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The Process of Building Outcomes Joanne Jacobs Sharon Perkins.

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2 The Process of Building Outcomes Joanne Jacobs Sharon Perkins

3 Assessment Paradigm Shift from Process to Product

4 Outcome Assessment Sequence

5 Identify Goal Statement What is our intended outcome? To graduate a............ Must be MEASURABLE!

6 Process The course toward a result Resource Matrix Resource Purpose of resource Measurement system Analysis Action plan

7 Evaluation To examine carefully, to appraise 1. Goal statement 2. Standards 3. Measurement systems

8 Evaluation: Goal statement Goals = Ends or results the program or institution wants to achieve To graduate a competent (respiratory care practitioner)

9 Evaluation: Standards Cognitive credentialing exams Psychomotor clinical & lab skills documentation Affective behavioral characteristics surveys

10 Evaluation: Measurement systems Must correlate with standard being measured Can include: Testing, Surveys, Portfolios


12 Analysis To examine parts of something 1. Program (goals & standards, cut scores) 2. Resource (matrix) 3. Student Tracking Applied Enrolled : Graduated = Attrition Cohorts (stop-outs, drop-outs) Employed


14 Action Plan Based on analysis of areas measured, ask: change continue to monitor Make a change ? continue to monitor ?

15 Intervention Implement action plan Document implementation Note changes in next measurement cycle Sequence continues

16 Outcome result, end product, consequence Outcomes should support goal statement They include what the students demonstrated/accomplished or what the program achieved.

17 This sequence becomes an ongoing quality assurance routine that allows for timely intervention to ensure that the institution/program is meeting the outcome goal statement.

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