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Steel Valley Intergovernmental Initiative: The Boroughs of Homestead, West Homestead and Munhall.

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1 Steel Valley Intergovernmental Initiative: The Boroughs of Homestead, West Homestead and Munhall

2 September 8, 2010

3 Proud History Renewed Energy Promising Future

4 Introduction: Working Together

5 1970s: The Steel Valley was devastated by the decline of the steel industry.



8 Late 90s: Waterfront development marks start of new era.




12 Three boroughs began to work together.

13 Steel Valley Council of Governments Steel Valley Enterprise Zone Corporation Steel Valley School District Steel Industry Heritage Corporation Clean-up Days Mutual Aid for Police and Fire Comprehensive Urban Design Plan Historic Architecture and Review Board Cooperative Code Enforcement Main Street/TIF Fund The Avenues Tax Abatement Program





18 September 2000: Comprehensive Urban Design Plan State Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program and Allegheny County Funding Redevelopment Plan Historic and Architectural Review Board (HARB)



21 A Decade of Progress

22 The late 90s marked the start of a decade of progress.

23 The former Homestead Works is transformed from a brownfield site to a shopping/entertainment complex.



26 Homestead Works – 1997

27 The Waterfront – 2007














41 Avenues Revitalization Housing and residential investments, including Huffin Green Roof Project

42 Avenues Revitalization Huffin Green Roof Project














56 $750 million in public/private investment including: Homestead Grays Bridge rehabilitation Allegheny County Housing Authority Homestead Apartments Homestead Borough Building The Waterfront and other private developments New Businesses New Jobs Increased Tax Base

57 Beyond the Waterfront: The Avenues 2010 and Beyond


59 Were seeking resources and other assistance to help us continue the evolution of the Steel Valley. By creating vibrant business districts and neighborhoods, we can be an example of how former steel towns can reinvent themselves through cooperation, partnerships and initiative.

60 2010 New Projects & Initiatives

61 Main Initiatives Five committees include public and private sector representatives: Entry Points Avenues Revitalization Architectural Standards and Code Enforcement Public Safety and Security Marketing

62 Entry Points Amity Crossing Widening of Route 837 and East Flyover Bridge New Intersection at Eighth and Seventh Avenues in West Homestead (under construction) New Welcome Signs at Multiple Entry Points

63 Entry Points Amity Crossing - $867,395

64 Entry Points Create a gateway to historic Homestead Encourage visitors to The Waterfront to also visit Eighth Avenue Create/Improve bicycle and pedestrian connections between the Steel Valley Trail and Eighth Avenue Provide safe pedestrian access between Waterfront and Eighth Avenue Provide signage and wayfinding Improve lighting

65 Paris Kiosk Three Rivers Park Signage Steel Valley Heritage Signage Concepts

66 Paris Kiosk with a Steel Valley Twist Backlit images Upright could incorporate lighting Images could be historic, artwork or advertising for local businesses and organizations Could incorporate rings of neon or LED tickers

67 Street Sections Separate pedestrian from roadway Use planting to create a sense of passage Area between roadway and sidewalk could be planting, brick or cobble

68 Entry Points East Flyover Bridge

69 Entry Points Widening of Route 837 and East Flyover Bridge – $19.5 million

70 Avenues Revitalization

71 Goals Attract new businesses and professional firms onto The Avenues as first-floor occupants Develop the upper floors of the existing buildings into residential housing units Create a better mix of retail and service type commercial uses along The Avenues Attract new residents and customers to the business district

72 Avenues Revitalization Key Initiative – Improve and expand parking facilities

73 Avenues Revitalization Amity Street and Seventh Avenue, Homestead

74 Avenues Revitalization New public parking facility - $120,000 Amity Street and Seventh Avenue, Homestead

75 Avenues Revitalization New public parking facility – $1.5 million – 100 Block East Eighth Avenue, Homestead

76 Avenues Revitalization Traffic signs, traffic-control devices and landscaping improvements - $30,000


78 Avenues Revitalization Bicycle trail enhancement

79 Avenues Revitalization Identification of property improvement issues

80 Pattern book housing proposal - $200,000 Architectural Standards and Code Enforcements

81 Pattern book housing proposal - $200,000

82 Adoption of ordinances - $75,000 Architectural Standards and Code Enforcements

83 Stepped-up code enforcement - $80,000 Architectural Standards and Code Enforcements

84 Public Safety and Security

85 Ann, Amity, Grays @ Eighth Avenue and W. Sixth Avenue @ Amity Street Security Cameras - $250,000

86 Public Safety and Security LED lighting for The Avenues and nearby areas $220,000

87 Publicize existing attractions and ongoing improvements Marketing

88 Development of brag book - $2,000 Steel Valley pocket guide map - $10,000 Steel Valley tour - $3,500 Bicycle racks in business district - $10,000

89 Conclusion

90 During the past 12 years, the three boroughs, Allegheny County and the Steel Valley School District have created an environment that is attractive to private investors. During that time, we also have upgraded infrastructure, cleared blighted property and placed other property in the hands of private developers. Thousands of new jobs have been created. In residential neighborhoods, houses are being rehabilitated and homes are being built.

91 Conclusion In The Avenues, were creating an environment where young professionals want to live, shop and find entertainment. Theres an improved and more positive image of the area. Still, there is more to be done. While the economic climate presents funding challenges, we are determined to fulfill our promise. We are organized at the local level. Now we seek new partners and resources to carry out our plans.


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