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RC N – Camp Marmal – Mazar-e-Sharif

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1 RC N – Camp Marmal – Mazar-e-Sharif
Agenda * RC N Mission and dimensions * RC N Force structure and units * RC N Operational concept * RC N HQ and J2 organization * RC N J2 Network, SOPs and routines * RC N J2 Need of information, statistics and assessment * RC N Targeting * My experiences

2 Mazar-e-Sharif 2

3 Mission RC N Military operations & non-military means
Area of Operations Northern Afghanistan Assist the Government of Afghanistan and the Afghan People Establish and maintain safe and secure environment Facilitate reconstruction and development Contribute to regional stability Conduct military operations in close cooperation with non-military means, capabilities and organizations in the assigned Area of Operations Northern Afghanistan in order to assist the Government of Afghanistan and the Afghan People in the establishment and maintenance of a safe and secure environment, thereby facilitating reconstruction and development and contributing to regional stability.

4 Dimensions KUNDUZ: Pop. 8.576 Km2 BALKH: Pop. Km2 TAKHAR: Pop. Km2 JAWZJAN: Pop. Km2 Badakhshan Kosovo Feyzabad Jawzjan Kunduz 15hrs Balkh 400 Km Shiberghan KUNDUZ Taloqan Takhar Maimane Aibak POLE KHUMRI Faryab Sari Pul Samangan BADAKHSHAN: Pop. Km2 Baghlan Regional Command North Area of Operations stretches about 900 Kilometers EAST –WEST and about 400 Km NORTH –SOUTH. The 9 provinces size between some 9000 and Sqare Kilometers and are inhabited by between and 1.8 people. Most provinces outsize the Kosovo. Due to the fact that firstly most of the AOO is covered by the northern part of the Hindukush and secondly the infrastructure is degraded travel on land lines of communications times up to 15 hours for the 500 Km form MAZAR to FEYZABAD. Sari Pul BAGHLAN: Pop. Km2 FARYAB: Pop. Km2 SARI PUL: Pop. Km2 SAMANGAN: Pop. Km2 1200 Km


6 C2 & Force Structure OMLT ETT Role 2 QRF LOG MP RW PSYOPS
COM ISAF OPCON COM ISAF STAFF TACOM TACON COM RC NORTH DEU NAT COM RC NORTH STAFF PRT MEY OMLT ETT Role 2 QRF AirwingMES LOG MP RW PSYOPS PRT FEY (Termez) PRT KDZ Depicted on this slide is RC N C2 and current Force Structure with the command relationships. 5 PRTs are the Main Units. Deployable Units are the Norwegian Quick Reaction Force and German ISR Company. Combat and Combat Service Support are provided by Forward Support Base Units, German Air-Assets and in national resources. Afghan National Army Units are mentored and trained by multinational Operational Mentoring and Liaision Teams under German Lead and american Embedded Training Teams. ISAF and non ISAF Special forces are employed in a supporting role. SOF PRT PEK FW ISR EW PRT MES (Termez)

7 IMINT 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 8 N Boots on the ground are the main limiting factor for RC N security operations. Infantry and comparable troops count up to less than 600 soldiers in the PRTs plus about 140 Infantry in the QRF. 7

8 RC N Units Total Infantry: 693 QRF Total: 369 Infantry: 149 Total: 236
Badakhshan Feyzabad Jawzjan Kunduz Balkh Shiberghan KUNDUZ Taloqan Takhar Maimane Total Infantry: 693 Sari Pul Aibak Total: 122 Infantry: 70 POLE KHUMRI Faryab Samangan Total: 163 Infantry: 65 Baghlan Boots on the ground are the main limiting factor for RC N security operations. Infantry and comparable troops count up to less than 600 soldiers in the PRTs plus about 140 Infantry in the QRF. Sari Pul Total: 282 Infantry: 143 QRF

