

21 Undergraduate students Be home, stay close to family & friends Good education available in the country Affordable education Good lifestyle, home comforts Safety & security Work opportunities Family wont permit study abroad No interest in study abroad Postgraduate students Excellent quality of education Availability of international universities Varied subject choices Career opportunities Affordable cost of education Flexible delivery & timings Study while working Motivations to study in the UAE

22 External students (from outside UAE) Opportunity to study in international university Affordable cost of education Easier admission Ease of getting student visa UAE safe country Islamic country Family & friends in UAE Close to home Good lifestyle Work opportunities

23 Undergraduate & postgraduate students Superior quality of education, high academic standards Local & global recognition of degree Prestige associated with studying in a international university Choice of subject options Quality of faculty; professionally qualified, international Better teaching methods; use of technology Improve English Internships; work opportunities while studying Career opportunities; better jobs, higher salaries Flexibility to transfer credits Intent to migrate abroad Peer pressure Motivation to study in an international HEI in UAE

24 Working students Additional reasons Range of study programmes Specialised programmes Flexible timings Alternative delivery modes Affordable

25 Ease of admission Reputation of institution Popularity of institution among peers Reputation of faculty Job placement record of institution Campus environment & atmosphere Student profile Subject choices available Level of fees Location - proximity to home/workplace Class timings & flexibility Infrastructure & student facilities Accreditation of institution in UAE International recognition of degree Recognition of degree in home country Award of certification (local/main university) Current HEIs American University in Dubai (USA) American University of Sharjah Middlesex University (UK) University of Wollongong (Australia) S P Jain Centre for Management (India) Institute of Management & Technology (India) Preston University (USA) British University in Dubai (UK) Heriot-Watt University (UK) Canadian University of Dubai (Canada) Manipal Academy of Higher Education (India) Birla Institute of Technology & Science (India) London School of Economics (UK) Reasons for selecting specific HEI

26 Undergraduate students Mainly business, computer science, IT Some male students engineering disciplines Some female students media studies, graphic design & fashion designing Asian students greater interest in commerce & finance Postgraduate students Mainly business / management courses Different areas of specialisation Quality Management, Human Resources Project Management, Information Systems Construction Management Finance & Banking Subject selection led by Personal interest & goals Parental advice, parents decision Guidance from family & friends network Popularity; peer group conformance Versatility – varied job options Corporate / market demand Current job / functional area Career change plans – new area/function Subject of study

27 Undergraduate students - yes, but would ideally like to gain some work experience prior to studying further Postgraduate students - no; with one exception, all will look for job or join family business or look for job change (working students) For some, further study would depend upon availability of financial aid / scholarship One-third likely to consider study abroad: in UK, USA, Canada, Australia or India Key factors in destination selection for study abroad - situation for work abroad / career opportunities at time of admission application & overall cost of education (tuition fee, living expenses etc) Intent to study further

28 High quality of education Strong curricula, hard studies International recognition of degree/qualification Better appreciation in local/regional context Professional, qualified faculty Reputed universities Expensive Prestigious Better stronger curriculum, study programme In any Arab country, British education is considered stronger than American British qualifications are recognised all over the world. Some of the best universities in the world are UK universities Perception of UK universities

29 In the UAE Lower tuition fees Increased opportunity to get financial aid Easier admission criteria Easier work load New subjects or specialised courses Top-class UK universities in UAE Local accreditation Large, impressive campus Extensive student facilities Transportation & accessible location In the UK Lower tuition fees Increased opportunity to get financial aid Easier admission criteria Easier work load Guaranteed student accommodation Guaranteed visa Internships & career opportunities Work-study options in the UK Admission in university of choice Motivations to study in a UK HEI

30 Computer Engineering, Information Technology Business, Hotel Management, Tourism Medicine, Nutrition Hospital Management Architecture Archaeology Law Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Microbiology Aviation Media Studies Introductory Courses to Languages Arts, Arts & Décor, Photography Photojournalism, Theatre Arts Fashion Designing, Cosmetology Subject suggestions for new UK HEIs in UAE

31 Quantitative research – 450 students

32 Figures in % Motivations to study in the UAE – all students

33 Figures in % *Local students: Emiratis & resident expatriates. External students: on student visa in UAE Motivations to study in the UAE – local v external* students

