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Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 Amilcar Cabral, African freedom fighter (1924-1973): Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever.

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1 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 Amilcar Cabral, African freedom fighter (1924-1973): Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories.... Our experience has shown us that in the general framework of daily struggle, this battle against ourselves, this struggle against our own weaknesses... is the most difficult of all. Henry Stiller, DG of Histen Riller, at French Information Congress, IDT 93: 95% de linformation dont une enterprise a besoin peut saquiris par des moyens honorables. Tony Zinni, former CINCCENT: 80% of what I needed to know as CINCENT I got from open sources rather than classified reporting. And within the remaining 20%, if I knew what to look for, I found another 16%. At the end of it all, classified intelligence provided me, at best, with 4% of my command knowledge. Daniel Elsberg, speaking to Henry Kissinger: The danger is, youll become like a moron. Youll become incapable of learning from most people in the world, no matter how much experience they have in their particular areas that may be much greater than yours [because of your blind faith in the value of your narrow and often incorrect secret information]. Ted Shackley, Clandestine & Covert Operations Leader: In short, the collapse of the communist system in Central Europe has created a new situation for intelligence collectors. I estimate, based in part on my commercial discussions since 1990 in East Germany, Poland, Albania, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary, that 80 percent of what is on any intelligence agencys wish list for this area as of 1991 is now available overtly. Facing Reality

2 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 This Is Reality: We Go For The Green! Information-Sharing & Decision-Support

3 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007

4 Policy Opportunities DoD is Within Striking Distance of a Major Shift Global War of Terrorism USD(I)I still needs universal coverage down to neighborhood level, SOLIC needs White Hat Transition to and from War DoD Directive is on target –C4I needed to NGOs, PMCs, locals, etc. –Foreign open sources of information vital –Peace from the Sea & Air with Civil Affairs Calling in Targets DoD GIG Good But Needs to Evolve Faster Cant collect/connect the dots on the fly Cant cycle connected dots back to the field Global grid runs from too fat to not at all Real Men Do Do OOTW. Real Smart Men do Preventive OOTW or IR.

5 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 IDEN: 90 day homerun for SOLIC/IR DoD Instruction 3000.05 ConOps for Cross-Pollination Inter-Agency/Host Countries NGOs including UN Private Sector Corporations Foundations Find a Center of Excellence & Spiral Out Robert: Three elements for IR/WWIII: Social Networks Sharing & Analytic Tools such as STRONG ANGEL/TOOZL & Capt IDENs Strategic Decision Center and Network out of ONI All Data in All Languages CENTCOM M4IS (CCC With Unclas Pit Aka ABLE DANGER) Three Open Networks: InfoNet-M (Tampa) InfoNet-D (Denver) InfoNet-P (Seattle) STRONG ANGEL/TOOZL Plus Open Everything plus Industry Skunkworks Massive Data from Deep Web & from C Drives by Agreement

6 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 IDEN: Civil Affairs Brigade 90-day homerun Effectual Nation-Building & Plan for Building of Relationships of Trust Consistent Trusted Relations Across All Boundaries Private Sector Integration at Small Business/Indigenous Business Levels Robert: Cannot forget Law Enforcement, also forbid use of CA as a covermust be brutal on this pointboth SecDef and DNI instruction, two grade reduction in rank and dishonorable dismissal from government service. IDEN: Information Asymmetries a Challenge Robert: Precisely what we want to do: Information Peacekeeping Information Arbitrage Information as Wealth Creation Information as Violence Reduction Information as Prevention Information as Understanding Sharing, not Secrecy, rules.

7 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 Robert: This is not new to the UN/NGOS. Security-Legitimacy Water-Food Shelter Communications & Education Robert: Civil Affairs Should be Proponent All Threats Less Inter-State All Policies Less Security Public Diplomacy & Strategic Comms CENTCOM CCC, As Is or as a Multinational Field Agency Hosted by US Responsive to *All* Stabilization & Reconstruction, Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief Decision Support & EARLY WARNING DS on the matrix, Is the Center of Gravity for Going to Next Level

8 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 IDEN: Current model is killing usfocus on secrets that cannot be shared, hardware and ammunition instead of basics of securitywater, public health, connectivity, etcetera. Robert: Need to optimize amount of information that stays outside the wire under civil affairs proponency, while feeding the beast (Maj Idens insight). Need to stop screwing around and go for the green 80% of what we need is neither secret nor restricted (GREEN) Another 16% is not secret and can be gotten on a case by case basis (YELLOW) Global information acquisition for local decision support Information creates stabilizing wealth and reduces violence from misunderstanding. PKI/CAB owns Green/Yellow Fully Copied to High Side with no restrictions on sharing raw and value-added analysis outside the wire. Secret World controls ONLY that which is secret.

9 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 IDEN: Military as hub does not resonatewhy not civilians? Robert: Military is core force, only integrated force able to move, do, and communicate. Military Hubs Key to low-cost free offline digitization and localized acquisition. Coalition Military Hub at Home Spoke at CCC Free Online Access & Call Centers CCC M4IS (Two-Way Reach-Back) Directly responsive to USG Inter-Agency Directly responsive to UN/NGOs in S&R Decision-Support, Predictive Analysis, on Irregular Threats Host Govt Host LEA Host NGO Host Media Host Civil Advocacy Groups Labor Unions Religions & Tribes Host Business Host Academia BIG PIPE

10 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 Multinational Information Sharing Activity Academic Expert Published Authors Amazon Expert Published Authors Coalition Civil Affairs Units IO/NGO & Indigenous Practitioners STRATEGIC VIEW OPERATIONAL VIEW Integrated Open-Source Analytic Support (IOSAS) within Missions & Centers Evolved into the Universal Open-Source Decision-Support Information Network (UNODIN)

11 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 Regional Information Center Deputy for Counterintelligence Japan Deputy for Covert Action Thailand

12 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 Information Arbitrage Conversion of Information into Intelligence (Decision-Support), and Intelligence Into Peace & Prosperity Robert: Global Awareness, Early Warning, & Decision Support Can be Monetized Foundations can be offered a template for optimizing the impact of their spending in the aggregate and in isolation as part of a larger plan. Corporations can be charged for risk reduction & security services Governments can be shown how to reduce internal disorder and increase domestic productivity. In longer term, can take the profit out of crime with transparency. Bottom Line: Civil Affairs Brigade and CCC and UN/Etc. could: Influence $1 Trillion a Year in Foundation Charitable Giving Influence $1 Trillion a Year in Corporate Stabilization & Reconstruction Services Influence $1 Trillion a Year in Government Spending on War (-) versus Peace (+) Influence #2 Trillion a Year in Transnational Crime by making it transparent.

13 Copyright OSS.Net © 2007 Action This Day Staff study on CCC to MISA migration Identify & Invite 250 Top Guns to Summit USG represented by –Public Diplomacy/US Mission to UN –Civil Affairs/SOLIC IR/Strategic Communications/IO Allocate $5M from 1 October for MISA Ops Consolidate all DoD contracts for unclassified information monitoring, all content copied to MISA as received/produced Achieve consensus at summit on need for MISA and a UN Assistant Secretary General for Decision-Support Create electronic receiving dock for all public information, and use existing special loading docks for migrating same to the high side as received. Provide non-reimbursable funding to State for Office of Information Sharing Treaties & Agreements, or run it out of the Danish Admirals office in DC on behalf of MISA.

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