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Robert A. Millikan High School PEACE ACADEMY Enter to Learn, Exit to Serve -Mary McLeod Bethune Principals:

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1 Robert A. Millikan High School PEACE ACADEMY Enter to Learn, Exit to Serve -Mary McLeod Bethune Principals: Dr. Jeffrey Cornejo and Mr. Donald Keller Assistant Principal for PEACE: Mr. Benjamin Martinez Counselor: Mrs. Lanie DeLaPaz

2 PEACE Academy Co-Leads and 9 th Grade Team SLC Lead teacher: Leslie Gombrich English 1-2: Loretta George and Ritambhra Jain Algebra / Geometry: Keith Ladd and Patricia Richardson Lab Earth Science: Laura DiCrisi Health (1st semester): Synthia Kaitanjian Technology (2 nd semester): Ronnie Keester Electives: Various staff members

3 Parent and Teacher Expectations Parent Expectations: Support your Millikan PEACE Academy student, teachers, and staff Register for School Loop by September 24, 2009 Check grades, weekly, on-line (School Loop) Provide students with study time and help Get your student to class ON TIME Support Millikans uniform policy Communicate with teachers Be proactive!!! Teacher Expectations: Support our students; create a challenging, ethical and functional environment. Update grades on-line every other week Have tutoring hours scheduled every week to help those falling below a C. Can be reached for information or conferences via School Loop Communicate with parent via School Loop Communicate with students, on a regular basis, regarding classroom, Academy, and academic expectations. Goal: To build an academic partnership

4 STUDENT EXPECTATIONS Uphold ALL school and PEACE Academy policies: Turn quality work in on time! Maintain at least a 2.5 G.P.A.! Be in class! Be organized! Make up work using information posted on School Loop Go to tutoring if your grade in any class falls below a C! Check your grades on-line…weekly You are required to be involved in your community, school clubs, and we highly suggest you attend PEACE functions outside the classroom. Be Proactive!

5 ADULT/PEER ADVOCACY PROGRAM PEACE (teacher and peer) Social and Academic Support Program (PSASP) After school, lunch, or conference period tutoring support (PEACE and school tutoring program) RAM Crew – Social support Grade-level team support (social and academic)

6 PEACE 9th Grade Classes Geometry/Algebra 1-2 Lab Earth Science Foreign Language P.E./ sports/dance/ROTC/Cheer/Kidettes Health/Technology English 1-2 (Accelerated or Regular)

7 A = 90% to 100% B = 80% to 89% C = 70% to 79% D = 60% to 69% Suggested tutoring for students whose grade falls below a 70% Grades will be updated every other week online (School Loop) Late work is NOT accepted. Students are given late passes per PEACE class: English, Science, and Health Grading Policy If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? – John Wooden

8 Block Schedule ODD CLASSES EVEN CLASSES Odd and even classes alternate every day…For example: Week 1: odd classes M, W, F Week 2: odd classes Tu., Th.

9 Khaki, navy blue or gold pants, shorts or skirts! White, gold or navy blue COLLARED shirts! Millikan, Academy or Millikan sport shirts! Sweatshirts must be navy blue, gold or white! School ID **See updated dress code information to be mailed home during the summer. The dress code is strictly enforced!!!! Dress Code

10 PALS: PEACE Academys Loving Support What is it? PEACEs Booster Club Who can join? Parents, guardians, and friends of the PEACE Academy When will you meet? October 6 th ; December 8 th ; February 9 th ; and April 6 th at 7:00 p.m. Dates are subject to change; notification via School Loop Where? Millikans Library Contact: Syndy Kaitanjian

11 Summer PEACE Orientation Where? Sunset Beach When? August 20, 2009 (3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) Cost? - $10.00 per person Fun activities for building relationships and community. Students will feel so much more comfortable on the first day of school knowing each other and even their teachers already! Students will also have an opportunity to attend a Ram Crew meeting prior to school to familiarize them to the campus and their classroom locations.

12 URGENT MESSAGE FROM THE BANKER Parents and Guardians, If you would like to order the beach T-shirt or pay for the beach party cost, you can either write a check or pay cash. However, please note that any checks written will be held until September Thank you! Make checks payable to: Millikan High School

13 Summer Reading Assignment When we read a story, we inhabit it. The covers of the book are like a roof and four walls. What is to happen next will take place within the four walls of the story. And this is possible because the story's voice makes everything its own. ~ John Berger ~ Required novels: Focus: Heroes, villains, and epic journeys 1.Read Old Man and the Sea,127pages, written by Ernest Hemingway. **Project assignment – See handout. 2. Read Things Fall Apart, 208 pages, written by Chinua Achebe. **Project assignment – See handout.

14 9 th Grade Year: Celebration and Community (Upcoming Events) You can look forward to: Summer Beach Party (August 2009) Tailgate Party (football season) College Trips (SOKA and USC or UCLA) PEACE Celebration Night (May 2010) Senior Banquet (May 2013)

15 Thank you for coming! The PEACE staff looks forward to seeing you, again, at the PEACE Summer Beach Party.

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