34 Figures in % Motivations to study at an international HEI in UAE - Emiratis

35 Figures in % Ar. Ex : Arab ExpatriateAs. Ex: Asian ExpatriateOth. Ex: Other Expatriate UG: UndergraduatePG: PostgraduateW: WorkingNW: Not working Considered study abroad – all students

36 Figures in % Reasons for not studying abroad – all students who considered it

37 American University of Dubai 17% American University of Sharjah 17% Manipal University 10% University of Wollongong 9% Canadian University of Dubai 8% Middlesex University 7% Sharjah University of Troy 4% Heriot-Watt University 3% Michigan State University 3% IITM / London School of Economics 3% Preston University 2% New York Institute of Technology 2% Sorbonne Paris 2% Other HEIs 13% American University of Dubai18% American University of Sharjah16% University of Wollongong15% Manipal University7% Heriot-Watt University7% Preston University6% S P Jain Centre for Management4% Canadian University of Dubai3% New York Institute of Technology3% Institute of Management & Technology3% Middlesex University 2% Sorbonne Paris 2% British University in Dubai 2% Other HEIs12% Undergraduates (n=204)Postgraduates (n=246) Research sample

38 Figures in % Reasons for studying at current university – all students

39 Figures in % Subject of study – undergraduate & postgraduate students

40 Figures in % Important / Most Important61%Somewhat Important27%Not Important12% Importance of pricing in university selection (n=450) Importance of fees and financial aid

41 Figures in % UG: UndergraduatePG: Postgraduate Funding sources

42 UG : UndergraduatePG: Postgraduate Reasons for SatisfactionAll (n=450)UG (n=204)PG (n=246) Quality of education49%56%43% Professional & experienced faculty16%15%17% Good atmosphere & environment10% 11% Recognition of degree13% 14% Brand name9%8%9% Good campus6%4%8% Different nationalities/ good crowd6%4%7% Good course programme5%1%8% Dealing with the students is good5%4%6% Flexible & convenient timings4%2%5% Good Infrastructure4% Location of the university4%5%2% Lots of activities in the university3% Job/ Internship opportunities3%2%4% Other reasons12%8%11% Satisfaction with current HEI

43 UG : UndergraduatePG: Postgraduate Reasons for DissatisfactionAll (n=450)UG (n=204)PG (n=246) No dissatisfaction49%46%54% Expensive10%9% Location is very far6%9%8% Less facilities / Infrastructure is limited4%9%5% Poor discipline4%6%4% Unhappy with timings/inflexible schedule4%0%4% Less extra-curricular activities4%2% Studies very difficult/too much to study3%2%3% Campus too small / could be better3%4%3% Too many students/too much crowd3%0%2% Administration not managed properly3%4%2% Failure to provide employment opportunities1%0%1% No parking space / transport system1%0%1% Other reasons11%12%6% Dissatisfaction with current HEI

44 Yes33%Maybe11%No56% Of those who will study further Will consider study in UK21% Motivation to study further in UK (n=40) Intention to study further – all students

45 Base: All RespondentsOverseas Destinations Perception of Education (unprompted responses)UKUSAAustraliaCanada Education quality is high & excellent73%69%65%62% Prestigious, high class10%9%5%4% Studies are difficult / hard work10%5% 4% World-class universities; renowned brand names8%9%1%3% Expensive; cost of education is high7%6%3% International recognition of degree; valued everywhere6% 3%4% Strong education standards6%5%3%2% Leaders in education6% 0% Good style of teaching / professional4%2%0% Difficult to get admission4%3%0% Average / not very good2%4%5%6% Practical1%3%1% Affordable0% 1%2% Not many well known universities0% 5%4% Don't know / Can't say11%19% 20% Perception of overseas education destinations – all students

46 Key motivation to study at a UK HEI in UAE – all students currently in a non-UK HEI

47 Key motivation to study at a UK HEI in the UK – all students

48 Figures in % Suggestions - UG subjects for new UK HEIs in the UAE

49 Figures in % Suggestions - PG subjects for new UK HEIs in the UAE

50 Figures in % Suggestions - vocational subjects for new UK HEIs in the UAE

51 Quantitative research – 50 parents

52 Figures in % Motivations to study in the UAE – all parents

53 Figures in % Motivations to study at international HEI in UAE - Emirati parents

54 Figures in % Reasons for selecting specific HEI - parents

55 Important / Most Important66%Somewhat Important16%Not Important18% Importance of pricing in HEI selection (n=50) Fee waiver or discount14% Received fee waiver or discount (n=50) Family Funds84% Company Funded10% Family + Student Funds10% University Scholarship or Grant2% Student Personal Funds2% Funding of education (n=50) Importance and sources of funding – all parents

