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USAID and Global Development Alliances (GDAs)

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1 USAID and Global Development Alliances (GDAs)
Carey N. Gordon Deputy Mission Director USAID/Bangladesh

2 What is USAID? The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is the leading U.S. development agency with offices in 86 countries

3 USAID USAID (United Stated Agency for international Development)
is the principal U.S. agency to extend assistance to countries that are working to Recover from disaster and provide humanitarian assistance, Reduce poverty by investing in , Education, Health, Economic growth and Agriculture, Engage in democratic reforms

4 USAID Bangladesh Today
USAID Goals: Reduce poverty, promote democratic reforms, strengthen economic and social structures, and assist in disaster response USAID Bangladesh Today Governance: Transparency and Accountability Health: Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health, HIV/AIDS Education: Early Childhood Development Economic Growth : Small, Medium business, energy, environment, and Avian influenza prevention Food security and disaster management

5 History of USAID Assistance to Bangladesh: 1972-2008
Development Programs US $2.09 billion Food Aid US $2.95 billion 41% 59% Total aid = more than US $5 billion

6 USAID and Public Private Partnerships

7 “I believe we are entering a new era of international development --- a global development commons, where the connections between our organizations and resources matter more than ever. We need to leverage information, ideas, technology, and public private partnerships to spur innovation and deliver results.” - Henrietta Fore, Former USAID Administrator

8 US Resource Flows to the Developing World in 2005: $164 Billion
Private Flows 83.2 % Private Flows Public Flows 16.8 % Public Flows 1960s Public Flows 71 % Private Flows 29 % 8

9 What are Global Development Alliances (GDAs)?
USAID’s model for public-private partnerships A market-based business model for partnerships between the public and private sector Address agreed upon business and development objectives 9

10 Alliances Make Sense Business Interests Alliance Opportunity USAID
Development Goals

11 GDA Results to Date Since 2001, USAID has cultivated more than
900 alliances around the world with over 1700 partners to leverage more than $9.6 billion in resources to stimulate economic and social growth within developing countries.

12 Examples of USAID GDAs Worldwide
USAID works with: MTV on anti-trafficking messages in SE Asia GAP and Wal-Mart in Central America on labor standards Mining companies in Ghana on displacement of families in a new gold mine Sesame Street on 7 educational alliances Microsoft on various product and business innovation

13 Example of a GDA: Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks’ Business Challenge: Good quality coffee Development Challenge: Poor coffee farmers in Rwanda USAID Development Goal: Improve income of coffee farmers in Rwanda Alliance Opportunity: USAID and Starbucks jointly work on raising coffee quality standards 13

14 What does USAID look for in a partnership?
Impact – More effective use of AID money. Leverage – more than just money GDAs tap markets, networks, technology, and expertise in addition to funding. Scale & Sustainability: Scale: Interventions carried out in larger scale as a result of partnership. Sustainability: Businesses invest in countries for 20+ years while USAID assistance closes with project wrap-up. 14

15 Who are potential alliance partners?
Companies Governments Non-profits 15

16 Why Companies Partner with USAID?
Development expertise across industries and sectors Relationships with local and national governments Network of local, regional and global partners Funding Convening power and policy influence Long-term country presence Credibility and Goodwill

17 Steps to Partnership Sign MOU and begin project implementation. 5 4 Jointly design partnership program activities Jointly define partnership objectives, resources available, and possible program activities 3 1 Assess interests, align priorities, identify opportunities 2 Contact USAID Mission, or office in Washington, DC 1 17

18 USAID/Bangladesh Alliances
Chevron: Employee and Community Health Clinics Radisson Hotel: Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary Grameenphone: Safe Motherhood and Infant Care Project

19 Example of GDA in Bangladesh with Grameenphone
Grameenphone (GP) Business Interest: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity and promotion. USAID Strategic Partnership Interest: Expanded provision of health services under Smiling Sun Franchise Program (SSFP) through leveraging of additional resources. GP Contribution towards Partnership with SSFP: Reimburse SSFP Clinics in 61 Districts 2 SSFP Clinic Upgrade 5 Motorized Vans 2 Clinic-on-Wheels 48 Community-based Workers.

20 Working Together We Can Make a Difference

21 Thank You

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