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School CHOICE Process Class of 2017

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1 School CHOICE Process Class of 2017
LBUSD Mission: To support the personal and intellectual success of every student, every day.

2 The 9 CHOICE High Schools
Cabrillo CAMS Jordan Lakewood McBride Millikan Poly Renaissance Wilson Every student must fill out an application

3 High School Information Day
CHOICE FAIRE November 17, 2012 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

4 High School Information Nights
Poly – Auditorium Tues, Nov 27th 6:00 p.m. Cabrillo – Auditorium Wed, Nov 28th 6:00 p.m. Wilson – Auditorium Thurs, Nov 29th 6:00 p.m. CAMS Sat, Dec 1st 9:30 a.m. Renaissance – Aud. Mon, Dec 3rd 6:00 p.m. Jordan Main Campus Tue, Dec 4th 6:00 p.m. Lakewood – Auditorium Wed, Dec 5th 6:00 p.m. Millikan - Auditorium Thurs, Dec 6th 6:00 p.m. McBride see

5 What 8th graders can expect
Early November- Mailer that includes: Sample application, important dates, Choice Faire flyer, one-page descriptions of high school programs Spanish & Khmer translations available on district website, at school sites and PALMS Office November 12-16th - Pre-printed Applications for High School may be picked up at Research by middle school counselors (alpha unless notified otherwise) Middle School Visitations by Secondary Specialized Programs- calendar of visitations have been sent to middle/high school principals and posted on the School Choice website. All 8th graders and parents are welcome to attend.

6 Special Education Students
Students who receive Resource Specialist Program (RSP) services will follow the application process. SDC students will receive a letter in November from the Division of Special Education, with the child’s SDC school assignment for next year, along with a description of school choice procedures. Blue School of CHOICE forms for SDC students will be available from the Division of Special Education. Special Education SDC Tours: Morning & Afternoon

7 High School Visits for SDC
Cabrillo Dec. 4th 9:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. Jordan Nov. 20th 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Lakewood Dec. 6th 8:00 a.m. & 1:00p.m. Millikan Nov. 27th 8:00 a.m. & 12:00 p.m. Poly Dec. 5th 8:30 a.m. & 12:30 p.m. Wilson Nov. 30th 9:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.

8 Robinson and Powell Applications
Deadlines Monday, December 17th Application for High School/Secondary Specialized Programs to the middle school counselor. Please note: Middle school principals and counselors may require an earlier deadline date than December 17th. Private school students mail applications to or drop off at Special Projects Services, High School Choice Office Robinson and Powell Applications Due December 10, 2012

9 What happens next? Specialized Programs select students who have indicated an interest in their programs, and input into LROIX Then… Monday, January 28th Secondary Specialized Programs’ Letters of Acceptance/Denial mailed home from the High School Office. ource California Department of ducation

10 Then what? Monday, February 4th
DEADLINE for students accepted to Secondary Specialized Programs to return one Intent to Attend form to their Middle School Counselor who will input this into LROIX no later than February 8th. Private school students deliver Intent to Attend form directly to the Secondary Specialized Program selected.

11 Students need to make a decision
February 11th – 15th Secondary Specialized Programs finalize their Specialized Program rosters based on the number of Intent to Attend forms that are returned and inputted. Note No LROIX pending lists will be created for SSPs. When students put in an “Intent to Attend” for an SSP; that completes the students’ high school application process. Students should not accept the SSP Intent to Attend if they would rather enter an SLC at their resident school instead.

12 Final assignment for 8th graders
February 25th – March 1st High School Office assigns students to high schools based on high school CHOICE and priority enrollment to their resident high school Early March Assignment letters sent to parents from High School Office Spring 2013 Private School students may enroll at their resident high school (call High School registrar to determine documentation and/or programming date) Beginning in March High School counselors will program incoming freshmen

13 Appeal Process March 29th
Deadline for Appeals to be mailed/submitted to the School Choice Office (Appeal letter forms will be ed to counselors in late February) Criterion for granted Appeals are generally computer or input errors Very few are granted!

