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This is the main entrance to our school. Photocopy room.

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1 This is the main entrance to our school. Photocopy room

2 Nurses office We can get a band aid, some advice on nutrition and get our vaccines.

3 Our classroom We have most of our classes here and learn new things. We do group, solve tests and worksheets. The playground Where we spend our breaks between classes. We can play football, play with our friends and sometimes do our homework. This is a big birdcage with many birds.

4 Our headmaster João Paulo Carvalho in his office, a place where important decisions for the school life are made. The Teachers Room The teachers socialize with each other, prepare classes and correct tests.

5 Staff Room The staff room has got a fridge, a TV and sofas to rest. Music Room The music room has got very instruments: flutes, guitars, drums…It is very big and nice.

6 The canteen Everyday the students from the primary school come and have lunch with us. Football pitch We play football with our friends and we do PE.

7 Our computer rooms Room used by ICT students and vocational courses. The room we usually use with our teachers.

8 Admissions office The wonderful world of paper work!!!

9 Our gym is great! We can do almost any sport. At the bar we can eat great toast, sandwiches or drink great fruit juices. There are also some chocolates.

10 In our games room we can play many games like monopoly and others like table tennis or table football. The library is fantastic! There are many books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, newspapers and lots of fun activities.

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