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Casie Hartman Erin Hampe Asiana Gilchrist Kathryn Kehoe Olivia Carabello.

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1 Casie Hartman Erin Hampe Asiana Gilchrist Kathryn Kehoe Olivia Carabello

2 Accounting Income statement - Total net income: 5,807,000 to 6,824,000 Balance sheet - Assets more than double Statement of cash flow - Net investing cash flow - Depreciation and amortization

3 Risks and Challenges for Coca-Cola Obesity and inactive lifestyles Water quality and quantity Evolving consumer preferences Competition

4 Coca-Cola Finances Revenue remains nears constant $21 million in the past years -Always increases in small but steady increments Reasons for profit -Very large market and brand recognition -Transactions with other competitors -Dr Pepper Snapple Group

5 If I were an Investor… Would invest – Steady yet increasing revenue – Transactions with other competitors – World Wide Market

6 Key competitors: Pepsi and Cadbury Schweppes Overall Competitive Strategy – Focus on the Market Needs of consumers and franchise partners Get out into the market World view Execution Curiosity Management

7 Mission: Enduring. – To refresh the world – To inspire moments of optimism and happiness – To create value and make a difference Vision: what needs to be accomplished for growth. – People – Portfolio – Partners – Planet – Profit – Productivity

8 Management and Information Systems Information needed to operate -Current market share -Consumption rate -Consumer tastes -Where the products are demanded -Competitors Technology -An enterprise resource planning software -Timekeeping and routing application

9 Supply Chain Coca-cola produces concentrates, bottling partners manufacture, package, and distribute Began delivering to Wal-Mart warehouses in 2006 Acquired North American operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises in 2010

10 Information Systems Focused on identifying and improving performance Stores data on microfilm New digital management system used to organize archival information

11 Marketing Strategy Selectively broaden the family of beverage brands to drive profitable growth. Serve customers with creativity and consistency Direct investments to highest potential areas across markets. Drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness everywhere

12 Coca-Cola’s Brand Equity Corporate logo recognized worldwide Brand loyalty -Keeping consumers satisfied Soda markets: nationally and internationally


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