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Registration Service Update By Madhvi Gokool 21 June 2012.

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1 Registration Service Update By Madhvi Gokool 21 June 2012

2 Registration Department Madhvi Gokool – RS Manager IP Number Resource Analyst Hiba Abbas Eltigani Kofi Ansa Akufo -

3 Registration Service Process Before 1 March 2013 Separate evaluation of Membership requests and resource requests Different queues Weaknesses identified Time consuming Induced a lot of delays AFRINIC responses not consistent/timely Confusion for the requestors

4 Registration Service Process Jan-Feb 2013 Improved on the weaknesses - Redefined the new-membership process -Evaluation of Membership requests and resource requests evaluated by the hostmaster at the same time. -Staff the Registration Service Dept -One queue -Priorities set for all stakeholders (AFRINIC staff) -Measures taken for continuous service delivery -14 days to approve membership/resource request

5 How Successful have we been?? Membership/resource requests responded within 2 hrs of email reaching AFRINIC – 80% of the time Membership & Resources approval timeframe Minimum – 1 day Maximum – 3 months Tickets are Stalled when respondents ask for more time to provide the justification Average of 20 membership requests approved each month Registration Service Process

6 Blocking factors & fixes

7 Existing members Service to existing members have not been neglected -Hostmaster queue Approve and Issue an additional prefix within 7 days - Myafrinic-activate queue -Afrinic-dbm queues

8 Hostmasters Observations -Factors increasing resolution time of requests Obsolete Registered Contacts Non-payment of fees(not in good standing) Inadequate IP addressing plan Non registration of Assignments(37%)/ overlaps/non-CIDR assignments Reluctancy to give more information about the Assignments

9 Telcos – Lack of statistics regarding concurrent internet subscriber connections -Bandwidth usage as justification for IP address usage Hostmasters Observations

10 Statistics(Jan-Jun) New members 2012 – 56 2013 -74 ASN 2012 – 66 2013 -73 IPv4 resources 2012 – 2,132,224 2013 - 725504 (4.5 million pending payment and final justification)

11 Conclusion Improvement of our services & service delivery (routing registry, RPKI, e-voting) can only happen if our members cooperate Pay bills on-time Maintain updated registered contacts Register their assignments(in their customer name/contacts Spam Abuse – start implementing abuse contacts

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