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SURFnets streaming media initiatives Egon Verharen Innovation management, SURFnet Why streaming Past, present and future of SURFnets.

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2 SURFnets streaming media initiatives Egon Verharen Innovation management, SURFnet Why streaming Past, present and future of SURFnets streaming initiatives Lessons learned Streaming components and organisation

3 2 Nordunet 2000 Quotes & Provocations by Dennis Glenn, NWU Tape is dead Delivery is king but content will rule Quality is not (yet) important –quality of video –QoS Exposure is everything –Content is worth nothing if you dont show it

4 3 Nordunet 2000 Digital Video: Similarities and Differences Network video Similarities: –formats (video H.261, H.263, MPEG 1/2) ; need fast network connections ; protocols (RTP) Differences : –interactivity! ; bitrates (esp. high quality) ; QoS reqs. ( bandwidth/throughput, delay/latency & jitter (variation in delay), synchronisation, packet loss) Video Conferencing Like a telephone call Two - Way Call up or Answer Video Broadcasting Like watching Television One - Way Tune In or enter URL Streaming Webcasting

5 4 Nordunet 2000 Digital Video: Similarities and Differences Video Conferencing Video chat Like a telephone call Two - Way Call up or Answer typical bitrates from 56 kb/s - 1,5 mb/s Video format (H.261, H.263, MPEG) transport protocol (RTP) fast network connection QoS (min. delay, min. jitter, synchronisation Video Broadcasting Streaming/Webcasting Like watching Television One - Way Tune In or enter URL typical bitrates from 28 kb/s - 8 mb/s Video format (H.261, H.263, MPEG) transport protocol (RTP) fast network connection QoS (jitter, synchronisation) -Network video

6 5 Nordunet 2000 What & Why Streaming Media Streaming is buzz-word. –an adjective Many definotions –Push vs. Pull –Client-oriented vs. server-oriented –on-demand vs. live Streaming media: the real-time playing of a video-, audio- and/or datastream on a machine from the moment the data enters the machine. content IT TelCo

7 6 Nordunet 2000 Streaming media advantages Watching TV on your PC data does not need to be downloaded; high bitrate make high (video)quality possible; you can jump ahead (or back) in stream (vcr principle); you can broadcast/netcast live; suitable for tele-educatie, –but also information delivery.

8 7 Nordunet 2000 Pieces of the puzzle Why digital video (network video/video broadcast) in education Collaborative tools Conferencing tools Multimedia archives live event streaming webbased virtual classroom

9 8 Nordunet 2000 Analog Digital CostsValue Digital Content management: driving forces LARGE archives Everywhere and always access Create once, distribute/use many Save and secure for (re)use

10 9 Nordunet 2000 Developments in the content chain Program maker Internet provider Website owner Internet host Channel Cable- operator Distributer Telecom operator Author Broadcast organisation Publisher Users/Viewer Distribution media A/V/D-material Format conversion classification logical ordering

11 10 Nordunet 2000 Progression of E-value differentiated non-differentiated market Price premium Competitive advantage User needs relevant irrelevant ingredients goods services experiences

12 11 Nordunet 2000 Past streaming projects SURF-ACE –Low-end (internet) streaming -> SURFnet video- and audiohosting service (99) Snelnet (98-00) -> SNOB (99) NAA in Academia (99-..)

13 12 Nordunet 2000 SURFnet audio- and video hosting service low-end streaming service for SURFnet customers RealMedia (500 conc. Streams), Windows Media and Xing Streamworks (MPEG1), Xing mp3 cust. Encoding; interface for uploading, downloading and testing streams via URL 500 MB diskspace live broadcasts (on request, fee) Tribute MM as op. mgt partner

14 13 Nordunet 2000 Real Media Version 6 operational version (july 2000) Memory leak in v7 when live streaming Split live and VoD in two systems Licence: 500 concurrent streams (peak < 100) Live archiving SureStream upto 1 Mbit/s Real vs MPEG-1: two paths - server plug-in Bitcasting - native MPEG-1 support ? - Real 8 quality: VHS at 0,5 full screen, 0,22 half screen and DVD at 1 MB/s

