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THE JUASUN.NET STORY Connecting rural areas 0 Karibuni.

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1 THE JUASUN.NET STORY Connecting rural areas 0 Karibuni

2 Connecting rural areas 1

3 GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION / LAND AREA / POPULATION Mara is one of Tanzania Mainland's northen most regions. It borders the Republic of Uganda and Kenya in the north. It lies between latitudes 1* 0' and 2* 31' south of the Equator and between langitudes 33* 10' and 35* 15' east of Greenwich. The region has a total surface area of 30,150 sq. kms. Of this area 10,584 sq. kms is water area covered mainly by lake Nyaza (victoria). Total land area of 19,566 sq. kms. Population is 1,368,602 – Villages 429, Districts 5. Urban population is 12%. Per capita GDP is 226 USD. Average percent contribution to national GDP is 3.45% Connecting rural areas 2

4 3

5 A VISIT A DREAM A VISIT A DECISION Connecting rural areas 4

6 DIALUP 9.6-33.6Kbps 802.11 FHSS – Outdoor 2Mbps TTCL, bandwidth provider / co-location TEK Broadband E-mails, website hosted in Musoma Connecting rural areas 5

7 END USERS; Individuals Internet Cafes NGOs Religious Government Schools Hospitals Youth Centres Private Companies THE EDUCATION BUSINESS Connecting rural areas 6

8 CHALLENGES AND OBSTACLES IN THE PATH TO SUISTAINABILITY AND EXPANSION Capital / Investors Regulatory Issues – VOIP Technical Knowledge and Career Growth Technical Equipments Suppliers and Support Far Away Bank Lending Rates Connecting rural areas 7

9 METHODS OF SURVIVAL Spirit of Sacrifice with Contribution – Juasun Members Investor Friends Who Believe in Afrika Government Landlord No tax / import duty on computer and accessories Friends – books Internet – mailing lists / white papers / journals / suppliers support TTCL Connecting rural areas 8

10 WISH LIST A working relationship with universities for Juasun members further studies Venture Capital for Expansion Lightning and Radio signal testing equipment Server for collaboration of work on Kiswahili Open Source Research on Outdoor Wireless for Rural Areas Bandwidth and Email Backup, Website Mirroring More Juasun s 9

11 Connecting rural areas JUASUN.NET, THE NEVER ENDING STORY 10 Asanteni Karibuni Tanzania.

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