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Angel Island and Chinese Immigration

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1 Angel Island and Chinese Immigration
Describe the changing landscape, including the growth of cities linked by industry and trade, and the development of cities divided according to race, ethnicity, and class.

2 HOT ROC- 9/23/08 1. What does this quote tell you about Chinese immigration?
“When we first came, we went to the administration building for the physical examination. The doctor told us to take off everything. Really though, it was humiliating. The Chinese never expose themselves like that. They checked you and checked you. We never got used to that kind of thing—and in front of whites.” -- Mr. Lee, quote in Him Mark Lai et al, Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1980

3 U.S. Immigration:

4 New vocab words: Race: A socially defined population based on visible, genetically transmitted physical characteristics Ethnicity: A person’s ethnic identity, which may be shaped by such criteria as language, religion, and history

5 19th Century views on race:
Belief that the white races had to civilize the “colored races” of the world

6 Compare and Contrast: European Immigration Asian Immigration
Work with partner Pages: (review yesterday’s notes)

7 Angel Island (San Francisco Bay):
Chinese immigrants Came for mining and railroad jobs

8 Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)
Prohibits Chinese laborers from immigrating Chinese could not become citizens First time immigration restricted based on race

9 What do you see? What is the message of this poster?

10 Exit Card Your Name 2 things you learned today
1 thing you still have a question about

11 Mexican Immigration Jobs in California, Arizona, and New Mexico

12 Assimilation? Assimilation: The absorption of people into the dominant culture; also called Americanization What were Americanization programs? In the early 1900's, "Americanization" referred to the movement where immigrants were developed into Americans.


14 Use textbook to answer questions (pages 195-198):
1. Why did the Chinese first come to the U.S. (push/pull factors)? Where did they go? 2. What was the Chinese Exclusion Act? Why was it passed? 3. What was Angel Island? When was it built? 4. How was it similar or different from Ellis Island? 5. What other Asian groups immigrated to the U.S.? 6. Why did Mexicans immigrate to the U.S. (push/pull factors)? 7. What types of racism did they face?

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