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Cyber-Command 101 Planned Words in Notes Format. What is the IO Threat?

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1 Cyber-Command 101 Planned Words in Notes Format

2 What is the IO Threat?

3 Collaboration Replaces Control

4 Army is Fraction of a Fraction

5 Human Minds Are Center of Gravity

6 Abandon the Legacy Mind-Set

7 What Does This Mean? Current Cyber-Command Proposed Cyber-Command Electronic WarfareOpen Spectrum & F/OSS Computer Network OperationsData Security from Hand to Cloud Psychological OperationsPublic Intelligence/ Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Military DeceptionWhole of Government/ Multinational Decision-Support Operations SecurityEducation in All Possible Forms

8 Communications Matures

9 Intelligence Matures

10 Open Everything

11 Brains, Not Bits & Bytes

12 IO Cube

13 Four Forces After Next

14 Connecting the Dots

15 Ten Trends in Education 1Web-Searching 2Blending Learning 3Free/Open Source Software 4Open CourseWare 5Learning Portals 6Learners as Teachers 7Electronic Collaboration 8Alternative Reality including Serious Games 9Mobile Real-Time Learning 10Networks of Personalized Learning

16 Key Topics Authorities. Modify every single policy, acquisition, & operations authority. Organizations. C-9 in every organizationscreate the distributed Army brain. Signal Management. Open Spectrum now, data security not network security. Enterprise Services. Simple cell phones, OnStar, regional call & data centers. Operationalize Cyber. Every Army body is a thinker first, a shooter second. Execute Full Spectrum Cyber. Civil Affairs rules now, put the best & brightest there. Global Command & Control. Multinational, shared information as harmonizer Agile Cyber Proponency. Everyone on Earth has an IP address. Leverage that. 21 st Century Cyber-Warrior. May the crowd be with youleading minds. Requirements & Resources. Done right this impacts on every Army element. Cyber-Command in Three Words: Education, Intelligence, Research. Cyber-Command in One Word: Education.

17 This is Your IO Reality

18 Future of IO Part I

19 Future of IO Part II

20 May the Crowd Be With You…

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