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LACNIC Report Ruth Puente External Relations Officer.

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1 LACNIC Report Ruth Puente External Relations Officer

2 AFRINIC 10 - Cairo, EG What I will talk shortly We are still growing on numbers of resources being allocated Membership number, also growing Staff increasing every year (21 at the moment) And so are our budget

3 Membership Evolution. May 2009 AFRINIC 10 - Cairo, EG

4 Policy development New process (PDP) since last year: Expedite process 2 co chairs: Francisco Arias (Mexico) Eldert Louisa (Sint Maarten) Policy Public Forum next week with 9 policy proposals to be discussed (May 26-29) AFRINIC 10 - Cairo, EG

5 Other activities FRIDA Meeting with stakeholders Promote ICT research. Help researches to get fund for projects 70 participants from 10 different countries Contest for journalists Internet governance related subjects First time experience 40 participants, 10 countries from LAC region Results: Awards to 1 written press piece from Brazil, and a broadcasting work from Ecuador. AFRINIC 10 - Cairo, EG

6 Public affairs Government working group Strength relationship First meeting to be held in Panama (LACNIC XII Meeting) Still active in governments environment Elaborating documents and proposing subjects for discussion Presenting in various foras (CITEL, eLAC) Co-organizing second IGF prep. meeting 12-14 August, Rio de Janeiro (APC, RITS & LACNIC9 Participation on IGF MAG Workshop proposal at the IV IGF meeting.

7 Engineering Projects EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) Extensions to standards to support IP addresses and ASN Additional method to submit information to LACNIC LACNIC to provide some development libraries Interface to be extended to the NIRs Fist stage: to ISPs by end of May/2009 Second stage: NIRs by 2nd half of 2010 AFRINIC 10 - Cairo, EG

8 Engineering Projects RPKI (Resources Public Key infrastructure) Being involved on discussions New person dedicated to the next phase Beta RPKI system for members. By end of 2009 Issuing X.509/RFC 3779 certificates Repositories Web interface to manage certs and sign objects To form task force among members AFRINIC 10 - Cairo, EG

9 Meetings Several activities in many countries: Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Sint Marteen, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil... IPv6 training Awareness of RIRs system Supporting other organizations events AFRINIC 10 - Cairo, EG

10 RIPE 58 - Amsterdan, NL

11 Thanks

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