14 Secondary Specialized Programs (recommendations for admission)
Cabrillo CAMS Jordan Lakewood Millikan University Scholars 3.3 GPA AP Classes CALIFORNIA ACADEMY Of MATH & SCIENCE School requires a Supplemental Application 3.00 GPA Math, Science, Engineering Focus IB “International Baccalaureate” 2.3 GPA (Middle Year’s Program-MYP) Merit Scholars 3.30 GPA Algebra 1 CST proficient or advanced proficient Quest “Questioning, Understanding, Engaging Success through Technology” GPA 3.50 or higher CED Cabrillo Engineering & Design 3.0 GPA, Algebra 1, CST Proficient, Math or Science CAL-J Cabrillo Academy of Law and Justice Proficient or Advanced Proficient on CST Completion of Algebra 1 Demonstrated high interest in Math and Science AIMS Aspiration in Medical Services 2.00 GPA Highly Recommended ATM Applied Technology Magnet 280 students selected STEM Science Technology Engineering Math (Special Pathway Within ATM) PEACE “Personal success through Empowerment, Academic achievement, Conflict resolution and Ethics in action” GPA 2.75 – 3.3 SACMAA Computer Media Arts and Animation Located on the campus of CSUDH ACE Architecture, Construction & Engineering Academy GPA and a strong background in Math & Science Knights For a limited number of well-qualified students in each SLC Applicants need to indicate which SLC they desire also. COMPASS Community of Musicians, Performers, Artists and Social Scientists GPA 2.5 or higher

15 Secondary Specialized Programs Recommendations for Admission
McBride Poly Renaissance Wilson McBride Engineering PACE Admission based on 6th & 7th Grade GPA and CST Scores 175 students selected Visual and Performing Arts Call school for admission requirements Distinguished Scholars Academic GPA 3.3 Proficient or Advanced Proficient CST scores McBride Health Medical CIC GPA and CST scores Application and essay WAVE More rigorous than Distinguished Scholars Minimum of 5 AP classes over 4 years McBride Public Services Forensics PAC RIM 60 students selected Renaissance DI Only for current LBUSD students enrolled in a K-8 DI program

16 Small Learning Communities

17 Cabrillo High School Smaller Learning Communities: Specialized Programs
University Scholars 3.3 GPA; Rigorous course of studies- AP, honors classes CED Cabrillo Engineering and Design Industry Recognized and Opportunity for College Credit Nationally Certified PLTW Engineering Program 3.00 GPA; CST Proficient in Math or Science “C” or higher in Algebra recommended SACMAA Specialized Academy of Computer, Media, Arts and Animation CAL-J Cabrillo Academy of Law and Justice Associated with Long Beach and California Bar Associations

18 Cabrillo High School Small Learning Communities
Access 9th Grade Academy

19 CAMS California Academy of Math and Science
CAMS Supplemental Application 3.00 GPA- (B’s or above in math or science) Math, Science, Engineering Focus Proficient or Advanced Proficient on CST Completion Algebra 1-2 Demonstrate high interest in Math and Science

20 Jordan High School Smaller Learning Communities: Specialized Programs
IB (Federally funded Magnet) International Baccalaureate Classes (natural extension for students currently taking IB coursework or in middle school GATE programs) 2.3 GPA Recommended AIMS Aspiration in Medical Services 2.00 GPA Highly Recommended ACE Architecture, Construction and Engineering Academy 2.00 GPA Recommended Math and Science background and interest recommended

21 Jordan High School Small Learning Communities
BESTT Business and Entertainment School of Travel, Trade and Tourism ETA Excellence Through the Arts JMAC Jordan’s Media and Communication Learning Community JTECH Jordan’s Technical Studies Panther Academy Explore career options in law and education

22 Lakewood High School Smaller Learning Communities: Specialized Programs
Merit Scholars Students selected from HSAI (High School Academic Index: average 7th and 8th GPA plus CST English and Math Scores). Proficient/Advanced Proficient scores in ELA and Math CST scores. Total of 175 selected. ATM Students selected from HSAI. Basic and Above Proficient in ELA and Proficient/Advanced Proficient in Math STEM—Special pathway within ATM Total of 280 selected. Knights Limited number of well-qualified students from within each SLC