9 Overall Operational Concept
Flow of Information Constant Flow of Informations Network Operation & Relationships Joint Operation OQAB Synergetic Effects Military Kinetic Non Kinetic Non Military 209 ANA Corps ANP RC North AFG MoD/MoI/NDS 1st Prio=Short Term 1st Prio=MidTerm Security Ops UNAMA IO, NGO AFG Regional Authorities Development Current Situation INTEL Picture Available Forces QRF react reinforce Projects initiate continue coordinate Security

JMED PSYOPS Pers Log Plans Comms Finance CIMIC J 3/7 J 2 Intel Ops/LL

11 Mission RC N J 2 - INTEL To provide timely and accurate actionable intelligence to COM RC N Oversee all intelligence and security aspects within RC N AOR and deployed units Fusing and analysing information to produce and disseminate intelligence Assess ”enemy” intentions and Courses of Action 24 hrs – 3 months ahead Manage Colection and Coordination of Intelligence Requirements Provide Counter-Intelligence and Security support for analysis opposing forces, terrorism or sabotage Plans and controls security arrangement within the HQ Provide geographical and weather support to HQ provide intelligence in order to support ISAF targeting-process

12 In total 34 personnel from 8 countries
RC N J2 CJ2 Dep CJ2 J2 NCO CCIRM TGT 2 st st DOCEX 3 st J2X SEWOC JIC GEO 6 st st st st In total 34 personnel from 8 countries


14 RC N J2 SOPs SOP 201 Intelligence 202 JIC/ASIC 204 J2 Production
205 CCIRM 206 Document release 208 Targeting 230 HUMINT and CI 231 Identification 232 Release of classified inforamtion to IOs, NGOs and others 233 Security Screening Process for Local Employed Persons 240 Geographic Support 250 JOIIS 260 NICs, NISTs 280 Surveillande and Target Acquisition Insertion, Sustainment and Extraction 290 ISR and UAV Operations

15 Release of Information outside ISAF
To whom: Organizations approved by Chief-of-Staff RC N, recommendation from CJ2 and LEGAD Type of information: According to CJ2 decision ”…need, not nice…” ”…threat to the safety of individual / organzations such as IOs, NGOs and GOA personnel…”

16 ISAF HQ J2 RC N J2 JIC PRT Reportsystem ISAF Daily INTSUMs
Weekly Summary Sometimes INTREP

17 RC N J2 Weekly Routine Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun LowOps
0730 0800 0830 0900 0930 1000 1030 1100 1130 1200 1230 1300 1330 1400 1430 1500 1530 1600 1630 1700 1730 1800 1830 1900 1930 2000 LowOps RC N Morning Brief (All) J2 Internal Meeting ANP-meeting RIC-Meeting 209.ANA-Corps G2 -Meeting UNAMA/ANSO/PEP - Meeting Intel Meeting RC N - PRT MES - NO QRF - ODA BP -Meeting NO NIST/DEU NIC - Meeting COS Meeting (All J-heads) RC N RTWG COS Op-Meeting (CJ 2/3/5) RC N Weekly Report Meet. RC N – NO QRF Meeting RC N CJ2/3/5 prep Weekly Report RC N SMX Meeting Videocon ISAF-RC CJ2 Videoconf ISAF-RC CCIRM Videoconf ISAF-RC JIC/ASIC PRT Daily Intsum RC N Daily Intsum

18 Poppy cultivation, eradiction and development

19 Poppy cultivation, eradiction and development
An example - The District of ….. In BADAKSHAN = poppy cultivation / eradiction = international organizations program of development / alternative livelyhood

20 PIR – SIR - EEI TOTAL PIR 4 st SIR 16 st EEI 144 st
Beside those, even general need of information from each PRT Border issues (1 st PIR á 6 SIR; TOT 55 EEI) Individuals (50 personnel á 6 SIR TOT 52 EEI)

21 RC N Statistics Overall incidents since jan 2005
Attacks against ISAF -”- -” ” ANSF -”- -” ” NGO´s -”- -” ” others -”- IED Overview since juli 2005 IED Incidents: TOT, against ISAF, ANSF and NGO´s/others – exploded / not exploderade för 2005, 2006, 2007 IED Incidents in provinces

