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Information Peacekeeping: A Nobel Objective 112 awards, 103 years (1901> 20 organizational awards –UN elements 5 (PKF 88) –Red Cross 4 –Doctors w/o Borders.

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1 Information Peacekeeping: A Nobel Objective 112 awards, 103 years (1901> 20 organizational awards –UN elements 5 (PKF 88) –Red Cross 4 –Doctors w/o Borders 99 –ICBL (Land Mines) 97 –Pugwash Conf. 95 –International Physicians 85 –Amnesty International 77 –Int Labor Org. 69 –Quakers (2), 47 –Nansen (NO) Refugees 38 19 years with no award (18%) US 22, CH 12, UK 10, IE 5, FR 8, SE 5, BE 4, DE 4, ZA 4, IL 3, CA 2, NL 2, NO 2 Focus of Effort: –28 peace organization –19 conflict resolution –15 human rights, 14 relief –9 arbitration, 6 disarmament –5 refugees, 4 nuclear –2 pacifism, 2 land mines Information Aspect: –23 direct engagement on ground –22 negotiation, 18 documentation –12 personal, 7 educational, –5 author, 5 publicity, 4 media

2 Top Ten Challenges Terrorism is the Least of Our Worries *State of the World Atlas (1997), ** Marq de Villier (Water), John Heidenrich and Greg Stanton (Genocide), Michael Klare et al (Resources), all others from PIOOM Map 2002 Complex Emergencies 32 Countries Refugees/Displaced 66 Countries Food Security 33 Countries Child Soldiers 41 Countries Modern Plagues* 59 Countries & Rising Corruption Common 80 Countries Censorship Very High 62 Countries Resource Wars, Energy Waste & Pollution** Water Scarcity & Contaminated Water** Ethnic Conflict 18 Genocides Today**

3 Policy Opportunities We Can Leverage US DollarsBut You Have to Help… Global War of Terrorism ODSI (Dr. Stephen Cambone) wants universal coverage down to the neighborhood level Transition to and from War DoD Directive (draft) is on target –C4I needed to NGOs, PMCs, locals, etc. –Foreign open sources of information vital DoD GIG Good But Needs to Evolve Faster Cant collect/connect the dots on the fly Cant cycle connected dots back to the field Global grid runs from too fat to not at all


5 Seven Information Tribes: The Way Ahead Military Law Enforcement Business Academic National NGO & Media Religions & Clans

6 National Tribe Government Spies & Secrets are the smallest part of government Government information is owned by the people, not the State National Institute of Health (NIH) now demands all research be published via Open Access Accountability at all levels is going to rise dramatically in next 5 years

7 Military Tribe Armed Forces & Gendarme/Guard Militarys greatest value is in maps & charts as well as digital elevation data NGA is in process of taking mapping off the marketyou must all file demarches at the national level Military can also provide C4I hub for PKI WAN/LAN open to all parties. Swedish Military Academy can provide common training for all Military information process is priceless Border patrol observation is priceless

8 Law Enforcement Tribe INTERPOL, EUROPOL, Provincial & Local Police Must improve pay across the boardstreet cops must be perfect and protected from temptationwhile also being ruthless with political corruption Synthetic information and aggregate data mining do not violate privacy Greatest obstacle is amount of hard-copy files and lack of digital tools at the precinct levelneed US funding Metrics, coordination of effort, do not violate privacywe must have a common view of the battlefield, and global hot pursuit

9 Business Tribe Business Information ManagersNot Only BI/CI Client information is reasonably top secret Pricing information (discounts not made public) also Cost information can be shared in aggregate ways External information generally ignoredimagine if all general managers shared their insights into local political, economic, cultural, and demographic situation?

10 Academic Tribe Research, Distance Learning, Student Projects In the US, academics have identified $50B a year in import-export tax fraud/money laundering Academic data mining is the fastest cheapest means of discovering anomalies while learning new means of discovery We are wasting hundreds of billions around the world in duplicate, badly managed, academic studies that are neither digitized properly, nor shared Fixing this alone will double what we can know about our most serious issues

11 NGO-Media Tribe Ground Truth Observation & Investigation UN aid workers can be immature and spend too much time partying. UN information constitutes the largest garbage pit in the worldbut if we can connect it, use it, it becomes an information goldmine Red Cross, Green Peace, Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, ECCPthese are the real-world information leaders Media publishes 10% of what it knowswe have to get at the other 90% via shared networks Eyes on target is the gold standard

12 Citizen-Labor-Religion Tribe Neighborhoods, Collectives, and Faith-Based Networks The ultimate intelligence network is publicintelligence minutemen Labor unions & other collectives have the power to match governments and corporations with public intelligence Faith-based networksBNai Brith, Islam, the Catholic Church, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, all have information power that is not properly processed nor shared Where we have gone wrong is in thinking that organizations control informationthey do not. Weber is deadwe are free if we wish to be…

13 Three Architectures One Global Data Capture Service 3. INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE: incorporates open sources, on and off line matches global real time knowledge to individual situations 1. NETWORK ARCHITECTURE: processing in the bit stream interoperation 2. SEMANTIC ARCHITECTURE: text-capable scaled 4. COMMERCIAL COLLECTION: open source feeds special collection

14 Connecting the Dots 24/7, All Levels

15 Conversion of Paper Documents to Digital Form Automated Extraction of Data Elements From Text and Images Standardizing and Converting Data Formats Processing Images, Video, Audio, Signal Data Automated Foreign Language Translation Open Literature Non-Text DataRestricted Information Detection of Alert Situations Clustering and Linking of Related Data Statistical Analysis to Reveal Anomalies Detection of Changing Trends Interactive Search and Retrieval of Data Graphic and Map- Based Visualization of Data Modeling and Simulations Collaborative Work Notetaking and Organizing Ideas Structured Argument Analysis Desktop Publishing and Word Processing Production of Graphics, Videos and Online Briefings Revision Tracking and Realtime Group Review NEW: Intelligent Network Enables Applications At All Points OLD: On-the-fly Analytic Tools Applied At All Points


17 Bridge: Clear Village: Friendly Over Hill: E Plt Defilade: OnStar NNE 15093921 7502 Alt 11,004 Everyone Has Information Needs Many of those needs are common to more than one party. Were concerned about all information needs, not just intelligence requirements.

18 Regional Information Center Deputy for Counterintelligence Japan Deputy for Covert Action Thailand

19 Ronald Kasrils, Minister for Intelligence Services Republic of South Africa To Montevideo To Singapore Chief: South Africa Deputy Chief: North Africa Collection: East Africa Processing: West Africa Analysis: Central Africa Counter-I: TBD Covert Action: TBD Suez Team: Egypt Gibralter Team: Spain [Positions rotate every 3 years] Overlay & Virtually Integrate: African Early Warning & Open Source Information Network African Regional Intelligence Center Joint Analysis Center Molesworth

20 Information Peacekeeping Through Collective Intelligence

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