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1 100 200 300 400 500 JOHN CABOT JUAN PONCE de LEON

2 What was Columbus’s radical idea about reaching the Indies?

3 Sail west across the Atlantic Ocean

4 Who finally financed Columbus’s 1492 voyage?

5 Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain

6 How many ships were provided to Columbus and what were they called?

7 Three; The Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria

8 When did Columbus and his crews reach land
When did Columbus and his crews reach land? How long had they been at sea?

9 October 12, 1492; six weeks

10 Where had they landed? What did Columbus declare?

11 What is now called San Salvador; That the land now belonged to Spain

12 How did Cabot’s idea about reaching the Indies differ from Columbus’s?

13 Sailing farther North (because of the curvature of the Earth) would be a shorter trip

14 Why did English King Henry VII authorize Cabot’s 1497 voyage?

15 Because he wanted to catch up to Spain and Portugal in exploration

16 Where had Cabot and his crew landed when he thought that they had reached the Indies? What did he do?

17 Newfoundland; Named it Newfounde Lande and claimed the land for England

18 Where was Cabot trying to go during his second journey in 1498
Where was Cabot trying to go during his second journey in 1498? How many ships and men did he set out with on this trip?

19 Japan; Five ships and 200 men

20 What happened on this journey?

21 One ship stopped for repairs in Ireland.
The other four ships (including the one with Cabot on it) were never seen nor heard from again.

22 Who did Juan Ponce De Leon accompany on their second voyage to the Americas in 1493?

23 Christopher Columbus

24 What country did Ponce De Leon represent?

25 Spain

26 What was Ponce De Leon in search of during his 1513 expedition?

27 The “Fountain of Youth”

28 What did Ponce De Leon call
the land that he spotted on March 27th, 1513?

29 “Tierra La Florida” – “land of the flowers”

30 How did Ponce De Leon and his crew figure out that Florida was a giant peninsula?

31 They spent five months sailing around it’s eastern coast, the key islands, and its western coast

32 What country did Vasco Núñez de Balboa represent?

33 Spain

34 What did Balboa hope to find and conquer?

35 A rich empire and the “South Sea”

36 What did Balboa do after King Ferdinand appointed someone else general
What did Balboa do after King Ferdinand appointed someone else general? And in what year?

37 Led his own force of 190 men through the jungles and swamps of Panama; 1513

38 What did Balboa and his men actually find?

39 The Pacific Ocean

40 What year was Balboa’s most famous expedition?

41 1513

42 Why were the French and the English determined to find the Northwest Passage?

43 They wanted to find a route to the “Indies” so that they could compete with Spain and Portugal who had conquered much land and had grown wealthy from trade

44 Where did Henry Hudson conduct his search for the “Northwest Passage”?

45 The North Atlantic Ocean

46 Why did Hudson lose support from England after his first two voyages in 1607 and 1608?

47 He was forced to turn back on both voyages because of icy conditions.

48 Who funded Hudson’s 1609 voyage
Who funded Hudson’s 1609 voyage? What about his 1610 voyage on the Discovery?

49 The Dutch; the English

50 What did Hudson’s crew do in June, 1611? What happened to Hudson?

51 They mutinied; they forced Hudson, his son, and seven sailors into a small boat and set it adrift in the freezing waters of what is now called Hudson Bay


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