56 Yes36%Maybe12%No52% Of those who will study further Will consider study in UK25% Motivation to study in UK Student intention to study further - parents

57 Key motivation to study at a UK HEI in UAE – parents

58 Key motivation to study in UK - parents

59 Medicine & dentistry38% Law30% Computer science28% Business & administrative studies24% Engineering & technology22% Mass communications & documentation22% Agriculture & related subjects20% Creative arts & design16% Architecture, building & planning16% Subjects allied to medicine16% Medicine & dentistry44% Business & administrative studies42% Law32% Computer science26% Engineering & technology24% Architecture, building & planning24% Mass communications & documentation22% Subjects allied to medicine18% Mathematical sciences18% Languages16% Top 10 subjects – undergraduate levelTop 10 subjects – postgraduate level Interior design59%Beauty & cosmetology25% Travel & tourism52%Floral design23% Fashion design41% Top 5 vocational programmes Suggestions for new subjects - parents

60 Summary The UAE has attracted at least 49 international HEIs which currently account for 51% of the total number of HEIs in the country Employing diverse models of education delivery, they have a 32% share of the total student population enrolled in higher education in the UAE Several more international universities are in the process of setting up branch campuses or collaborative ventures in the country The UAE is increasing in popularity as an education destination among external (non UAE based) students, especially from Asian and Middle Eastern countries

61 Cannibalisation? While local delivery of international education will naturally lead to a degree of cannibalisation of courses delivered in the UK, it is likely to be minimal as the majority of students who choose to study in the UAE do not wish to or are not able to study overseas However, competitively priced packages of UAE study programmes may well attract more students from neighbouring countries, who may otherwise have studied in the UK The recent global economic crisis and resulting lack of disposable income may force some students to study closer to home

62 Current demand for subjects, as measured by subject-wise enrolment statistics and gathered from the student survey, indicates the high popularity of subject offerings in the area of business and administrative studies, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level However, given that almost every HEI offers a range of business programmes as part of its subject portfolio, there appears to be an adequate supply of such programmes Customer research points to latent demand for subjects such as computer science, engineering & technology, medicine & dentistry, law and architecture, building & planning It is possible that the worldwide interest in Dubai could lead to a market situation of too many generic academic programmes and too few takers Subjects

63 Demand for higher and further education in the UAE and region will continue to grow Current programme/discipline offerings and institutions do not fully cater for projected human resource requirements Niche markets, as compared to generic programme offerings, for higher and further education exist and will continue to expand The various emirates take pride in shifting gears and like to develop programmes to meet evolving needs Institutions should have the capability to develop courses customised to the region and sectors and have the internal systems and processes in place to respond to requirements efficiently Opportunities

64 It is important for UK institutions entering the market to gear their product offering and market strategy in line with the nations development goals and introduce unique, futuristic programmes geared to serving the needs of the new UAE e.g. road & rail systems/maintenance, real estate maintenance, ports and ship chandling, environmental engineering, renewable energy, manufacturing and manufacturing-related, logistics related to supply chain management, aviation, architecture, events management, financial securities, reinsurance, social research, research methods, statistical analysis, special needs education, comparative study of western law with sharia, languages, arts Refer to individual emirate strategic plans e.g. Dubai strategic plan These opportunities will see institutions operate within a global environment and be subject to fierce competition to attract the right students

65 Institutions entering the market should invest in building relationships with key decision makers and emirate-based higher education governing bodies and possess quality market intelligence Public-private partnerships and privatisation of the higher and further education sector is supported by federal and individual emirate initiatives In Abu Dhabi, funding is made available based on value proposition, track record, brand standing and evidence of longer term commitment on the part of the institution Elements of the value proposition should highlight exposure to relevant corporate and international experiences to enhance learning (e.g. work placements) Partnerships with federal government funded institutions and their commercial arms and existing privately owned licensed-accredited institutions should be explored Recommendations

66 In order to attract students, ensure student fees are fixed in UAE currency and budget proposals to take account of exchange rate fluctuations Brand building of UK education is critical Be creative and innovative

67 Education UK Country Partner website

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