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Movie Posters Genres, Codes and conventions.

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1 Movie Posters Genres, Codes and conventions

2 ? ? What is a movie poster? The main purpose of a movie purpose is to advertise a movie, attracting its target audience to the cinema screens. It needs to connote the genre of the film through the design and theme such as the use of dark colours in a Horror. It needs to be eye-catching with a visual persuasive text in order to make the audience want to see the film. It can’t give any major key points of the plot away but instead give a general feel and tone of the film Posters should have Images, Film Title, Credits, Actors names, look interesting, give indication what film may be about, Masthead, Directors names, Reviews, Taglines There are a range of different types of movie posters such as Teaser Posters, DVD release and Cinema Release Posters

3 Horror Background Tagline Film title Main image Release date
It sticks to the colour scheme of black and red. With red tree and grass like shapes around the edges, symbolising the element of the woods but only in a more frightening and mysterious manner. The rest of the background is a pitch black, as if it is night, a time when things are most frightening and you feel most vulnerable. Tagline Words such as chasing, invoke fear as if you are being hunted. The red text symbolises blood and gore relating to the horror genre. Film title Horrors are often set in the woods as you are alone and isolated and so more vulnerable. Such examples include “The Blare Witch project”. The red cracked blood like text again symbolises the horror genre. Main image The main image is that of a dark, dilapidated and frightening cabin, obviously related to the movie title. The cabins colour scheme of dark black and red, connotes blood and gore which the horror genres usually host. Release date Frightening colour scheme continues Film website The audience can find out more about the movie logos

4 Comedy Background Actors names Main image Tagline
The surroundings of a pier, lake and beautiful blue sky give the impression of a stereotypical holiday setting. It provides an aesthetically appealing vibrant background, which might entice viewers more closely at. The contrast of the black suit against the explosive background not only makes an impacting symbol but also a comical gesture. Actors names These two A-list actors often star in comedy genres and so fans might have a rough idea on what to expect. Main image The shot of them jumping in the air towards the lake is a joyous picture with an expression of freedom and happiness. It seems that the characters are breaking away from their jobs and everyday lives to break fee and have fun. Tagline The tagline “leave your baggage behind” relates to theme and actions of the characters leaving and shedding their work symbols. Directors previous films Film title Release date Credit block Film website logos

5 Romance Tagline Actors names Film title Main image Release date
This symbolises the idea that there really is true love and that such events really do happen. Actors names The pink romantic font again relates the romance genre. Film title Identifying the romance genre as a vow relates to weddings and eternal love that can never be broken. The angelic pure white font helps to symbolise this. Main image The close up of the two characters expressions shows the closeness and passion between them, as it almost looks like they are going to kiss. Showing clearly their love for one another. Release date Ideally showing in the month of valentines say when people will be most in the mood for this particular genre. Background The bright angelic background symbolises the happiness and love of the characters shown and adds to the general romantic mood Film website logos

6 Thriller/ action Main image Background Tagline Film title
The main image takes up the majority of the poster, showing that this is a main character and important in the film. The audience can detect from the handcuffs, serious expression on his face along with the eerie smirk, the leather jacket and from the lack of colour that he is a criminal and so a possible danger. Background It is a plain and simple black with no mise-en-scene. A crisp colour often associated with the thriller/crime genre as the plot usually contains dark subjects. It blends and fades into the main image, adding an air of mystery and allure of the poster. Tagline The tagline “NO ONE IS SAFE” gets to the heart of the plot, identifying elements of crime, fear and violence, that there is no protection or safety. Film title The film title “SAFEHOUSE” alerts the audience to the criminal theme of the film, as a safe house is where they hold people who need to testify against criminals. Actors names The two main actors “DENZEL WASHINGTON” and “RYAN REYNOLDS” are both well known and extremely relatable to the crime thriller genre and so their fans make know in general what to expect.. logos

7 Sci-fi Background Tagline Main image Actors names Credit block
The background contains a mysterious Smokey mist of classic sci-fi elements such as robots, aliens, spaceships and laser weapons. Tagline As this a re-release, the main impact of the film, is seeing it on the big screen Main image The main image is that of a red and black evil looking character with a laser weapon in his hand. He is staring evilly at the audience, as if to draw you to the poster. His over all appearance is strange and alien which again relates to the sci-fi genre Elements such as the characters and spaceships are extruding over the frame for a 3D effect such as the poster suggests Actors names Credit block Film title The fact it says “episode 1” means that there are more films in the series, encouraging audiences to await the next release. logos Release date

8 Animation Background Tagline Main image Film title logos Release date
The starry sky background provides a magical and enchanting atmosphere which is found in most animations Tagline As animations are directed towards children, the content is usually about magical and enchanting things. Arrietty is no exception as the tagline suggests the presence of a secret magical world assumingly of little people. Main image The main image of the little person and the young boy watching shows the main basis of the film. Animations are usually not too complex as it is designed for a younger audience and so plot is not hard to deduce. The glowing magical soft colours again add the element of enchantment. Film title logos Release date Animations are often based on a book such as this film is based on “The Borrowers”

9 Main features of most genres
Taglines Film title Main image Release date Credit block Production company logos Connoting colour scheme Film/Facebook website

10 Contrasting features Thrillers, sci-fi and horrors- usually have a dark impacting colour scheme often using blood red colours for dramatic effect. As they usually have violent or exciting scenes, their main images are usually based around characters and symbols which express such atmospheres. Such as a Horror film showing a severed hand or a thriller showing a car exploding. Each genre has stereotypical symbols when connote the genre such as an alien in sci-fi, a gun in a thriller or blood in a horror. Comedies, romance and animation on the other hand are more light hearted and contain a much brighter and vibrant colour scheme. The symbols also relate to their light-hearted themes such as hearts in a romance, fairies in an animation or people laughing/drinking in comedies. The fonts are usually more bright and bubbly compared to that of other genres such as horrors, where the fonts would be more metallic and sharp.

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