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WP3: Real-time damage assessment and reduction strategies.

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1 WP3: Real-time damage assessment and reduction strategies

2 The start Technical Achievements The goal is to compute the seismic risk for classes of buildings reflecting the information on the ground shaking as provided by the networks real time data. (from the DoW) Formal Deliveries: D3.10 Report and publication demonstrating the developed method. D3.11 Demonstration scenarios of real-time damage estimates. Focus city will be Bucharest, Romania. D3.12 Evaluation of the quality performance of the developed method. D3.13 Evaluation scheme of real-time application.

3 The start Technical Achievements + Damage and loss assessment

4 The start Technical Achievements SELENA (SEimic Loss EstimatioN using a logic tree Approach) was our starting point. Personell making valuable contributions: From NORSAR: Dominik Lang, Sergio Molina, Fredrik Lingvall, Conrad Lindholm From other institutions: Vladimir Gutierrez, Georghe Marmureanu, Stefan Balan, Isabella Verbicaro, Maria Polese, Yogendra Singh

5 The start Technical Achievements Technical Visualization SELENA RISe

6 The start Technical Achievements Agreement with NERIES/JRA3 on non-overlap and ShakeMap data in XML format. Interface with ShakeMap data in XML format Implementation of near-real-time module (reading ShakeMaps) Human loss (Hazus and simplified) and Economic loss module Full re-programming to Matlab (Octave-compatible) and C Full Manual description Development of new vulnerability functions (CSM & MADRS Development of RISe visualization software with manual

7 The start Technical Achievements Finding the performance point through the MADRS (FEMA, 440) method

8 The start Technical Achievements

9 The start Technical Achievements

10 The start Technical Achievements

11 The start Technical Achievements These results are synthetic! The purpose of such tests is to initiate conciousness and actions so that both buildings and loss models are better at the time of the next large earthquake shaking Bucharest.

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