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Understanding the Stock Market

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1 Understanding the Stock Market
Describe the monetary issues of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that gave rise to the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the weaknesses in key sectors of the economy in the late 1920s.

2 Important Terms Stock Market/Stocks—384 Buying on a Margin—384
Interest—385 Speculator—385 and US Glossary The Federal Reserve—237 Tariff—US Glossary and 388 Bull Market/Bear Market—

3 New York Stock Exchange

4 Inside the NY Stock Exchange

5 History of the New York Stock Exchange
1792—formed by 24 stock brokers who took an oath on Wall street 1867—first stock ticker 1914—shuts down for 4 months due to World War I 1929—Black Tuesday, October 29th

6 Reading a stock market table
Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) Volume: 16,990,102 Last Trade: 8.45 Change: (+7.92%) Day's Range: Now you get to pick your own stocks! P/E ratio—lower is better!

7 The Federal Reserve System
Created in 1913 12 regions—each with Federal Reserve Bank Provide safety net for banks Regulates money in circulation Sets interest rates


9 Hidden Economic Problems in the 1920s
Americans buy goods on credit Debt ( : personal debt doubles from 3.1 billion to 6.9 billion) Americans buy stock! Buying on Margin Overproduction Underconsumption

10 Dow Jones Industrial Average Today

11 Comparing the Great Depression to Today

12 Opening Bell

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