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® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 1 OSS & OSINT: Leader, Pioneer, & Partner Robert D. Steele, OSS CEO Founding Deputy Director, MCIA.

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1 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 1 OSS & OSINT: Leader, Pioneer, & Partner Robert D. Steele, OSS CEO Founding Deputy Director, MCIA

2 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 2 Corporate Activities I OSINT Training –5000 from 40 countries trained in 8 years –8 U.S., 3 Pacific, 2 European conferences –Wrote DIA OSINT Handbook –Self-paced instruction for NMITC –MTTs for SOCOM, SOUTHCOM –Support PACOM VIC with concepts –Creating new 8 hour OSINT course

3 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 3 Corporate Activities II OSINT Access –Open Source Marketplace TM at –Seven years of international inventory –We know who knows, pricing, copyright –We provide Top Secret OPSEC channel –Installing anonymous e-commerce this summer –Provide value-added discovery, discrimination, distillation, and delivery in your format

4 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 4 Corporate Activities III OSINT Networking –Introduce military and other OSINT professionals to one another across 40 countries –Have worlds only truly multinational OSINT directory, restricted OSS Internal –Span military, civilian intelligence, law enforcement, business intelligence, media –We can help you go direct, or be your cut-out.

5 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 5 Corporate Activities IV OSINT Production I –DIA: Andean, Bosnia, Mexico, India & Pakistan, Denial & Deception, Terrorism, Underground Facilities, Iraqi Leadership, Aegean Pollution, Critical Chinese Defense Industries –DOE: Loose Nukes/Nuclear Cities, Strategic and Space Programs, New High Tech Weapons, Exotic Materials

6 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 6 Corporate Activities V OSINT Production II –ADCI/MS & SOUTHCOM: cleared 136 out of 200 bios on terrorists and revolutionaries –DTRA: Technology Transfer to Iran, Arms Sales I&W (ongoing) –NAG: Y2K test, C4I global tracking test, chemical warfare precursors (ongoing) –IC Client: Foreign Y2K policy, resources, forecast impact on US (ongoing)

7 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 7 Corporate Activities VI OSINT Production III –IC Client: Genocide, War Crimes & Atrocities –IC Client: Instability Warning –IC Client: Global Coverage--intensely competed, prototype for future of OSINT support to the all-source process –CINC Client: Force Protection, Terrorism –State & International War Crimes Tribunal

8 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 8 Corporate Resources I Unique global Rolodex and deep knowledge Steele as CEO, Billy Graham of OSINT –20 years within DoD, IC, stood up MCIA –Director for first Expeditionary Factors Study Lowenthal, Markowitz, Herring as advisors 8 in-house analysts, 3 in-house webmasters Thousands of world-class experts on call

9 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 9 Corporate Resources II John Heidenrich (Top Secret, SI/TK as needed) –Seven years as DIA analyst –World-class authority on genocide –Graduate degree in Public Administration Susan Ouellette (Top Secret, SI/TK as needed) –Four years on HPSCI following GDIP –Three years as CIA analyst –Graduate degree in International Relations

10 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 10 Corporate Resources III 5000 free pages of OSINT training and substantive information from over 500 world- class authorities, free Direct access to sources, software, services, under development (soon to be anonymous and multi-lingual) Private archives 1 2 3

11 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 11 Foreign Media and International Special Interest Groups via the Web Commercial Vendors with Broad Range of Foreign and Provincial Media High Value Specialty Web Sites Discover & Discriminate

12 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 12 Summarization Discovery -- 132 articles from just one of several sources Distillation Distill, Distill, Distill

13 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 13 Over 400 articles from 3-4 major source streams are culled to find 56 pages of selected articles that become 6 pages of distilled value-added analytical summary and 22 gists, all with full text and images attached Distill Some More

14 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 14 Used with permission of client Deliver in Drill-Down Mode

15 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 15 Web-Based Dissemination

