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Daily Writing for Composition 2 (January to May)

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1 Daily Writing for Composition 2 (January to May)
Mrs. Garrett’s Fifth Grade

2 Create a Table of Contents
Write the following on the top of your first sheet in your composition book: Table of Contents Then number your lines from (Write on the backs of the sheets.) Number each side of the pages in the bottom right hand corner, but not the Table of Contents.

3 Directions: Copy the prompt.
Write your response to the prompt directly below the prompt. Be sure to write the date at the top of the page. After writing, read what you have written and make corrections as necessary.

4 January 4 Found: Unusual Plant
The snowdrop is a flower that blooms in January. Pretend you are a famous botanist who has just discovered a very unusual plant that only blooms in January. Write about your discovery.

5 January 5 New Peanut Product
George Washington Carver was born on January 5, He discovered over 300 uses for the peanut! Think of a brand-new product that is made from peanuts and write an advertisement describing your new product.

6 January 6 Wanted! January’s birthstone is a red gem known as a garnet. Imagine that a burglar has stolen the world’s largest garnet from a national museum. Write a Wanted poster to help catch this cunning criminal!

7 January 7 Looking Back Today marks the end of the first week of the new year. Look back on the past seven days and write a paragraph describing one thing that you’d do differently, and another thing that you’d do just the same.

8 January 10: My Hobby January is National Hobby Month. Write about your favorite hobby, giving details about the hobby and telling how you got involved in it.

9 January 11: Thank You Today is International Thank You Day. Write a thank you note to someone who has done something special for you or your family.

10 January 12: Vacation Time
Pretend that you have a choice between a winter vacation in the mountains or a winter vacation at the beach. Make a list of pros (positives) and cons (negatives about each location. Then write a paragraph explaining where you chose to go and why.

11 January 13: Write Right Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings, such as flour and flower. Think of several pairs of homophones and use them in a funny story where the characters using the homophone pairs get them all mixed up.

12 January 14: Cold Weekend and No Power
Imagine that you wake up one weekend and it’s too cold and wet to play outside. The power is also out, so there’s no chance of watching TV, using the computer, or playing video games! How will you spend your day at home?

13 January 18: Tongue Twisters
Alliteration is the repetition of the same beginning sound in a series of words, such as, “The sleek, silvery sled slid speedily over the shimmering snow.” Pick a letter to use as a beginning sound and write a sentence filled with alliteration.

14 January 19: The Cat’s Meow
Answer Your Cat’s Question Day is observed in January. If your pet could talk, what do you think it would say to you? (personification)

15 January 20: Warm and Cozy Pets and other animals often need special care and attention during the winter months. Describe ways in which pet lovers can help animals keep warm and cozy during this chilly season.

16 January 21: And Now for the Sports News
The Super Bowl is played toward the end of January. Pretend that you are a football player who has just scored the winning touchdown for your team. Write down several questions a TV reporter might ask you; then answer them!

17 January 24: “Art” I Creative
Many people enjoy creating types of art such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, and designs. Write a paragraph about the kind of art you enjoy creating and why?

18 January 25: Hello? Transcontinental telephone service was set up in the United States on this day in Write an imaginary phone conversation between yourself and any person from the past or present that you would like to talk to.

19 January 26: A Dentist’s Tool
George F. Green patented the electric dental drill on this day in Write a make-believe letter to Mr. Green telling him what you think of his invention.

20 January 27: Easy Living Thomas Edison was given the first patent for the incandescent light bulb on this day in Write a paragraph that explains how a particular invention has made life easier.

21 January 28: A New Home for Me
Pretend that you are the last animal waiting to be bought in a pet store. Which animal would you be? Who will buy you? Write a story about your experience at the pet store and the arrival to your new home.

22 January 31: Dream House Imagine that you could design a dream house for your family. In a paragraph, describe the house you would design and some of the unique features that you would include to make your dream house special.

23 February 1: Another Land
Pretend that when you awoke this morning, you and your family found you had been transported to another country. Write a paragraph telling what country you’re in and what you’ll do next.

24 February 2: President’s Guard
You are a secret Service agent, and your job is to guard the president. In a paragraph, briefly describe a typical day.

25 February 3: Special Delivery
The mail carrier has just delivered a package addressed to your parents. You can hear music coming from inside the box. Describe what’s inside when the package is opened.

26 February 4: Zernonian’s Email
When you opened your this morning, you had a message from someone who claimed to be from the planet Zernon. Write a response to the message.

27 February 7: Hero Fairy Tale
A magazine publisher has asked you to write a children’s story about a princess or a prince who can turn into a superhero and save people in danger. Write an adventure for the princess or prince.

28 February 8: Drugs and Alcohol
Your teacher has asked you to visit a third-grade classroom to tell the students why drugs and alcohol are dangerous. What would you tell them?

29 February 9: A Moment in Time
Your neighbor’s dog has just had puppies, and your parents said you could have one. Describe your first moments with the puppy.

30 February 10: 1820 Imagine that today is February 10, You live in a log cabin. Describe what you will do today.

31 February 11: Trash or Treasure
Have you ever heard the saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”? Have you ever found or been given an item that someone else was going to throw away? Describe it. Why did you like it?

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