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La Ville Plurielle by Giusy de Petro, Liceo Alessi, Perugia, Italy The Project in general terms Tools Cooperation Meetings.

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1 La Ville Plurielle by Giusy de Petro, Liceo Alessi, Perugia, Italy The Project in general terms Tools Cooperation Meetings

2 La Ville Plurielle ( eTwinning-Comenius project 2009-2011) Coordinator school: Lycée Jean Lurçat Martigues, France Partner school: Liceo Scientifico Alessi Perugia, Italia Partner school : Hanse- Berufskolleg Lemgo, Allemagne Partner school : Lycée Ogolnosksztalcace im. Janca Bytnara, Kolbuszowa, Pologne Partner school : Ies La Rabida Huelva, Espagne Partner school: Liceul Pedagogic Jean Monnet, Ploiesti, Roumanie (only eTwinning)

3 The topic The languages The city through literature, but also everyday life with its positive and negative aspects, the problems involved and the investigation of common solutions. The languages we use are French, English, Italian

4 Tools Multiblog La ville plurielle (each of the six countries, in turn, leads the management) Desktop eTwinning (Twin Space) Twinagers news

5 Pedagogical objectives To foster intercultural dialogue and multidisciplinary teamwork To integrate ICT with traditional learning To improve spoken and written foreign language skills To promote the understanding of cultural diversity To participate in creating a European identity To reflect upon the current life in our cities identifying problems and proposing solutions To foster a sense of common research concerning culture, the environment, the facilities in an ideal city

6 Multiblog La ville plurielle It was created by the teacher-coordinator who is the webmaster It has a multilingual interface Each country can administrate and manage it in its own language

7 eTwinning tools (Twin Space) The Twin Space is very useful. It: facilitates cooperation in editing articles trough Wiki stimulates contacts among students and teachers trough chat makes everybody aware of the whole project, as it contains all of the activities

8 Twinagers news Twinagers news is our on line magazine in which the articles are published. It used to belong to a previous eTwinning project with Lycée Jean Lurçat as the main partner

9 Working groups Proposals and comments on the blog: teachers and students from different classes Articles published in Twinagers news: students who have proposed a topic on the blog together with a partner student for glossary help

10 Cooperation in eTwinning On the eTwinning desktop: Mailing Forum In the Twin Space: Files sharing (written/audio documents…) Wiki for editing articles Chat In each school: Interactive editorial staff for the articles published in Twinagers news In each country the schools organize themseves in different ways, but they all take part in a common work plan

11 Cooperation in Comenius On the multiblog: through comments on topics proposed every day through the Progress Card, thanks to which the teachers can communicate with one another, discuss the progress, inform about the progress of the project and monitor the work During the meetings: the students work together, socialize and communicate in different languages to report the outcomes of the workshops the teachers pilot and discuss about the progress of the students work, the use of ICT …

12 Benefits of meeting The students: get to know each other work together in multilingual groups (in the workshops) Confront themselves with different cultures Strengthen spoken foreign language competences

13 Student workshops Lemgo Local Christmas traditions Coats of arms of our cities Features of a European ideal city Young peoples problems, hopes and worries

14 Student workshops 1 Perugia The six hats strategy was used in the exploration of the following topics: Culture and free time in our cities The environment Facilities for citizens

15 Student workshops 2 Perugia The Projects manifesto Work steps ( preparatory work in Twin Space and France ) : Twin Space photograph collection Martigues photograph printing Perugia photograph selection and collage by students The Projects logo

16 Student workshops 3 Perugia Story writing: Walking by night in the historical old part of a big city I dreamt that my city changed and became Video: The environmental issue: some solutions

17 Teacher workshops Perugia How to use: - Twin Space - Wiki - ICT How to improve the work How to facilitate interunderstanding (articles and glossaries)

18 Mock-up of Ville Plurielle: the Common City of the United Europe Student workshops 1 Kolbuszowa

19 Student workshops 2 Kolbuszowa The Ville plurielle legend (performed by the students)

20 Student workshops 3 Kolbuszowa Architectural styles of European cities

21 Student workshops 4 Kolbuszowa Three drama writing about a life scene in a city of the past, of the present, of the future

22 Teacher workshops Kolbuszowa How to register the students in theTwin Space (to show the country of each one) How to form a list with mixed students (from all the countries) in theTwin Space How to organize podcasting (one article in Italian and one in French in a month) English reading by all the countries (to reflect about the different pronunciation)

23 For students and teachers Short course of Polish language in Kolbuszowa

24 European dimension In each school the project is integrated in the yearly educational offer plan The proposals on the blog present information about the European events organized in the different countries.

25 Final products Power points Manifestoes Logo Articles published in Twinagers news Virtual albums Audio and video files A performance by the participating students of Alessi High School

26 Students assessment The students work is evaluated in every discipline involved through a grid used by the teachers

27 Mobilities for individuals (only for Comenius) December 2009 Germany March 2010 Italy October 2010 Poland April 2011 France

28 Key points of the project It provides a European dimension to the schools activities It makes learning by competences easier It changes the role of the learner, who becomes an active protagonist It changes the role of the teacher, who becomes facilitator and guide The teacher therefore: - allows greater students autonomy in work organization - integrates teaching with various learning strategies - applies different modes of assessment with focus on the achievement of individual competences

29 Addresses Multiblog: http://lavilleplurielle.blogsactifs.comhttp://lavilleplurielle Magazine: Twin Space:

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