15 14 Nordunet 2000 Real Server 8 features Improved codecs (via Intel) QuickTime support Streaming mp3 Streaming Flash 4 Authentication (ports, IP-address, encoders, RealAdmin) Encryption between server and client is possible Performs best on Linux

16 15 Nordunet 2000 Real live: multicast en splitting Backchannel multicast - establishes for each client a unicast TCP-connection as control channel - clients are logged, no. of clients limited by licence Scalable multicast - no connection between client and server - unlimited no. of clients possible - targetted at Intranets - combination with unicast sub-optimal Splitting - application level multicast - most deployed way of large scale live broadcasts - stable - new SURFnet service

17 16 Nordunet 2000 Xing / MPEG-1 MPEG-1: high quality video and audio only (mp3) Not used Taken over by Real Networks No further development Work-around fr SVP partners, that want to host ? - 20-50 GB RuG - 20 GB for SURFnet Relatiedagen

18 17 Nordunet 2000 Windows Media Version 4.1 (july 2000) VoD and live Free encoder + server, NT only Recent small scale tests: - multicast works on server - up to 3 Mb/s - monitoring live broadcast limited compared to Real - MS MPEG-1 and MS MPEG-4 ? Extensive testing planned by Tribute - scalability - financed by op.mgt contract and SURFworks

19 18 Nordunet 2000 SNOB - SURFnet NOB project Pilot service of NOB Interactive and SURFnet (resulting from Snelnet) for SURFnet-customers > 8 Mbit/s gathering experience with streaming media (MPEG-1; 1.5 Mbit/s streams) NOBi: video platform plus content SN: 155 Mbit/s link to Hilversum SN: streaming multicast infra.

20 19 Nordunet 2000 NAA in Academia Dutch Audiovisual Archive, NOBi, SURFnet and Film Museum content from NAA and FM for educational purposes potential: 500.000+ hrs. Start: MPEG1 encoding 1000 hrs. faculties FTTW, Journalism, communication and ULs of UvA, UNIMAAS, RUG, UU, EUR, OU, prof. educ. institutes and …. 1999-2001 new developments in video/IP and MM-indexering tested and deployed in live environment (in cooperation with VIP)

21 20 Nordunet 2000 Metadata in NAA

22 21 Nordunet 2000 Network topology NAA in Academia SURFnet 622 Mbit/s NAA/NOB University Faculty/UL 155 Mbit/s34 Mbit/s- 155 Mbit/s ? ? ? MediaPark Hilversum videoserver

23 22 Nordunet 2000 Roles/tasks technique student/docent –PC with browser, MPEG-1 player (software), good videocard –connection to institutes network/SURFnet –support Faculty/Univ. Library –non-congested LAN/switched LAN –connection to institutes network/SURFnet –support University/computing centre –non congested univ-netwerk –non congested connection to SURFnet –security/access restrictions –support SURFnet - non congested national backbone - connection to univ - connection to mediapark NOB/NAA - support MediaPark - non congested netwerk - support NOB/NAA - videoserver/encoding/ streaming - user interface/webserver - content management - support

24 23 Nordunet 2000 NAA in Academia

25 24 Nordunet 2000 Present Digital Video innovation projects –Showcase demo environment –High-end streaming VIP SURFnet Video Portal (SVP) SURFnet-TV –Low-end streaming improvements to A/V Hosting –Caching & Replication stream splitting & caching

26 25 Nordunet 2000 High quality video over next generation Internet Development of platform for Content productie, mgt and deployment metadata extraction, description indexing & searching

27 26 Nordunet 2000 VIP architecture End user Basic deployment Advanced deployment Content management OC Zoetermeer Basic Content production Advanced Content production Metadata MPEG7 User metadata provision Accounting server Reversed content provision

28 27 Nordunet 2000 Example news retrieval

29 28 Nordunet 2000 Metadata framework Generic metadata framework for all modalities description of multimedia content flexibility in data management globalisation, localisation and interoperability MPEG-7 Multimedia Content Description Interface