22 Overall incidents 2005-06 and future 2007
Failed CN Policy Not sufficient ANSF build up Insurgents‘ offensive Joint Ops Effects ANSF improvement Balanced, synchronized CN Ops Improved R&D mar apr may jun jul feb 2007 2005 2006 Red box Failed CN policy: The eradiction forces is creating a perception of injustice and loss of whole years of income with no changes of individual compensation No sufficient ANSF build up: The ANP is insufficient and corrupt. They don´t improve their ability and concerning ANA no strenght enough Gree box Synchronized CN ops between RCN ops, ANA, ANP, Eradictions froces (provincial and govermental) and alternative livelyhood RC N J2 Chart Analysis

23 Insurgent Most Likely COA - Spring 2007
Networks Infiltration CoG Safe Havens Badakshan Feyzabad Jawzjan Kunduz Balkh Shiberghan KUNDUZ Taloqan Takhar Maimane Faryab Sari Pul Aibak POLE KHUMRI Samangan Baghlan Risk Assessment for Spring and Summer 2007 is challenging. However the most likely Insurgents Course of Action will see Defence of the main source of income – poppy cultivation There will be an increasing number of assymetric attacks against the standard targets Due to opponents‘ structure inter-factional clashes must be expected As soon as the Hindukush is negotiable again infiltration and exfiltration will increase. Insurgents will invest some efforts to maintain their safe havens. Sari Pul Spring 2007: Most Likely Insurgents‘ CoA: Defense of Poppy Cultivation Increased Assymetric Attacks against ISAF/ANSF Inter- Factional Clashes Maintenance of Safe Havens Cross boundary Infiltration/Exfiltration

24 Insurgent Most Dangerous COA - Spring 2007
Networks Infiltration CoG Safe Havens Badakshan Feyzabad Jawzjan Kunduz Balkh Shiberghan KUNDUZ Taloqan Takhar Maimane Sari Pul Aibak POLE KHUMRI Faryab Samangan Baghlan Sari Pul Spring 2007: Most Dangerous Insurgents‘ CoA: Synchronized, coordinated, concentrated, assymetric attacks against ISAF, ANSF, IC, GoA Swift and robust IO exploitation

25 Current project – Op MAMBA
J2 - Branch Current project – Op MAMBA ADZ KDZ/PEK Phase I INTEL Shaping Ways and Means Stealth Recce HUMINT Surveillance (tech) Aggressive Patroling Joint ISAF/ANP/ANA Patrolling SOF Phase I 20 – 31 OCT 06 INTEL Shaping Intermediate End-State: Situational awareness in AOO. HVT targeted and tracked for offensive Actions. SOF Ops prepared Phase 1 – end-state Ways and means Intel gathering of 26 persons such as picture, name, pattern of liveand their networks Alson intel gathering in areas and villigaes, identify insurgents activities, leaders, network and tactical procedures (i.g. Routes for escape)

26 Experiences Networking - inside and outside a military force
Need of collection Composition of Analysiscell Effect Based Operations Language Preparation before mission Briefingtechnique Exchange of information inside the staff but also with others Networking - inside and outside a military force Intel-driven-operations Targeting CCIRM Generalist - professionalism Caveats Culture and traditions

27 Afghan Names 1. SON OF : Musa, son of Mahdi 2. LOCATION : Musa Maydani
3. TRIBE : Musa Hutak 4. OTHER : Haji Musa + TITLES: Education: Engineer/Ustad Religious: Hafiz/Haji/Mullah/Maulawi/Pir/Qari/Qaz Other: Khan/Malik/Agha + Nicknames Disco/Lang KHAN = Mister! Mr. Khan = Mr. Mister!!

Different nations – different languages – different spellings Mola/Molla/Molah/Mollah/Moola/Moollah/MolarMula/Mulah/Mulla: WRONG Correct English form: MULLAH Hadj: WRONG Correct english form: HAJ/HAJJ

29 End - Questions?

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