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Kista - A Digital Divide? Ester Barinaga, Ph.D.

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1 Kista - A Digital Divide? Ester Barinaga, Ph.D.
Royal Institute of Technology

2 1. Kista 2. Rinkeby 3. Spånga-Tensta 4. Hässelby-Vällingby 6. Bromma 8
1. Kista 2. Rinkeby 3. Spånga-Tensta 4. Hässelby-Vällingby 6. Bromma 8. Kungsholmen 9. Norrmalm 10. Östermalm 12. Maria-Gamla Stan 13. Katarina-Sofia 14. Enskede-Årsta 15. Skarpnäck 18. Farsta 20. Vantör 21. Älvsjö 22. Liljeholmen 23. Hägersten 24. Skärholmen

3 1905 - 1966, military training field
From military field to IT cluster? , military training field 1970, ABC-city Mid ‘70s, Swedes moved in 1979, the underground arrived Mid ‘80s, immigrants in, Swedes out 2002, average income kr/month 1977, Ericsson and IBM 1988, Electrum 1998, Kista Science Park 2002, Kista Science City

4 Kista, facts & figures 29 864 habitants:
(48% - 33, 60, 45) with foreign background (cpr. 20% Stockholm) (65,5%) with a job, commute to work elsewhere 17% (10% Scandinavians; 55% elsewhere) on social subsidy 33% with university studies (cpr. 50% Stockholm) jobs: 2 289 covered by Kista’s inhabitants commuters to Kista

5 Kista Science City “Develop Kista into a Science City, a community with world leading companies, university, housing, culture, services, and recreation attracting the most highly competent people.” “1. Stimulate IT-University development 2. Ensure the development of competence 3. Attract world leading companies 4. Develop an thriving urban environment 5. Create a competitive, achievement oriented climate.”

6 Kista District Administration
“Kista is a district in continuous development. There are many plans and visions for the Kista of the future. You can read below about the different plans. Vision for the future – Kista Science City Catalogue of ideas for Husby-Akalla Decisions direction of Kista Science City”

7 “Map of Kista”

8 Bridging the Divide Kista Open Academy (KOA) Kista Matching, Iftiin
E-democracy & Cybervote Avanti Akalla-Husby NätOrt

9 To think about Even in a developed, socialist, country such a Sweden, the Digital Divide is a present social concern distancing natives and no-natives, upper and lower- income classes. How is the Digital Divide to be bridged? Business sector has shown little, if any, interest; public sector is burdened by budget-deficits; individual private initiative?



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