23 Lakewood High School Small Learning Communities
The Arts Academy Pursue interests in drama, fine arts, music, film, dance, journalism, writing, and foreign language LASER SLC Lakewood Academy of Sports Medicine, Exercise Science, and Recreation Odyssey Academy Cross-curricular, academically challenging program with a focus on marine studies TCB ACADEMY Trade, Commerce & Business

24 Millikan High School Smaller Learning Communities: Specialized Programs
Quest Questioning, Understanding, Engaging Success through Technology GPA 3.50 or higher Accelerated curriculum designed for GATE students PEACE Personal success through Empowerment, Academic achievement, Conflict resolution, and Ethics in action GPA 2.75 – 3.3 or higher COMPASS Community of Musicians, Performers, Artists, and Social Scientists GPA 2.5 or higher

25 Millikan High School Small Learning Communities
M.I.T. Millikan Integrated Technology Academy GREEN Generating Respect for the Earth, the Environment, and Nature MBA Millikan Business Academy

26 McBride High School McBride Engineering McBride Health Medical
McBride Public Services - Forensics

27 Polytechnic High Smaller Learning Communities: Specialized Programs
PACE - Program of Additional Curricular Experiences (185 students selected) Designed for advanced students seeking an excellent college preparatory curriculum by designated teachers 25 to 30 Advanced Placement courses offered, including 2 levels of Calculus and of Physics CIC - Center for International Curriculum GPA, CST scores, essay and application process students selected Provides Accelerated, Honors and AP courses in a thematically integrated global curriculum Unique course offerings, including Chinese and Japanese World Languages, up through the Advanced Placement level Pacific Rim Magnet Academy California Partnership Academy with smaller class sizes International Business and Trade focus 60 students accepted

28 Polytechnic High Small Learning Communities
Beach Academy of Math and Science Humanities Academy Medical and Paramedical Services Academy (MAPS) Media, Entertainment, Technology & Systems (METS) Poly area students are accepted and have the opportunity to select an Academy (SLC) to match their interests. All provide a college preparatory curriculum. AVID is available to students.

29 Renaissance High School for the Arts
Visual and Performing Arts Success is an Art Academic Art Emphases Theatre Visual Art Music Dance Technical Theatre/Video Writing/Directing

30 Wilson Classical High School
CLASSICAL SCHOOL (all students) 240 credits (7 classes in 9th grade, 6 classes 10-12) Uniform 2.0GPA Course requirements exceed A-G Specialized Programs Distinguished Scholars Academic GPA 3.3 Proficient or Advanced proficient CST scores 7 classes every year (280 credits), most rigorous curriculum WAVE _ An Enhancement to Distinguished Scholars – minimum of AP classes over 4 years DI _ Dual Immersion for students who have completed K-8 DI

31 Filling out the Application
Step 1 Circle your home school and select the top three Small Learning Communities of your home school by placing an “A,” “B,” and “C,” by your choices. Step 2 Indicate the three high schools that you are interested in by placing a “1,” “2,” and “3” under the name of your high school choices. Step 3 Select three Small Learning Communities by placing a “A,” “B,” and “C” for your first, second and third choice for these two high school choices.

32 Small learning Communities- Steps 1-3
Cabrillo __2__ Jordan __1__ Millikan __3__ Poly _____ Wilson _A_ Access 9th Grade Freshman Academy ___ NJROTC* ___ BESTT _C_ ETA ___ JMAC _A_ JLS _B_ JTECH ___ Panther Academy C TCB Academy _B_ LASER ___ Odyssey Academy _A_ The Arts ___ NROTC* _A_ MIT _B_ MBA _C_ GREEN ___ Humanities Academy ___ Beach ___ MAPS Academy ___ METS Academy ___ ROTC* ___ Wilson Classical High School Lakewood _____

