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What NRENs also can do April 10th 2008

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1 What NRENs also can do April 10th 2008

2 2 What NRENs also can do Like other NRENs UNINETT provides the national research and educational network to universities, university colleges and research institutions. Should we do more? Should we cross the campus border? Should we engage in the challenges on campus? Lets give it a go, we thought – lets GigaCampus!

3 3 Why is this talk in the mobile internet section? Good question! I have no clue! That is – potentially 14.3% of my talk will stick to the subject! Mobility is one of GigaCampus seven areas of focus! GigaCampus Mobility

4 4 Outline Update on the GigaCampus programme The GigaCampus idea The areas of focus Project results so far New areas we are looking at Cost benefits of our work

5 5 Earnest report on campus issues January 2008 52 recommendations! Very compatible with the GigaCampus work Recommendation #12: Strengthen the collaboration between National Research and Education Networking organisations and institutions to improve the deployment of key services

6 6 One R&E community – many campuses – common solutions GigaCampus 2006 - 2009 UNINETT Internet Provide and coordinate top international level campus IT infrastructures

7 7 The GigaCampus work flow UNINETT engineering task force UFS best practice documents

8 8 GigaCampus – seven areas of focus

9 9 GigaCampus in the field Touring the country with routers and core switches on the lorry Participants from UNINETT and from major universities and university collages Collaboration with local IT staff on site Network design and implementation Wireless networking Focus on the physical infrastructure Focus on security

10 10 Collective framework agreements Vendors Universities Giga- Campus Not one contract with one vendor on a given tendor area That will never satisfy all universities… A certain variaty is necessary but not total freedom… GigaCampus narrows down the university / vendor scope and negotiates a set of agreements Leaving some choice Maintaining leading market prices Network equipment Servers and workstations Software ADSL Storage Printers POTS Mobile telephony Tendor areas so far

11 11 Physical infrastructure white papers Common requirements for: Cabling (fibre and twisted pair) Data centers and network rooms Power supply (incl. UPS and generators) Ventilation and cooling Fire detection and distinction All major universities have participated in the work The requirements are coordinated with building owners and will be used in future building projects Existing campus infrastructure is inspected by GigaCampus. Reports/improvement lists with estimated costs are produced. Motto: build green – reuse heat (UFS102-104,107-108)

12 12 Focus on reliable, redundant campus networks 2006 2009

13 13 Campus network white papers Produced so far: Campus network design (UFS114) Switch configuration (UFS105) Cisco, HP and Alcatel howtos (UFS109-111) We are working on/planning: Howto on BGP campus config Howto on multicast campus config IPv6 migration guide line And more…

14 14 29 campuses are now managed by the GigaCampus tool boxes The tool boxes are servers containing a number of management tools: NAV: Proactive network management nfsen: Netflow traffic analysis Hobbit: Service monitoring tftp server, syslog server, radius server The tool boxes are placed on campus and used by the local IT staff. Management, tool enhancements, software upgrades, etc, is done by UNINETT. Free training in tool usage is given. nfsen

15 15 26 measuring beacons in operation Throughput Packet delay and loss Multicast connectivity IPv6 flows Session intensity Available capacity Traffic behaviour

16 16

17 17 GigaCampus pushes eduroam IEEE 802.1X implementation guidelines (UFS112) is provided by the GigaCampus mobility working group

18 18 21 universities / collages have eduroam …and with the aid of GigaCampus more are on their way

19 19 Focus on security policies and IRTs Security policies are needed (desperately?) GigaCampus has prepared an R&E template based on ISO 27002 standard Workshops on site with university leadership Goal: they develop their own policy – local ownership is essential! 16 universities/colleges on our road map for 2008 Incident Response Team courses Focus on organizing local IRTs 23 universities/collages have joined so far Frequent security meetings with IRTs of the major universities Best practice security white papers Vulnerability and virus information to the whole community GigaCampus security team

20 20 GigaCampus promotes ITIL lite Change management Define a service window Define alarm procedures Place responsibility Classify changes Log changes Incident management Central point of contact Record all calls Classify incidents Give user feedback! Escalate Problem management Think longterm Create lasting solutions Look out for repeating error patterns Configuration management Database for vital IT assets Describe the most important services – with dependancies Adopt good naming standards

21 21 The slow(?) path of SIP migration New call for tender on telephony traffic in 2008 SIP an alternative to ISDN Developing a new national telephone routing model based using SIP proxies. Student project experimenting with SIP mobility from mobile telephones in Wireless Trondheim.

22 22 Does GigaCampus pay off? Cost effective joint solutions 3.8M Security model without sentralized firewall Network management tool box Benefits of large-scale operation – reuse of equipment________ Emergency prepardness equipment at UNINETT 21.3M Collective framework agreements 14.3M 23 agreements so far (since January 2006). Turnover: More than 40 million euro pr year Better price! Big savings on coordinated tenders! Counselling included 2.7M Areas: networking, wireless, security, infrastructure The alternative is expensive Coordinated skill training 0.6M Workshops / seminars / courses Working groups Best practice documents / howtos Alternative cost * * Numbers calculated by external consulting firm

23 23 New areas for GigaCampus in 2008 Audio visuals IP TV Multimedia Server virtualization More? More!

24 24 The key to the GigaCampus success Squeeze the juice out of UNINETTs R&D department Encourage and engage the know-hows at our universities Maintain a live&kicking meeting ground for our experts Roll out proven results to the whole community Political support and government co-funding makes it all feasable

25 25 More information (mostly in Norwegian) Questions?

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