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E-Gov - Citizenship and Control TCU - Brazilian Court of Audit IT Audit Project Group.

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1 e-Gov - Citizenship and Control TCU - Brazilian Court of Audit IT Audit Project Group

2 Background Country amplitude –5 th largest country of world –area: 8,500,000 sq. Km (2,5 x E.C.) –population: 170,000,000 inhabitants –counties: almost 6,000

3 Background (cont.) Communication and transport defective –North: Amazon forest –Northeast: semiarid scrub land –Roads conditions are improving slowly –Communication had a fast improvement in last 5 years

4 Background (cont.) Difficulties of all country wide Government presence –development disproportionate: Center and South developed North and Northeast undeveloped Faster and efficient attendance of citizens –claim of citizens

5 Brazilian Federal e-Gov Project Objectives: –integration, co-ordination and fomentation IT use by Government and all society

6 e-Gov - main actions Net Implantation –implantation of an unique Government information net –integration of lots of existent nets –reduce of kbit price –rational use of resources –standardization of procedures and services

7 e-Gov - main actions (cont.) universal use of Internet by citizens –cost to access Internet cheaper –installation of one public computer for each 600 inhabitants in towns and cities

8 e-Gov - main actions (cont.) access to all services and Government information on Internet: –information about citizenship, economy, public health, education, social security, etc. –payment of taxes –all services that is possible to be done without citizen presence on a public building

9 e-Gov - main actions (cont.) improvement of quality of Government services –with information integration some services will be done faster and a rational way –increase of citizens satisfaction

10 Current stage On October 1999 - Information Society Program On June 2000 - Information Security Policy Edict On September 2000 - Security Standards Edict On October 2000 - e-Gov Executive Committee On April 2001 - Government Procurement by Internet On July 2001 - taxes payment by Internet

11 Public Account home-page On December 1998, was edited a federal law that established a unique home-page for all Public Accounts controlled by TCU On June 1999, Public Account Home-page was on Internet with information about Federal Government, States and Counties

12 Reengineering our SAI On 1999 start a two-year study to reengineering our SAI Department specialization was needful

13 IT Audit Management Since 1996, TCU has a small group working with IT Audit Now we have a Project for develop a methodology for IT Audit This methodology will be disseminate to all auditors

14 IT Audit Management Proposal Audit all Government main systems periodically Follow up e-Gov actions Audit systems, funds or Government units where fraud evidence was found Selectivity and materiality will guide our work

15 IT Audit Training Demand of IT Audit Department for training will increase To follow up and to audit new technologies used by Government To disseminate this knowledge spread TCU auditors

16 Conclusion Opportunity to increase Public Control´s efficiency Auditing Public Expenses will be follow up by: –TCU (Brazilian SAI) –all society through e-Gov It will be possible to save Nation´s funds by auditing e-gov accurately

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