16 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 16 OSS Inc. OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE & SPECIAL OPERATIONS October 1999 Contains: 1)OSINT Basic Training 2)Lesson Template for Schoolhouses 3)OSINT Basic References Property of OSS Inc. All Rights Reserved CD-ROM Dissemination

17 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 17 OSINT DEFINITIONS Open Source Data Open Source Information Open Source Intelligence Validated Open Source Intelligence Only the in-house analyst can do this. Training I

18 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 18 …nothing more than a collection of news clippings. …the Internet. …a substitute for spies and satellites. WHAT OSINT IS NOT... Training II

19 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 19 Commercial Online Books & Journals Conferences & Dissertations Maps & Commercial Imagery Internet Telephone Surveys Gray Literature Complex Human & IT Services OSINT Universe Training III

20 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 20 Government Information Information Brokers & Private Investigators Schools & Universities Public & Special Libraries WWW Virtual Library Business Information Intelligence Communities OSINT Islands Niche & Mass Media Training IV

21 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 21 STRATEGIC Integrated Application OPERATIONAL Selection of Time and Place TACTICAL Application of Finite Resources TECHNICAL Isolated Capabilities Military Sustainability Civil Allies Geographic Location Over time and space Channels & Borders Of strategic value Quantities & Distribution Internally available for use Volatility of sectors Training & Maintenance Mobility implications Cohesion & Effectiveness Military Systems One by One Climate Manipulation Civil Power, Transport, Communications, Finance Military Availability Civil Infrastructure Geographic Terrain Geographic Resources Military Lethality Military Reliability Civil Psychology Civil Stability Geographic Atmosphere Training V

22 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 22 BURUNDI EXERCISE Top Ten Journalists/Top Ten Academics Tribal Orders of Battle and AOs Pol-Mil Overviews Soviet 1:100,000 Combat Charts 100% Commercial Imagery <3 Years Old Training VI

23 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 23 PRODUCTION TOOLKIT QA DIRECT ACCESS TOOLKIT MEDIATED ACCESS TOOLKIT Internet Stream Offline Stream Human Experts Temp Hire Approach: World Class/One Day Only PROCESSING TOOLKIT INTEGRATED ONE-STOP SHOPPING PROCESS Call Center -- Multi-Level Security -- Umbrella for Unified Billing Commercial Feeds Maps & Images Feedback Loop Training VII

24 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 24 Training VIII Internet Sources & Methods Commercial Online Sources & Methods Citation & Patent Analysis Gray Literature Acquisition Commercial Imagery Sources & Methods Maps & Charts Sources & Methods Primary Research Sources & Methods Analysis Tools & Productions Methods

25 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 25 Information Reliability I Edited Not Edited Peer Review No Peer Review Known Bias & Background Unknown Bias & Background Formatted, Dated, Stable Source versus Not Not Not

26 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 26 Information Reliability II Know the source Have an expert analyst –In-house –Sub-contracted Do primary research on sources Keep track of best web sites, publications Play sources off against each other

27 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 27 Information Reliability III When USG Contracts for OSINT: –Demand key personnel bios & lock-in –Demand multi-lingual access if needed –Demand at least half of funds be spent on external sources and experts –Demand to see copies of source invoices –Demand online password access archives Dont pay for another bureaucracy.

28 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 28 Contracting Issues Too much trouble for anything under $90K Takes too long to do SOW, RFP, Award Difficult to cut quick small deals for single specific needs Tend to gloss over importance of copyright But there is hope: Impact Card, sole source OSINT doubles or triples all-source value!

29 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 29 Lessons Learned Must have direct access to end-user analysts Technical people cant import HTML 80% of what you need in the way of OSINT can be gotten quick & dirty & cheap Neither OSIS nor a single OSINT Daily will suffice--need niche products down to the branch level, global access, real-time help with requirements that change daily

30 ® OSS PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL 30 Do not send a spy where a schoolboy can go. Open Source Information steals your time, Open Source Intelligence buys you time. OSINT makes the all-source analyst a better collection manager, a better analyst, and a better resource manager. It will take at least 5-7 years for you to get what you need from the system. Start today.

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