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Report on Draft Definitions TAG meeting 22 March 2010.

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1 Report on Draft Definitions TAG meeting 22 March 2010

2 Process to arrive at definitions Systems examined Deriving definitions Correspondence with current systems Feedback Discussion Next steps Summary

3 December Steering Committee tasked TAG with proposing data definitions by March Focused on Data Elements in Phase 1 Approach: –Research existing systems that collect data from members –Reason? They have worked to agree definitions and reporting formats and donors have systems to report to them –Compared definitions and data values –Arrived at proposed definitions Flagged issues for follow up Process to Arrive at Proposed Definitions

4 OECD-DACs Creditor Reporting System (CRS) UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Financial Tracking System (FTS) / ECHO 14-point system World Food Programmes Food Aid Information System (FAIS) Development Gateways Aid Management Platform (AMP) Synergys Development Assistance Database (DAD) AidData which merges PLAID and the Development Gateways AiDA (based on CRS concepts) World Banks debt reporting system (DRS) UNCTADs Debt Management and Financial Analysis System (DMFAS) Commonwealth Secretariats Debt Recording and Management System (CS-DRMS) Foundation Center's eGrant Reporting Standard Systems Examined

5 Each definition from those systems assigned to a corresponding IATI data element Used common elements from all the definitions for a particular item Preference given to CRS++ as covers majority of IATI signatories and majority of aid (by value) Data values –use CRS++ where exist –examples in Annex 2 –full code lists in Excel file sent before meeting –examples from AMP and DAD to reflect existing country systems Need to expand to cover non-CRS reporters, notably CSOs and foundations, but also multilaterals Deriving Definitions

6 Annex 3 shows correspondence between IATI and CRS++ Annex 4 shows correspondence between IATI and OCHA/FTS Annex 5 shows links between Aid Management Platform, OCHA/FTS & Online Project System (OPS), DAD, IATI and CRS++ –Based on early pilot to link between OCHA and AMP in Haiti –Provides early real-world test for workstreams 1 (definitions) and 2 (data exchange) Correspondence With Current Systems

7 Members commented on the Scope of IATI in the Autumn of 2009 Summarised in Summary of consultations on drafts of what IATI should publish and Code of Conduct Some TAG members invited to comment on earlier draft of definitions paper; tried to reflect these in paper This meeting is main chance to comment and shape the definitions Feedback

8 Reach agreement where we can, especially on Phase 1 and items with existing standards Preliminary discussion of other elements and then refer them to breakout groups and some topic sub-groups to develop proposals after the meeting Aim to agree on phasing as work through the elements Additional breakout groups related to this workstream –Linking to recipient budget and financial systems (9am Tuesday) –Non-DAC donors (2pm Tuesday) Special presentations –Traceability – Follow the money (11.30am Monday) –Linking aid to the budget (2pm Monday) Discussion

9 Summary at end of meeting Record of meeting Sub groups on specialised topics – meeting virtually Papers during April and May for comments in writing Proposal on data to Steering Committee by mid/end June What sort of document are members looking for? –Excel worksheet with all the different tabs, including definitions; or –Word document; or –Both –Another type of document? Next Steps

10 Thank you for your attention Now to work through paper element by element!! Conclusion

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