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Understanding Populations

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1 Understanding Populations
How Species Interact with Each Other

2 Objectives Explain the difference between niche and habitat
Give examples of parts of a niche Describe the five major types of interactions between species Explain the difference between parasitism and predation

3 Niche The unique role of a species within an ecosystem Includes:
Species’ physical home Species’ interactions with other organisms Factors necessary for the species’ survival

4 Habitat Location where an organism resides Includes: Food Water

5 Types of Interactions Adaptations to competition:
Competition- Different individuals or populations attempt to use the same limited resource Niche overlap- Two different species Indirect competition- Two competitors never come in direct contact Adaptations to competition: Niche restriction- Each species uses less of the niche than they are capable of using

6 Types of Interactions Predation- Interaction including a predator and prey Predator- Organism that feeds on another organism Prey- Organism that is fed upon Dynamic equilibrium- Pop. Numbers always changing, yet constant Predation Adaptations: Camouflage- Blending in with environment Warning coloration- Striking coloration warning of chemical defenses Mimicry- Species resembling each other Protective covering- External defense against predation

7 Types of Interactions Parasite- Organism that lives in or on another organism and feeds on the other organism Host- The organism the parasite takes its nourishment from Parasitism- Relationship between parasite and host Mutualsim- Close relationship between two species in which each benefits the other Ex. Acacia trees and ants

8 Types of Interactions Commensalism- A relationship in which one species benefits and the other species is neither harmed nor benefited Ex: Sharks and remoras Symbiosis- Relationship between species in which at least one benefits Coevolution- When two species evolve adaptations to benefit each other Ex: Flowers and butterflies

9 Types of Interactions

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