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IRREGULAR WARFARE Waging Peace Win-Win with the Eight Challengers Eradicate 10 Threats with 12 Action Domains Create Stabilizing Wealth Nurturing Peace.

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1 IRREGULAR WARFARE Waging Peace Win-Win with the Eight Challengers Eradicate 10 Threats with 12 Action Domains Create Stabilizing Wealth Nurturing Peace

2 China Has Two-Front Irregular Warfare Strategy Electronic Warfare –Feb 07 Russian Space Station microchip –Feb 07 VP brought down to Singapore –Mar 07 Japanese satellite goes blind –Jun 07 RS SS again –Aug 07 B-52 with nukes –Sep 07 SecDef hacked Waging Peace –Old: Business diasporas –Old: Students in every laboratory –New: Presidential-level push on trade, immigration, –Cultural outreach, free buildings, free Chinese lessons, better program High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Porgram (HAARP) a top Chinese target.

3 Information Converted Into IPublic ntelligence (aka Decision-Support) Will Create Infinite Wealth for All Collective Intelligence Harnesses the Distributed Intelligence of the Whole Earth AMAZON Example: Harness Expert Authors Harness Readers All over the world Eyes & ears

4 Our proposal gives the President a modern multinational strategic decision- support center producing historical, cultural, and current intelligence that can be shared with the media and our public as well as foreign publics.


6 We propose to use the Coalition Coordination Center in Tampa to capture the 80-95% of relevant information that is not secret and can be shared liberally.

7 Home Runs SOLIC/Irregular Warfare –ConOps and DoD Instruction for Achieving Multinational Information-Sharing & Decision- Support able to harness both information and money spent by NGOs, Foundations, others –Deliver all open source information to high side Civil Affairs Battalion –ConOps for building trust across all boundaries –Use of information to wage peace & prosperity

8 10 Threats Each with great costs. Each tears apart the Earth. We must address all of them, as a whole, in unison. 12 Policies Each offers significant savings. Each can impact on saving the Earth. We must craft all of them, as a whole, in unison. LtGen Dr. Brent Scowcroft, USAF (Ret) and the High-Level Threat Panel Transpartisan Policy Institute & Earth Intelligence Network Together, Create a Matrix for Action

9 Agriculture Local & Organic Deep Root Farming Family/Community Owned Farming Debt $9 Trillion is a lot Debt scales & incapacitates. Balanced Budget Diplomacy Dogma kills Restore USIA Need global information sharing Economy End CEO Greed $10/hr minimum wage Full employment LOCAL supply chain Education Self-paced Online Apprenticeships Team Learning Learn to learn Energy Wind & Solar NOW Portable Electricity Two-way Grid Green capitalism Family One job per couple End overtime Community Centers Build neighborhoods Immigration Enforce Labor Law GLOBAL standards Border Patrol +25,000 Biometric tagging Justice Pardon all marijuana offenders Wind down the prison-slave complex Eliminate corporate personality amnesty Security Wage peace not war Wind down the military-industrial complex Belief systems and morality are core. Society Universal service Universal health care Preventive medicine English required for citizenship & extended residence Water Reflect True Cost Global Manhattan Project to restore aquifers, push salt back Regional Water Authorities Inter-Agency & Coalition Coordination Not Easy to Achieve Because We Lack 1)Detailed strategy across all agencies and policy domains 2)Detailed information on who is doing what were across all boundaries 3)Very limited ground truth for the ten threats and twelve policy domains

10 Ten Major Players Brazil China Europe India Indonesia Iran Russia United States Venezuela Wild Cards Not only do we have to create a model for waging peace by eradicating the ten high-level threats and nurturing the growth of stabilizing wealth for all, but we have to do so in a manner that is attractive to the other nine players. Nothing we do will matter if the other nine players do not buy in.

11 Context In this context, while everyone else focuses on the Global War on Terror, we can focus on producing decision-support helpfel to addressing all other needs for multinational plans & operations.

12 Time is the one asset that cannot be bought nor replaced. If DoD & Amazon can become the axis for near-real-time (NRT) collection, sense- making, and tailored dissemination, CCC in Tampa is potentially priceless. Time-Value of Information

13 Amazon as Open World Brain Amazon, not Google, is the best available structure for immediately, at no cost: 1)Harnessing all published experts on each of the threat and policy areas. 2)Harnessing all reader and reviewer volunteers online but with feet on the ground. Combining CCC & Amazon to Create MISA is instant total situational awareness.

14 Seven Generations of Intelligence Evolutionary Eras 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Generation 7th Generation What Do We Need to Know Easy: Where is the army? Easy: Where are the trenches? Moderate: How many with what? Hard: Watch every non-state actor. Hard: Watch everything on the fly. Hard: Make sense of billions of bits. Very Hard: 24/7, 29+ languages and get your own house in order. The Chinese are beating us in 7 th Generation Warfare, and they are also making Complex weapons and mobility systems completely vulnerable. There is only one way to win 7 th Generation Warfare: by not fighting. Find the win-win.

15 From Linear to Systems Thinking Google has a head start on everyone, using mathematics If we force Google to play nice with Amazon, CISCO, IBM, & Microsoft we immediately outweigh the Chinese in Information Peacekeeping. Agricultural Era: Simple localized systems Industrial Era: Complex isolated systems Information Era: Complex combinations of complex systems that most do not understand Conceptual Era: Learning to learn, to anticipate, to collaborate, and to create infinite wealth at all levels Verbal communications face to face (one to one) Books (one to many) Multi-media products (mixed) All information in all languages all the time, with historical & cultural context, and the tools to make sense and get answers in real time. Connecting dots to dots at machine speed, dots to people, and people to people. This era started around 1992we are 15 years behind the power curve. The good news is that everyone else is 25 years behind.

16 United Nations has bought into our multinational information-sharing conference. Hope is that they will create Assistant Secretary General for Decision-Support. US Mission to UN appraised of opportunity to leverage UN and other NGOs by Creating a Multinational Information Sharing Activity that trades decision support for access to raw information using the coalition to reach-back to their sources.




20 The Budget as Baseline The true cost of our military is being mis-represented to the public at the Same time that the true human cost of the current warour 75,000 amputeesis being deliberately ignored by the media. The public is going to figure this out. Now is the time to redirect resources and begin the long war for the mind of man.

21 New Strategy, Better Balance 57% 14% 14% 14% 400B vs. 700B 100B vs 20B 100B vs. 20B 100B vs. 36B CINCWARCINCSOLICCINCPEACECINCHOME Strategic NBCSmall WarsState/USIAIntelligence Big War(s)ConstabularyPeace CorpsBorder Patrol Ground TruthEconomic Aid Port Security 1iii Electronic Reserve Environment Public Health Peace Navy Peace ArmyPeace Lift Cyber-War Air Force Berlin Airlifts, Peace from the Sea (small hospital ships, engineering ship), Army Civil Affairs calling in wells and repairs, global public health network…all good.


23 Recommendations for the Secretary


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