30 29 Nordunet 2000 MPEG-7 metadata framework Standard description Standard description Search engines Other uses Metadata extraction Metadata editors Scope of MPEG-7

31 30 Nordunet 2000 information systems presentationlogicpresentation Platform components Video charger viewer Pure HTML Java Applet Java Script Web BrowserWeb ServerApplicatie Server Accounting & Billing (DB2) Metadata DL + file systeem Video files streaming Video viewer Internet explorer IBM HTTP Server IBM Websphere IBM Video Charger Video streaming Java Server Page Java Servlet J2EE Platform

32 31 Nordunet 2000 SURFnet Video Portal (SVP) Issues –MPEG-1 video-hosting service –investigation video quality for tele-education (MPEG-n) –rights issues copyright + (for education), image- and portret ?? –MM-caching & replicatie –metadata, indexing & searching –Portal for A/V material in constituency High-end A/V hosting service –platform choice –MPEG1 –MPEG2

33 32 Nordunet 2000 SURFnet-TV Educational broadcast station on Internet live events + scheduled reruns/programs combined with A/V hosting + SVP (EPG) content for and from constituency technical –MPEG1, multicast –remote encoding organisation –content, EPG

34 33 Nordunet 2000 (Inter)national collaboration Univs –SIGs: Webstream TI, Nat.l. Library –metadata SURF-Educatie –DOEL Terena/Dante –TF-STREAM, TF-TANT, QoS, multicast Internet2 –streaming –conferencing –e.g. ResearchChannel, VideNet

35 34 Nordunet 2000 European SIG: TF-STREAM Who has experience ? –which tools, what have you done –plans for content creation, mgt, deployment Ideas: how can this (new) technology be put to work in projects –at your institute –between institutes, organisations, NRNs,... TF-STREAM – – ( subscribe)

36 35 Nordunet 2000 Future streaming projects Given: GigaPort Network –SURFnet 5 (80 Gbit/s b.b and 20 Gbit/s conn.) –improved broadband access (xDSL, cable, FTTD and WLL) MPEG2 (streaming & conferencing) new formats: MPEG4, DV -> HDTV, 3D (e.g.. VRML, QuicktimeVR); new codecs (fractals, VBR) standards: RTP/RTSP, incl. Authenticatie metadata (MPEG7, extended DC) scalability: multicast (SSM), content delivery ( c & r ) new applications: video-gnutella quality: QoS/Classes of Service content ( media & asset management)

37 36 Nordunet 2000 Lessons learned Image quality and refresh-rate still no problem with Internet users –compare tv viewers –Connectivity end-user determines format (bitrate) –but: changing fast Multicast –still difficult (esp. debugging) –Commercialisation needed for rest of Internet Content ! –Refresh services

38 37 Nordunet 2000 So, what do you need ?

39 38 Nordunet 2000 Components presentation On-demand delivery brokarage fusion filtering Source discovery watermarking indexing storage Interactive search tailoring translation Metadata extraction gathering compression authentication Collaborative search Cost-effective search Query formulation Web-search Query expansion Retrieval by composition Browsing & navigation matching billing accounting conversion Query by example logging authoring Search & retrieval

40 39 Nordunet 2000

41 40 Nordunet 2000 Video-over-IP components $$ Content use $ $ Content deployment (content distribution/ content delivery) Media production 1011011 Content management Encoding

42 41 Nordunet 2000 Streaming media service content creation –producers, editors, encoders content mgt –db mgt, metadata, indexing&searching content delivery –dynamic streaming (more than one bandwidth), license control, synchr. multimedia, –scalability (caching & replication) content viewing –softw based players, MPEG2 hw based players, browser plugin and external helper apps.

