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European Space Weather Portal The European gateway to Space Weather resources.

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1 European Space Weather Portal The European gateway to Space Weather resources

2 History of the Portal Portal was developed in the framework of the COST724 action BISA has installed Drupal CMS. People involved were Koen Stegen – Administration & databases (2006 – Februari 2007) Jan Wera – Administration & applications (2006 – Februari 2007) Bart Declercq – Webmaster (Februari – June 2007)

3 Problems from the Past The glossary: the system added links to glossary terms in other pages but the link would take the user to the first term in the glossary instead of the correct one. The navigation menu: when using the portal navigation menu, sometimes the user got a search box when clicking on a random menu item instead of the page associated with the menu item.

4 Solution Finding out what was needed to fix the problems at hand and implement solutions would have taken a lot of time. Installing a new system from scratch has taken less time than solving the problems. Result: new Drupal installation (version 5.7 vs 5.2 on where everything works as it's supposed to with additional content and a new look.


6 Improvements New and improved graphical design Better navigation: the menus are now only 2 levels deep Additional content (MIM software, new translations in different languages,... ) Newsletter

7 MIM Software

8 Menu and Newsletter

9 Translations

10 Future Improvements Event organizing possibilities Forum Automatic translations Dictionary Improved menu's Automatically generated downloadable PDF's

11 Multilingual Issues Due to the fact that some languages use other characters it takes more time to add translations in such languages to the portal. Example: when we received the Space Weather definition translations in a Powerpoint presentation, there was an image for translations in Armenian and Japanese. It is impossible to just copy paste these translations and add them to the site.

12 Changes Requested Add Austrian flag Done Put up the correct flag for Serbia Done Add Jean's book Done Add Slovenian translation of the introduction Done Add translations for the definition of Space Weather Done Add Hebrew translation of the introduction Todo

13 Books

14 Model Access

15 Artwork

16 Data Access

17 Final Words System needed to be re-installed and the content manually ported Now there is a new and improved system Still needs in-depth testing New system still needs to be tailored to the expectations of the users. Comments welcome

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