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Calit2: a SoCal UC Infrastructure for Innovation Welcoming Talk Visit to Calit2 by The Trusteeship April 24, 2010 Dr. Larry Smarr Director, California.

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1 Calit2: a SoCal UC Infrastructure for Innovation Welcoming Talk Visit to Calit2 by The Trusteeship April 24, 2010 Dr. Larry Smarr Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Harry E. Gruber Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD Twitter: lsmarr

2 Calit2 Continues to Pursue Its Initial Mission: Envisioning How the Extension of Innovative Telecommunications and Information Technologies Throughout the Physical World will Transform Critical Applications Important to the California Economy and its Citizens Quality Of Life. Calit2 is a University of California Institutional Innovation Experiment on How to Invent a Persistent Collaborative Research and Education Environment that Provides Insight into How the UC, a Major Research University, Might Evolve in the Future. Calit2 Review Report: p.1

3 Two Calit2 Buildings Provide New Laboratories for Living in the Future Convergence Laboratory Facilities –Nanotech, BioMEMS, Chips, Radio, Photonics –Virtual Reality, Digital Cinema, HDTV, Gaming Over 1000 Researchers in Two Buildings –Linked via Dedicated Optical Networks UC Irvine Preparing for a World in Which Distance is Eliminated… $100M From State for New Facilities

4 Calit2 Industrial Partners Team with Academic Research and Education Funding Joint Research Projects Using Calit2 Facilities Providing Equipment to Calit2 Projects Joining on Federal Grants Joint Support of Centers (CWC, CITA, CNS…) Commercialization of Faculty/Staff/Student Research Sending Staff to Live at Calit2 Supporting Graduate/Undergraduate Fellows Granting Access to Industry Facilities Endowing Chaired Professorships Co-Sponsoring Workshops/Conferences Hosting Seminars or Lectures Worked With Over 200 Companies Since June 2006

5 Nanotrope Separation Systems Technology Industrial Partners Using Calit2@UCSD Cleanrooms Plus >75 Faculty!

6 Calit2 Has a Broad Portfolio of Grants: Federal, State, Foundations Criteria for Grant Affiliation: –Administered by Calit2 –Calit2 Provides Cost-Share –Calit2 Provides Staff –Calit2 Space Used –Calit2 SPAWAR Master Agreement Used –Federal Grants Enabled by Calit2s Nano3 Nearly 400 Grants Since June 2006

7 Industry Partners with Calit2 on Federal Grants Long Beach, CA Company Original Subcontractor and Co-PI Multiple Equipment Donations Test-Bed Usage for Prototyping and Evaluation Internships and Training for Students Leading to Employment Close Alliance with First Responders, to Meet their Specific Needs Calit2@UCI Engages 40+ Companies 22 Government Agencies 6 Universities 27 Investigators 70+ students

8 Calit2 Has Sought to Increase the Entrepreneurial Culture on Both Campuses

9 Calit2 Has Facilitated Deep Interactions With the Digital Arts Researchers Look to Create a Synthesis of Art and Science for the 21st Century By John Markoff NYTimes November 5, 2005 Ruth West, UCSD Ecce Homology Bill Tomlinson, Lynn Carpenter UCI EcoRaft SPECFLIC 1.0 – A Speculative Distributed Social Cinema by Adrienne Jenik

10 Calit2 is Creating a Ten Year Strategic Plan

11 Using Campuses as Living Laboratories for the Greener Future Copies Available Outside

12 Broadband Depends on Your Application: Data-Intensive Science Needs Supernetworks Mobile Broadband – 0.1-0.5 Mbps Home Broadband –1-5 Mbps University Dorm Room Broadband –10-100 Mbps Dedicated Supernetwork Broadband –1,000-10,000 Mbps The future is already here, its just not evenly distributed William Gibson, Author of Neuromancer

13 International Meeting Using Digital Cinema 4k Streams Keio University President Anzai UCSD Chancellor Fox Lays Technical Basis for Global Digital Cinema Sony NTT SGI Streaming 4k with JPEG 2000 Compression ½ Gbit/sec 100 Times the Resolution of YouTube! Calit2@UCSD Auditorium 4k = 4000x2000 Pixels = 4xHD

14 First Tri-Continental Premier of a Streamed 4K Feature Film With Global HD Discussion San Paulo, Brazil Auditorium Keio Univ., Japan Calit2@UCSD 4K Transmission Over 10Gbps-- 4 HD Projections from One 4K Projector 4K Film Director, Beto Souza Source: Sheldon Brown, CRCA, Calit2

15 Linking the Calit2 Auditoriums at UCSD and UCI with LifeSize HD for Shared Seminars September 8, 2009 Photo by Erik Jepsen, UC San Diego Sept. 8, 2009

16 NSFs OptIPuter Project: Using Supernetworks to Meet the Needs of Data-Intensive Researchers OptIPortal– Termination Device for the OptIPuter Global Backplane Calit2 (UCSD, UCI), SDSC, and UIC LeadsLarry Smarr PI Univ. Partners: NCSA, USC, SDSU, NW, TA&M, UvA, SARA, KISTI, AIST Industry: IBM, Sun, Telcordia, Chiaro, Calient, Glimmerglass, Lucent

17 1/3 Billion Pixel OptIPortal Used to Study NASA Earth Satellite Images of October 2007 Wildfires Source: Falko Kuester, Calit2@UCSD

18 Collaborating with NASAs Two Rover Robots on Mars Live Session with NASA Ames Seen From Mars Orbiter

19 Calit2 3D Immersive StarCAVE OptIPortal: Enables Exploration of High Resolution Simulations Cluster with 30 Nvidia 5600 cards-60 GB Texture Memory Source: Tom DeFanti, Greg Dawe, Calit2 Connected at 50 Gb/s to Quartzite 30 HD Projectors! 15 Meyer Sound Speakers + Subwoofer Passive Polarization-- Optimized the Polarization Separation and Minimized Attenuation

20 3D Stereo Head Tracked OptIPortal: NexCAVE Source: Tom DeFanti, Calit2@UCSD Array of JVC HDTV 3D LCD Screens KAUST NexCAVE = 22.5MPixels

21 You Can Download Presentations and Videos at

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