33 Specialized Program Selection
Step 4 If you are interested (optional); choose three Specialized Programs by placing on the line a “1,” “2,” and “3” of your first, second, and third choice. These programs have a competitive admissions process. ACE (Jordan) Distinguished Scholars* (Wilson) PEACE* (Millikan) AIMS (Jordan) Dual Immersion* (Wilson) QUEST* (Millikan) ATM (Lakewood) IB*** (Jordan) SACMAA (Cabrillo) CAL J (Cabrillo) Knights (Lakewood) STEM (Lakewood) CED (Cabrillo) Merit Scholars (Lakewood) University Scholars (Cabrillo) CIC** (POLY) PAC RIM*** (Poly) WAVE (Wilson) COMPASS* (Millikan) PACE (Poly) School is a Specialized Program CAMS** (Application must be in by December 10th to CAMS) McBride** Renaissance * Uniform and/or Code of Conduct contract(s) also required. ** Additional “supplemental application” needed for CAMS & CIC & McBride. Pick up supplemental application(s) from your counselor. ***Federally Funded Magnet (International Baccalaureate & PAC RIM) If you are currently enrolled in a Magnet/Gifted/GATE program, please state which program here:_____________.

34 Back side of the Application
ELECTIVE PROGRAMS: AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is offered at all High Schools. This elective class provides students with important study skills necessary for success in their academic classes. ROTC or NJROTC is available at several high schools. If you are interested in AVID or ROTC / NJROTC or both at the high school you are assigned to, please mark the elective or electives ____ AVID ____ ROTC OR NJROTC School Bus Transportation Unavailable: The district does not provide bus transportation to the School of Choice or any magnet or Specialized Program. Students who have been accepted to a Specialized Program(s) must turn in the “INTENT TO ATTEND” form to their middle school counselor no later than FEBRUARY 4, 2013 Those who turn in their “Intend to Attend” form complete their high school application process. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER FEBRUARY 15, 2013

35 Frequently Asked Questions
Are a high school’s home resident students guaranteed placement at their home school? No, but students in the residence area are given preference for admission to that high school. Students who are assigned to a school other than their home resident school are guaranteed a place in one of its small learning communities or academies. If a student is attending a private school, is it possible to attend a LBUSD high school other than her or his home resident high school? If an 8th grade student is not enrolled in a LBUSD school but resides within the district, that student can apply like any other LBUSD 8th grader to a school of choice specialized program with no guarantee of acceptance. Private School students not accepted into their school of choice specialized program can enroll in their resident school if there is space. To be considered for their home school, Private School students must apply to their home school. Mail completed applications to Special Projects Services / High School Choice Office

36 No specialized program changes will be made after February 15, 2013.
Is there still a chance my child can get in to his/her first choice for a specialized program if he/she was not initially accepted? If a student is rejected by their first choice specialized program and does not want to attend any other specialized program, parents can contact the SSP coordinator after February 4th and before February 11th to determine if there are any openings after the Intent to Attend deadline. Since the enrollment capacity for each of our SSP programs at each of the high schools is limited, the probability is small there would be room. Parents should strongly consider returning the Intent to Attend for a program that has accepted the student unless their student would be satisfied being enrolled in the general small learning communities at his/her resident high school. No specialized program changes will be made after February 15, 2013.

37 No Buses Is transportation provided for students who are accepted into a Specialized Program or at a non-resident school? The district is unable to provide bus transportation to any school of choice or any magnet or special program.

38 Will a child be accepted automatically if the child attends a feeder middle school and turns in a Special Transfer or Appeal form? No, a student who is attending a feeder middle school will not be automatically placed at a requested school because of a Special Transfer or Appeal Form. Unless the student is accepted into a specialized program, the priority enrollment goes to assigning the student to their home resident school. Can students from outside of the district apply to a LBUSD high school? Students who currently attend a middle school and reside outside of the district, but would like to attend a LBUSD school must apply for an Inter-District Permit (IDP) through the High School Office (1515 Hughes Way).

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