43 42 Nordunet 2000 What do you need Streaming server –on-demand/live; program manager; asset mgt –data pump –encoders (can be separate) Streaming client –Fast PC, decoder ( MPEG1: software, MPEG2 prefer. hw) –monitor Network connection –MPEG-1 (VHS-qual/CD): 2 Mbit/s guaranteed end-to-end ! –UDP/IP –multicast standards, formats –still new codecs (e.g. MPEG4, IBMs LBR) Connectivity end-user determintes format (bitrate) live vs. on-demand, output int.f., scalability (Caching & replication)

44 43 Nordunet 2000 Streaming: live vs on-demand archiefrealtime unicast multicast VoD Event- driven scheduled

45 44 Nordunet 2000 Servers Aspects –storage –media pump –network (bandwidth) –on-demand vs. live –asset management ! Examples (not complete !!) –Architectures Apple Quicktime, Real G2, Microsoft Windows Media –high end IP streamers (live/on-demand) Cisco IP/TV, IBM Videocharger, Kasenne Mediabase, Oracle Videoserver,... –broadcast servers Sony,Philips, SUN, AXCENT INSERT,... –frameworks SUN & IBM Java Media Framework

46 45 Nordunet 2000 Clients Aspects –Buffer –Synchronisation –Multicast Interoperabiliteit –Almost all dedicated Examples (not complete) –FVC.COM I-viewer –Cisco IP/TV viewer –IBM Videocharger client –Apple Quicktime client –Microsoft Windows Media Player –Real player –Mbone tools SDR, Vic, Rat, …

47 46 Nordunet 2000 Formats Aspects: –Bitrates (constant, variable) –Framesize –QoS Bandwidth (at end-user) dynamic use: Real SureStream, simulcast Standards –ISO/IEC (int.l. org for standardization/int.l. electrotechnical commission) Moving Pictures Experts Group (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11) MPEG1,2,4,7 –ITU (int.l. telecommunication union) Series H (video), Series G (audio) (ITU-T SG16)

48 47 Nordunet 2000 All problems solved ? NO ! Open issues –standaards protocol implementations –RTP, RTSP –formats MPEG program/system/transport streams Metadata –filesystems –network multicast Quality of Service (QoS) –content delivery

49 48 Nordunet 2000 Digitale Video QoS myth NO, you can start now ! QoS for end-users = bigger picture, better audio. QoS for network = delay, packet loss, jitter Requirements differ per application: – interactivity vs streaming, minimal delay/jitter ? Quality is function of many parameters –client, LAN, campus, access links to PoP, within PoP, natl & int.l. networks DV cannot be implemented without QoS technology (which is new, complex, expensive and over the horizon)

50 49 Nordunet 2000 What does streaming mean for your network ?

51 50 Nordunet 2000 Streaming services at your screen near you Do not underestimate technology involved –recording, encoding, network, storage, distribution Navigation for the end-user is important Automate the workflow Know in advance what to do with the material afterwards –does it stay online, storage, re-distribute Dont forget the rights ! Warning: it is expensive (still) subcontract large applications/services to experts

52 51 Nordunet 2000 Workflow TV broadcast via internet Dynamic services example: DelayTV NED1Online Encoding Batching NOS A DatabaseA 5 min to 3 hrs Staging SpottingEnhancing Installatie Videoserver Onlin e disk2tape Validatie Mass Archive E x p o rt Installatie DB/Webserver 30 hrs encoded video plus metadata each day! By Ton van Mil, director NOB-interactive Content management cycle

53 52 Nordunet 2000 Demo streaming SURFnet-TV –1. FVC I-studio –2. IBM Videocharger –3. Cisco IP/TV –Real –Quicktime –WindowsMedia SNOB/Snelnet –SGI Mediabase –Compcore player FUNET-TV US: –ICAIR –ResearchChannel –Vanderbilt Univ.

54 53 Nordunet 2000 Quotes & Provocations by Dennis Glenn, NWU Tape is dead Delivery is king but content will rule: E-content is E-ssential for NGI Quality is not (yet) important –quality of video –QoS Exposure is everything –Content is worth nothing if you dont show it

55 54 Nordunet 2000 URLs (in Dutch) videostreaming service experimental broadcast station startpage for video services TERENA taskforce page example educational video service background info on audio/vido videoconferencing service

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