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Are you an energy saver? How much energy do we use at home?

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1 Are you an energy saver? How much energy do we use at home?

2 ENERGY SAVING AT HOME SURVEY Details of the survey: Number of interviewed people: 11. Ages: from 15 to 38. Occupations: Students and teachers. Home: Alcanar.

3 How do we light up our houses?




7 We saw that most of people use normal light bulbs and fluorescent lights, and only a few people use energy efficient light bulbs.

8 How do we heat up water?


10 In conclusions about hot water and warming, we saw that all the people interviewed use non-renewable energy and do not use renewable energy, such as solar energy.

11 Which electrical appliances have we got?

12 In this section, we can see: People have a lot of electrical appliances, more than they need. People spend more energy than the necessary. The society is very adapted with new technologies.

13 What is your house like?




17 Electricity bill

18 Consumption per year

19 Gas or diesel bill

20 Consumption per year

21 In this section, we saw that everybody uses a lot of electricity. However, people do not use much gas or diesel. A reason for using a lot of electricity can be that people spend more than they need, and they are not energy savers. However, they use the necessary gas or diesel.

22 Opinion

23 What do you think about energy saving? We think this is very interesting, because if people do energy saving, in the future the world can change So we can fight to prevent the fatal change.

24 Are you an energy saver? In this question everybody says Yes, I am an energy saver. However, we think that a lot of people are not energy savers. So we say: You can be an energy saver!

25 Being aware of how much energy we use is being on the way to using less. By Adrià Sànchez, Albert Forcadell, Laura Royo, Núria Reverter, Judit Moreno, Balma Ortí, Paulina Carrión, Laia Forcadell (4th ESO).

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