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The Hound of the Baskervilles

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1 The Hound of the Baskervilles
Chapter 3 By Will and Madison

2 Table of Contents Characters / Suspects
Purpose of Chapter / Important events Clues / evidence Which detective elements are presented? Quotes to support this.

3 Characters and Suspects
Sherlock Holmes     Thinks about Baskerville death while everyone is out  of his house Dr. Watson     Holmes's sidekick, leaves Holmes alone while he thinks about crime Hugo Baskerville     Killed by a suposed enormous dog which started a family curse Mr. Henry Baskerville      Heir to Sir Charles Baskerville

4 Characters Continued Sir Charles Baskerville
Killed by dog Mortimer asks him to investigate death  Dr. Mortimer presents manuscripit to Holmes and discusses it with him Pictures Dr. Mortimer        Holmes and Watson     Henry Baskerville

5 Purpose and Events Dr. Mortimer retells the accounts from three people of the sighting of the enormous dog who all described it as"huge, luminous, ghastly, and spectral. Dr. Mortimer explains the alley near the moor and where Sir Charles Baskerville walked along every night. Dr. Mortimer explains the death and tells Holmes that he has to go pick up Mr. Henry Baskerville from the Waterloo train station and Holmes tells him to call upon him in 24 hours until he decides what to do.

6 Events Continued  Holmes tells Watson to leave him alone in his house while he thinks about what to do. Holmes decides that he was running along the alley and that the man was crazed with fear.

7 Clues Marks were found twenty yards from the body made by the dog.
Footprints that changed direction near the Yew Alley.

8 Detective Elements Memorable detective
Sherlock Holmes is a memorable detective. For example he sits in his house with lots of tobacco smoke and lets his spirit "roam" the crime scene. Sherlock also figures out that the man was running just becuase of the change in direction from the footprints.

9 Quotes " If only I had been there, it is evident a case of extrodinary intrest, and one which presented immense opportunities to the scientific expert"(Conan Doyle 27). Holmes to Mortimer " I knew that seclusion and solitude were very necessary for my friend in those hours of intense mental concentration"(Conan Doyle 30). Watson thinking about Holmes " The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes"(Conan Doyle 30).

10 The End of Chapter 3

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