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Eric M.K Osiakwan of Internet Research @ 2nd International Wide Open Access Workshop in Sweden On 11th May 2004

2 Outline Introduction Telecom Reforms High Demand Efforts Solutions
Javelin Pilot Project Conclusion

3 LAND MASS OF 238,537 Sq Km

4 Political History Gained Independence in March of 1957
Series of Coups after independence Last Coup was 1981 by Flt Lt J.J. Rawlings Military Rule for 11 years ( J.J. Rawlings) J.J. Rawlings elected president in 1992 J.A. Kuffour, President Date

5 Ten (10) Administrative Regions
110 Districts The district is the unit of planning and political administration The Capital City is Accra

6 Economic Foreign exchange is from export of Timber, Cocoa, Pineapple, Gold, Diamonds Bauxite and Tourism Domestic Economy revolves around agriculture which contribute 36% of GDP and employs 60% of work force

7 GDP($) Per Capita ($) Growth Rate(%) Ghana 39.4 Billion 1,980 3.2 USA
10.08 Trillion 36,300 0.3 Nigeria 105.9 Billion 840 3.5 South Africa 412 Billion 9,400 2.6 World Bank Estimates 2001 Ghana opted for debt relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (HIPC) in 2002

8 People Total Population is 19.7 Million (2001)
36% of Population is Four Urban Areas of Accra, Kumasi, Sekondi-Takoradi and Temale Small ethnic groups which Speak 50 different languages and dialect English is the official language 60% of population are Christians 16% Islam and rest, African Traditional Religion

9 Trivia

10 Telecom Reforms Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) – 1994 - 2000
Liberalization of Telecom Sector (Westel, SNO) Separation of Post from Telecoms (GP and GT) Privatization of Ghana Telecom (30% to GCOM, SP) National Communication Authority (NCA Act, Regulator) Licensing of Internet Service Providers (ISPs as VAS) Teledensity (0.34lines for 1000inhabitants to 1.16) Public Phones (0.001 to 0.16 per 1000inhabitants) Licensing of Private Television and Radio Stations

11 High Demand Demand for Telecoms has being growing exponentially (3% teledensity) Interest in the Internet created another level of demand (Served by Cyber Cafes or Community Access Centre in urban areas) Demand for Computers still very high (400,000 for 20 million) Internet in Schools (2,500 Secondary (and Post) Schools is 1% ) Per capita income is less than US$500 Computers, Internet, Telecom Infrastructure for rural areas?

12 Efforts Education Worldlinks GeSCI Health MIMCom Healthnet
Satellife PDA Project Rural Entrepreneurship Cashew and Pineapple Farmers supported by Technoserve IICD ICT in Agriculture Programme

13 GeSCI Ministry of Education @ the Core
McKinsey & Co nationwide research Establishment of Project with UNICT Taskforce Stakeholder Consultation in April Development of rollout Plan Institutional Building Implementation Infrastructure, Content, PCs and Teacher Training GeSCI Slides from McKinsey

14 MIMCom.NET A malaria research network for Africa
Formed in 1997 at Multilateral Initiative on Malaria conference in Dakar African scientist identified lack of communication as a major barrier to carry out their work; combating the morbidity and mortality of Malaria A working group was formed to discuss ways in which research scientists in Africa may have the same level of Internet access as colleagues elsewhere in the world The National Library of Medicine was charge with leading the effort to create the necessary communication network

15 MIMCom.NET Implementation: MIMCom.Net Ghanaian Sites Noguchi Navarongo
A malaria research network for Africa Implementation: Ghanaian Sites Noguchi Navarongo

16 HealthNet This is the SATELLIFE’s Global Communication Network which links Health workers around the world by HealthNet utilized SATELLIFE's low- earth-orbit satellite to establish connectivity in various locations throughout Africa. Allowed Health care providers who had been working in isolation were finally able to communicate, share experiences and access information critical to their work. Ghanaian researchers use HealthNet to communicate with London School of Hygiene and the Tropical Disease Research Centre in Geneva

17 HealthNet In what has been described as a major public health success story in recent times, African researchers used the network in the control of Onchocerciasis This was as a result of Multinational collaboration including Ghana to track the Black Fly (Simulium) larvae, the vector of the disease along the Volta river

A collaborative effort between SATELLIFE and the American Red Cross Society(ARC) The project was to demonstrate the Usefulness and Feasibility of using relatively inexpensive handheld technology in the conditions found in Africa. Phase One of the project was carried out in Ghana during a massive measles immunization campaign by the ARC in December of 2001

Conclusion The project was a success. The speed and ease of gathering data was unprecedented The in country costs was $2000

20 Rural Entrepreneurship
Most rural entrepreneurs are FARMERS How can we use ICT to support and enhance what they are doing for Efficiency and Effectiveness Provision of Telephone and Internet in Rural Areas Cashew and Pineapple Farmers supported by Technoserve IICD ICT in Agriculture Programme E-commerce for Non-Traditional Exports Project Agricultural Information System

21 Solutions SAVA SERIES Broadband wireless platform on DSS 802.11b
Developed using Free and Open Source Does routing, web serving, dns, webmail, firewall Being used by 170 Internet cafes now in Accra Developed by Intercom Data Networks using process engineering

22 Javelin™ Just Another Very Easy Link Into the ‘Net
Narrowband Wireless Platform on UHF Frequency Software Suite developed using Free and Open Source Software Caching of sites and implementation of access policies Customizable Interface to address specific needs – , Web Presence (Challenge)

23 Partnership Pilot Arrow Network System (developers of Javelin) provide Free Internet Access in exchange for land to establish their repeater Ola Teacher Training College provide full air-conditioned facility to house 32-node Computer Centre Internet Research provide project design, development and implementation strategy Support of US 65,000 from ?

24 Contact Eric M.K Osiakwan Internet Research
Pilot Project Site



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