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Ellis Island: European Immigration, c. 1900

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1 Ellis Island: European Immigration, c. 1900
11.2 Students analyze the relationship among the rise of industrialization, large-scale rural-to-urban migration, and massive immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe.


3 Immigration from Europe
1st Wave 1870s-1880s: Western and Northern Europeans (German, English and Irish Immigrants 2nd Wave 1890s-1920s: Southern and Eastern Europeans (Italian, Jewish, and Polish immigrants

4 Why did Europeans come to the U.S.?
Push Factors: (What made them leave Europe?) Population growth Hunger No land Religious persecution Pull Factors: (What made the U.S. look good?) Farmland Jobs Family already there Free democratic society

5 Ellis Island Immigration Station: New York
Major Immigration Entry Point

6 Ellis Island Medical Inspections: Legal Interviews
“Six-second exam” Legal Interviews 29 Questions: What is your name? Age? 20% failed one of these Hospital Further interviews 2% Deported

7 Beyond Ellis Island: Many immigrants settle in cities: New York, Chicago, Boston 1870—25% of Americans live in cities 1920—50% of Americans live in cities Immigrants settle near others from their home country Tenements: crowded, dirty Settlement Houses: provide services, such as child care and classes

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